Random Ramblings Vol.06 : Confession Time???

I think I have to confess something, before moving on with this blog. It’s kind of sacriligeous, as a child of the 90’s to say this, but…

I’m just not drawn into retro games…at all. Not then and certainly not now. And perhaps back then, I enjoyed gaming even less. The reason? I always wanted to swallow more than what the game systems of the time could even chew. Back when I first got the SEGA Mega Drive II and a copy of Power Rangers the Movie and Sonic the Hedghog 2, I was floored with how awesome these games were and wanted more of them…like, immediately.

My wish kinda came true with more games on the system and soon after with the Game Boy…I was very, very dissapointed. Back then, I wanted to be able to move in three dimensions, juggle enemies into the air with the coolest tricks ever invented to man, in a simple and tight control scheme…that sounds a lot like Devil May Cry 3 and Ninja Gaiden, eh? Well, that’s what I wanted back then, that’s what I got after years of waiting.

That’s not to say that I loathe retro games. I love most of the games I got to play and own as a kid because, fortunately, they were good. And I do play some of them at emulators or “Remix / Collection” game anthologies, especially those I couldn’t get as a kid due to them not being released in Europe[at least outside of the arcades I used to hang]. But the vast majority and the most well known generally, aka “mainstream”, like the 2D Mario series…I don’t really like them, I prefer the Wario series and other such examples.

But back to the main point, most people my age and more specifically from my generation…that haven’t given into the rage of online MMO gaming, seem to be attracted to these. Are they seeing something I can’t see in these games? Have I reached far too deep in space, more than I wanted when I was a kid? I really don’t know, if I’m to be completely honest.

So…what was the point of this post? Perhaps to let something out that has bothered me for some time. And with that, I’ll go back to some more objective posts about video games.

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