Tokusatsu Eiyuden – Discussion and design document

So, here it is, my dream game. The game is basically a mix of Fighting games and Stylish Action / Hack’n’Slash games, think of it as Gundam Vs Gundam / Ys Vs Sora no Kiseki combined with Devil May Cry / Ninja Gaiden and have heavy tokusatsu and henshin heroes references and elements. You can find everything about the game here :

This page will serve as a place for discussion, comments and updates.

I see you clicked on the “Continue reading ->” sign…so you might want some more info on what the game I envision has to offer before clicking the link and reading walls of text. Very well.

As mentioned earlier, my intention is to have the 3D Fighting game genre mixed with the Stylish Action / Hack’n’Slash genre to create a mix of these two for maximum stylish gameplay. To put it simply:

Combine these

with these two

and you get the idea. Wanton A-class actions with plenty of witty one-liners or heavy grunts, depending on the character, with enticing and incredibly fast gameplay that requires skill, training and a bit inginuity from the player as well. Throw in some tokusatsu heroes / henshin heroes and you’ve got the whole package.

Now, since it will be both a fighter and a stylish action game it will include modes from both these genres, like the arcades, versus, survival, time attack and other that frequent in fighters and give the player many hours of single player content and even more with multiplayer and splice the story modes from Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry aka put small chapters filled with enemies to stylishly beat up and advance in the next location while telling a simple but enjoyable to all story.

As in both cases the characters are given great emphasis in their playstyle and not two of them are like, even if they use the same weapons. It’s like with Sengoku BASARA, the game features two gunslingers and two people with katanas who fight using iaijutsu, yet they have very different ways and tactics of using these styles not mention moves of their own and they are far away from the “Ryu-Ken-Akuma” principle that is common in Fighting games.

Probably the only original thing inside this will be a visual changer present in the story mode, where depending on the player’s character’s mood[something affected by the story and the damage taken during the fight] the stage and by extend, the landscape of it’s location will change to suit the mood along with the music if needed. An example would be a forest area turning into a forest burning during a night with a bloody moon.

Also the musical style is following the Metal Gear Rising method of having the bosses have two or more sections or “modes” that not only makes them change tactics or enrich them, but changes their behaviour and method of “thinking” and the themes that play change as well, starting with the opening of the theme looping, then proceeding to the action packed loop and ending with the lyrics playing for the final part or simply broken into the opening loop and the action packed part with the lyrics.

An excellent example would be this :

And that’s the gist of it. Hope you have a nice read over there. Remember, it’s structured like a document, so you might get a little bored and not be able to finish it in one sitting.

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