The Ascension of Cthulu – Discussion and design document

This is the first document about a game I’ve ever made, so, there you have it.

Being an Extreme Combat[Stylish Action] game,the game focuses on the playable character using stylish moves and skills to defeat his powerful opponents and enemies.As an Action Role Playing Game the character’s presented with levels and stats that affect his battle prowess along with his weapons.The story is told by voice-text bubbles and artwork of the characters and sometimes with CG pictures like in Visual Novels.Sho and Sousuke have an arsenal of weapons, styles of wielding them and executing various moves with them.The player is presented with the choice of creating his own fighting style by putting moves to the button inputs at the combo menu.The game is fully 3D and features many places for exploration and a plethora of moves and storytelling.The game also features the ability to save everywhere,except when battling a boss character.

The link for the page is this :

This page will be mainly used for discussion and comments.

3 thoughts on “The Ascension of Cthulu – Discussion and design document

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is a lot of work!!!

  2. Pano says:

    Very nice game!

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