Random Ramblings Vol.02 : For greater Justice!

Well, Kamen Rider Fourze is ending but on a high note as usual for the last few years. By ending, Kamen Rider Generations 2 and the new Climax Heroes games are coming out…eventually. I wonder why the Power Rangers aren’t getting on with it?

It’s something that bugged me from the start of the year. Since the start of the year, Banpresto made a triumphant return with the Great Battle series, getting on with Lost Heroes and the Battle Dodgeball series, they practically returned to the tokusatsu field of their gaming portofolio. Banpresto is part of Namco Bandai, who publishes all the major toku games in Japan and the west.

How come so far they don’t get Banpresto to return to make some awesome toku games again? Is Namco Bandai afraid of a possible failure?…Seems kinda stupid, as Banpresto has done the amazing Power Rangers Movie video game for the SEGA Mega Drive II, all of the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series, culminating with the Fighting Evolution 0 title and finally, got the awesome Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu / Genealogy of Justice done. So far we’ve had lackluster tries to bring out the Power Rangers and Super Sentai series good video games with the Power Rangers Samurai games and the Rangers Cross Super Sentai game.

I mean look at Banpresto’s games :

And just look at Bandai’s new games :

The difference is kinda stunnining, no?

Anyway, just wrote this since I had nothing else to say at this time. Exams, the last projects of the year and papers for some of my lectures aren’t leaving me with that much time to write down the games I thought. By June, it’ll be over thought. 😀

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