Game project underway – early draft and idea

So, earlier this week I’ve been bugged about and troubled about something…and today I figured out what. The amount of gun games running around the world, especialy from the overheated and worn out matrix of FPS games, the US. But what about sword based games?

So far the only game I have that features any kind of deep sword moves customization in combination with sword creation. The only game that has come close to that was Tenchi no Mon, also known as Key of Heaven in Europe, is an action adventure game that has a plot like a good classic wuxia movie and the gameplay reflects upon that. It was a good game, but I didn’t bring it up just for that. That game had an interesting kind of move system,using move scrolls to attack, using moves that enemies drop or the main character finds along with scrolls of other techniques, not from one sword fighting school, but five. Not to mention that there exist “Freestyle Scrolls” where the player is able to experiment with combining different moves from different swordfighting schools. I want ot see more of that kind of gameplay but on a deeper level, even if it means that the story will take a bit of a hit and use a traditional Miyamoto Musashi styled journey of training.

The game I thought of consisted of this : the main point of this game would be to create a world around the sword, a world where the only war fought is the war between sword wielders only. The player will get to choose whether they want to be a male or female character in the game and they will have very limited customization in the looks of the characters regardless of gender nor their personality, at least not greatly. The story is almost non existant in a Dark Souls kind of way, where the world itself is a story due to it’s nature inside the game’s universe. The game will take place in a semi-fictional world that resembles old Europe and several countries resembling those of older Asia, making the character either Caucasian or Asian, to be precise Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai or Indian as those are the countries I found to have great tradition in swordfighting or at least had at one point in history, I’ll do more reaserch later on to expand on the Asian countries.

After the player chooses the gender and place of birth as well the starting city a great choice is presented upon all of us : what style of swordplay would one choose to have. There will be many styles to choose from, I’m thinking of having over 200 different style for each category of swordfighting, falling in either one handed, two handed or dual wielding category, that’s more than 600 styles in total. And upon that, what will the dexterity of the character be? That will affect certain parameters over the course of the game. The game will not feature a level up system, but instead a learning system, that I’ll try and cover below.

The sword gained here will be also vast in numbers, but they will come and adapt to different styles and give different moves to each style at times, apart from the move they have for their real world counterpart of that fighting style. The sword can be created via swordsmithing or by a mechanich in the game called “sword mixing”. In the game, the only thing that affects any kind of parameters is the sword itself, how much weight it has will affect the running, dodging, reaction, attacking , defending and countering speed for example etc. With sword mixing, the player is able to combine a hilt with a guard[special mention to the difference between the weastern and eastern hilts] and a blade to create numerous different combination and perhaps make an ideal sword. While these sword will take longer to get used to and won’t offer new skills or moves to the player, they will probably be the main means of attacking.

So that’s all for now…wait for an update on that, or I’ll try and make a proper document, like the others.


EDIT 2017 :

Screw you Absolver, you think I wouldn’t notice eventually?

I’ve had it with these motherflippin monkey paws from my motherflippin ideas.

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