Random Ramblings Vol.07 : Extreme repetition is bad!

This time, I’m going to ramble a bit…for real. This time the subject is about the theme of repetition in game series. The main offenders I’m thinking of are CounterGearsOfHonourMadden8000++! and to a lesser extend though not as much, PokeMon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and the Warrirors series. Yes, I know, I’m prepared to die by rapid fans as I write this.

First things first, by repetition I don’t mean the theme of repeating a game formula on a series, especially when the formula undergoes drastic changes at times[the Devil May Cry series for example] or simply introduce new elements to improve upon the game’s core[like the Prince of Persia Sand games and the new Ninja Gaiden Trilogy and many, many other game series]. I’m talking about series that not only have been overmilked, but haven’t even thought of changing a bit…unless you count their spin-offs.

Here’s the example of extreme repetition getting stale to a ridiculous point.

So to start again, even if it is bad to repeat the exact same game formulas over and over, with virtually no difference from the game before[the american ones do that a whole lot], I can understand the appeal. Newer systems to play them on, more processing power etc, to see the game finally in perfect form…but when that reaches that high point and the company continues to milk it, it becomes a problem. I’m not gonna go into depth about that, as I and probably everyone who reads this does understand, that if it ain’t broken and sells, don’t fix it. And in the industry it is understandable, however, some companies do have the decency to at least make spin-offs that are different and the ones I have come across, the majority at least, are beyond bad-ass and awesome. Some of them, are even better than the main series at times…like Final Fantasy Type-0, a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series.


And I could go on listing more games for examples, but you get the idea. In series like these, these spin-off often bring out a flavour that one can’t encounter with the main series and sometimes, not even in other games. The japanese do this fairly often, with all of the above series doing that…some more so than others.

So it’s always nice to see spin-offs in game series. Yeah…the whole post was for this…just wanted to ramble this out of my system…YOU HEAR? MAKE MORE FREAKING SPIN-OFFS FOR YOUR SERIES!!!!

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