Random Ramblings Vol.05 : Visual Novels for Portable systems and ports to them!

Oh, god I know I’m gonna get killed now. But before that, please hear me out. This is not a post about Visual Novels or VNs being ported to consoles, portable or not, it’s about very certain VNs that can be ported or didn’t get ported and the fans are left wondering why.

The main offender I’m thinking is Kishin Hishou Demonbane,the sequel to the original Demonbane, a non-erotic sequel and a fighting game to boot. There are others, but it seems that they are slowly being ported, like the Aselia games. But other games that could very well fit into that kind of category and without the need to dumb down the content are left out or don’t even get to be ported even if there are already out of PC ports for similar systems, like with Melty Blood. It was released on the PS2, at least one of it’s expansions, so why not on the PSP as well?

Usually the companies that port them are Kadokawa games, 5bp. and…ok, I admit I don’t remember any others but still, Kadokawa and 5pb. usually port these VNs and have worked with many famous VN makers like Nitro+[Demonbane, Phantom of the Inferno] and Type-Moon[Fate / Stay Night] and at times they downgraded the content due to it’s erotic nature, but those that lack it and have something extra, like the fact that the Demonbane sequel is a fighting game as well, are ignored. And the baffling thing? They are good games and they have sold well and are still selling well, receiving even best buys for them. And they are PC games…yeah…PC games.

And before someone pops the : “It’s on PC, it’s quite natural that consoles that aren’t high-end won’t be able to play them”. That would be true, but the thing is that these games, even now, look like this :

To be fair, Lost Child attempted to do this by hiring Milestone.Inc to develop a fighting game out of that Visual Novel and calling it Project Cerberus. It did turn quite mediocre[aka deserves a 5 or even a 6] but it was a quite the start or rather continuation after Melty Blood.

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