Random Ramblings Vol.04 : Remakes and whatnot!

Having updated my Power Rangers game,finished my exams and seeing the Gargoyle trilogy episode of the Happy Video Game Nerd, I decided to make this little post and share my wisdom-Oo, who the fuck am I kidding? I’ll just puke my stupid thoughts and opinions about remakes, HD, retraux and whatnot.

And with my low self-esteem out of the way, let us dive into the realm of remakes.:D

Here’s one Capcom’s best remake jobs and something to talk about down the line.

Throughout the years there have been countless remakes and even remakes of remakes of games[and Falcom goes deeeper with remakes of remakes of remakes of remaked games…or even deeper O_o] but the main issue is still at large even after all these years and countless expirements : why not simply remake the bad games into far better ones? Just like Lanipator said in his “Yusuke Rants” about the movies, the same principle should apply for the games as well.

Here’s Falcom’s sample of remaking skills, combining both old and new flavours for the best flavour yet!

However, sometimes, like with some movies, we want to see some old classics with newer effects or with a new take, like the new King Kong movie or Disturbia and as far as videogames go, Splatterhouse was a nice throwback, Toshiden for the Wii was very interesting but that’s all,it ended before it started unfortunatelly and The Ocarina of Time for the 3DS blew everyone’s minds. On the retraux side of things Megaman 9 was THE awesome retraux game and Inti Crates showed the love they’ve been pouring to Mega Man all these years, even after leaving Capcom and working with them on Megaman games only, then there was the unexpected Rocket Knight chronicles.



But someone has to wander : “That’s all good and dandy, but where are the games that really marked the era, but unfortunately it was none other than the system’s limitations that made them less than masterpieces? “Where art thou Demon’s Quest, Super Castlevania IV, Gargoyle’s Quest II, Sweet Home and god knows how many other gems that unfortunately didn’t get the recognition they deserve because they were crammed with other popular brands at the time or were so awesome that the hardware couldn’t take it, like with Demon’s Crest.


To be honest, one of the things I wanted to do was, should I get to be a game designer, was to persuade my higher-ups and the producers to remake some of the above games and more. Not all of us got to play them and while it’s easy to get them nowadays and even fix some of them with the emulators that exist, sometimes one has to wonder…what would happen if the system could take it? What would happen if we could see the final version of the game? Well, Nintendo did that with the 3DS Ocarina of Time game and hell, Keiji Inafune and Inti Crates tried to do that the Megaman X series for the PSP this time, before the douchebag higher ups of Crapcom cockblocked him, so why not the rest of the companies try to do so as well?


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