Genre ”Spin-off” Vol.02 : Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer series are going to receive a theoretical genre change. Let’s see how they fare as a Fighting game series and mixed genre series that combines Action-RPG elements and Platforming elements.

I know what you are thinking about the first!

Ys Vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga

Yup! That kind of thing. It’s not my fault Falcom still throws way too many easter eggs with these crossovers and in their Eiyuu Densetsu / Legend of Heroes series each and every time. Maybe they want it to return and just don’t know how. Maybe their schedule now is far more tight that it was in the pre-PSP and pre-Steam era and thus they don’t have as much time as they wish to revive this old series. So, here’s the thing. Next time you make a crossover between Ys and another series or between Eiyuu Densetsu and any other series, include some of the heroes from the Dragon Slayer series, this time as playable characters, crucial to the story, not just guides and perhaps final bosses.

Or just a sword in the main crossover story, with the name of the series.

Adol Cristin holding the Dragon Slayer

Now for the second…ok, you got me again :

Nayuta no Kiseki

But, to my defence, this would work so much it’s almost a crime not to do it. The second Dragon Slayer game and some of it’s remakes along with Dragon Slayer V : Sorcerian was almost a primitive Nayuta no Kiseki, having the player choose his party, choose the location he or she wanted to go to advance in the story and fight monsters in a platform-like style of fighting, like Castlevania but with rapid firing firebals from the party. Come 22 years later, 2012 and Nayuta no Kiseki is out and what do you know? Place a Sorcerian skin on top of that, make it a bit more like Zwei[another Falcom franchise that uses two characters for the player to control simultaeniously] and PRESTO! Done.

Seriously,look at the evolution!

And given how much more can be inserted in Nayuta’s system, chances are a Dragon Slayer game with that kind of gameplay will just be an instant classic. Again. 😀 And that’s it for another short entry. 😛 But you know what? That’s fine, that means that the tables in the workshop are ready for that kind of thing and the craftsmaster has the ideas inside his head, the only thing missing is the motivation to make it. 🙂

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