Random Ramblings Vol.01 : The “dark and realistic” schtick

It’s time for an old man’s ramblings…ok, it’s time for random ramblings that one thinks at akward times[aka his or her sleep]. This time and also the first time here, it’s about this whole “dark and realistic” schtick that’s been jerked around from movies, to comics, to graphic novels, to books and even landing on video games.

Now, I’m not here to wail on the situation, nor write something “right” about it, but to wonder about something and that may come off as me rambling.

Nowadays, it seems that this whole “dark and realistic / dark and edgy”…sense…is latching on to everything, but it sometimes corrupts the media it latched on and sometimes it corrupts the viewers of said media, making them unable to enjoy other things they previously enjoyed.

What I wonder is, why instead of “darkifying” favourite characters and stories, that don’t really need it, why don’t they bring in or bring over “dark and realistic” stories from the old and from abroad? There certainly is no shortage of these kinds of stories, but why shove them down the throats of the viewers and the media in the form of the known?

Which finally brings me to the point : why not dig out some really good stories of that subject and distribute them to an even wider public? Diging throught the net and my library I’ve gone from finding good old creepy crypt tales to some excellent dark, apocalyptic world stories that could make everyone cringe…not to mention, they could be bloody good video games.

Like Drakengard for example or Berserk?

I’ve always wondered how come we didn’t have any[on top of my head as I’m writting it now] Devilman or any Violence Jack games or maybe some that aren’t arcade shooters? Aren’t they popular enough? It’s the only explanation I can think of…we already have Mortal Kombat, what’s a little Violence Jack? Over the years, said titles have been rehased and re-released overseas, but over here in the west, no one even bothers to bring them over? Why? Especially when it still is a period that this theme is pretty strong and as it stands now, “mainstream”.

Well…those were my ramblings for now…althought they did give an excellent idea for Devilman and Violence Jack games, which we are in desperate need of.

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