Genre ”Spin-off” Vol.01 : Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire series are going to receive theoretical genre change. Let’s see how it’ll fare as an Action-RPG series.

First and foremost, Breath of Fire has had two Action-RPG titles even if they were short mobile phone games, called Breath of Fire IV: Honō no Ken to Kaze no Mahō (Breath of Fire IV: The Sword of Fire and the Magic of Wind) and Breath of Fire IV: Yōsei-tachi to Hikari no Kagi (Breath of Fire IV: The Faeries and the Key of Light).


As seen in these two, Ryu can utilise his Dragon Transformation skills due to him also having Dragon Fusion power that can make him into these kinds of dragons :

Ryu Aura Dragon

And that works in context to Breath of Fire 4 as he can summon the larger dragons. It helps that even in Dragon Quarter he is able to access such “Dragon Fusion” forms and then transform to the dragon proper for the cinematic final attack. This is a system that can work for an A-RPG, even if we ultimately resort into a cinematic cutscne for the Dragon attacks, like the summons of Crisis Core.

Now that we have Ryu’s mechanism out of the way, it’s no problem after that. First, the Action-RPG route would be the most sensible plus the easier for the fans and the series, since we want something close to the original, not something too alienating like transitioning from a J-RPG to a FPS. I believe that an Ys 7 / Ys Celceta route would the most sensible candidate for an Action-RPG contender with featuring teams that can be switched on the fly, high speed action, skills and ultimate attacks that vary greatly between characters, great boss battles[especially the Dragon bosses] and a vast world to explore.

I won’t hide that putting a Breath of Fire skin over these two games would be a ideal for me. That would make all of my dreams for the series come true an there are other ways to make the series work like a Crisis Core approach…but I digress! The many elements that Breath of Fire hides in plain sight are far too many to not exploit in this genre, it’s like it’s almost deliberately held back by it’s own company.

That’s my piece for the Breath of Fire series as an Action-RPG series. Short, I know, but the game formula already exists, what more can I say than : “MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPCOM” or “Hey Capcom, give the series to Falcom and let them make an epic A-RPG out of it”? Perhaps pray that something like that will happen, especially the second. 🙂


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