Serial ”Killer” Vol.02 : Dragon Slayer

Today’s topic : Dragon Slayer.

The Dragon Slayer series was developed by Nihon Falcom, or simply Falcom, produced and published by Squaresoft and never really left Japan. The games started coming out in 1984 and kept going up until 1995 for a number of systems of the time, starting with the NEC PC-8801, a japanese PC for gaming at the time along with many ports, enhanced ports, remakes and re-remakes, something Falcom is well known for, with the series spawning two other franchises of Falcom, the Xanadu series and the Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of Heroes series. The series are credited for creating the Action-RPG genre, taking cues from all the Role Playing Games of the time, both traditional and video game RPGs and added on top of that actual action gameplay with the second game, Xanadu : Dragon Slayer II, being the most solid evidence of the first Action-RPG being an action platformer-like game with heavy RPG elements.

The first game in the series and the first Action-RPG.Good job Falcom!

Dragon Slayer

Later, Falcom made an RPG based on the series, called Dragon Slayer : Eiyuu Densetsu that spawned the great RPG franchise of Falcom, Eiyuu Densetsu or as it’s known in the west, The Legend of Heroes, which would continue to be in this format until the seventh instalment where they made a spin-off out of it with the “Kiseki” brand stuck on it, Nayuta no Kiseki. It’s on it’s to be a new franchise spawned of just a name.

A New Franchise.A New Soundtrack.

Dragon Slayer The Legend of Heroes

      A New Franchise.A New Soundtrack.

Eiyuu Densetsu

As mentioned earlier, Xanadu is remembered much more as the father of A-RPG,due to the more blatant elements from action games and platformers in it and caught a lot of people’s attention along with the successfull creation of a new genre but a demand for more of that series, a demand that created the Xanadu franchise, which had a final game in 2005 where Falcom released an N-Cage and PC game called Xanadu Next.

Dragon Slayer II : Xanadu was kind of a departure from the first, packing far more action.

Xanadu Dragon Slayer II

This new game had a far more somber, dark fantasy-like element in it, had a darker and more serious tone to it as if Falcom tried a darker approach to their mythos and games. Still the game played like an excellent PC Action-RPG and it used elements from the Ys series of that time, without the platform-heavy elements.

What a Remake!

Xanadu Next

Overall the series had a very nice run and spawned off two separate franchises, created a genre, and had great, loveable characters with a fairly extravagant, colourfull and vivd mythology, something that will become a staple for the rest of all of Falcom’s series and titles no matter how much they expiremented, they always kept this excellent formula.

Dragon Slayer : Eiyuu Densetsu II

Given the story of this franchise and the legacy it left, I wouldn’t even dare to request a remake or anything but, this is Falcom we are talking about, the undeniable masters of remakes and re-remakes and since they are still around and have developed their gaming design technique and ideas, along with the many references of the original game and the series in general in most of their games either as easter eggs or as an entire plot point in a game to the point that the final boss is an amalgam of the bad guys from the series. People still like the series and so does Falcom and that’s why I hope that now, that they are finaly getting recognised in the west as well and their dedicated fanbase is growing, I hope to see them remake or even slightly reboot the Dragon Slayer series since they have pretty much the ground for a very interesting soft reboot as well as another nice upgrade to the Action-RPG formula. If Ys 7 and Ys : Celceta are any indication then a new Dragon Slayer would be as awesome if not more than them…at least until Falcom develops Ys 8. 😀

Be mesmerized by the awesome power of JDK Band’s tunes!

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