TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #01 : Guyver

Time to talk about Guyver.

Kyoshoku Shoukou Guyver or Bio Booster Armour Guyver as it’s known in the west is a manga by Takaya Yoshiki also known as Chimi Morio,the creator of Hades Project Zeorymer and current writter of Hades Project Zeorymer Omega. His best work, Guyver, has been running for almost 29 years by this point and has 28 volumes of the manga released while one and something volumes haven’t been gathered for publishing, the company hasn’t compiled enough chapters published so far.

Guyver : Dark Tokusatsu action!


Guyver is about a young adolescent named Fukamachi Sho and his friend Segawa Tetsuro finding a strange piece of equipment at a lake, a lake they used to hang out, only to find out that a secret military organization is after that same piece of armour as well…and they intend to get it back, even if they unleash the hounds from hell. The boys soon find out that this piece of equipment is called the Guyver and has the miraculous ability to bond with its host and appear before its host to be worn, granting the host body unbelievable powers, powers that are enought to dispatch the monsters that are hunting the boys.

Meet Fukamachi Sho. Normal adolescent, crime fighter and badass henshin hero!

Fukamachi Sho - Guyver

And that’s pretty much how the story starts and from here on it gets better beyond any imagination. A tale from the golden ages of tokusatsu from Japan, it has evolved throughout the years into something so fine that comparing it to simply a fine wine, is insulting it. It has kinda become like the “oleander” wine of manga, a very finely aged manga that has kept its tone and consistency intact while evolving and getting better as time passes.



The sad part? It has never gotten a video game adaption. It has so far got an anime movie, an OVA series, which in my opinion is the best Guyver adaption so far, an anime series composed of 25 episodes and two live action movies from the US. But no video game adaptions nor video game cameos…at least the second is possible…in Lord of Vermillion or another game that excells in that kind of cameo thing…if only we could have a better Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2000 game…with Guyver instead of the OC Vortex…who is way too much of a Guyver expy. 😀

Anyway, several ideas about a Guyver videogame spring to mind and one of them is the lazy option for me : the fighting game…since I already made a blog post and included it there. 😛 Here goes :

Going by the basics, a Guyver fighter would be very close to Dissidia, but not quite : the two attack buttons remain but the BRAVE-HP system, equipment, levels, summons and assist attacks are all removed. The individual awakenings would have to be less unique, as the Guyver characters don’t have any special characterists when they power up and the customization of the moveset feature shouldn’t be as elaborate as that of Dissidia’s, instead have the skill customization system of Ys 7 and the ability to have four characters at the same time fighting, like Ys Vs Sora no Kiseki. Sounds like bit of downgrade of Dissidia, but not really. While Dissidia is unique, a Guyver fighter would require a lot more traditional fighting elements put into this type of game engine, something the Ys 7 engine has and is used in the recent Ys games, even in their official fighting crossover one. It’s not bad, just a mix of two really good game engines that, unfortunately, would make a poor first impression before aweing the players with the depth of the combos and playstyles.

So there’s how a Guyver fighter could be in short. But Guyver pretty much also fits the action-adventure genre and putting Guyver in a Zelda game, with combat taken from either the latest Ys games or something along the lines of Metal Gear Rising[as it offers optimal numbers of enemies in waves to fight and over-the-top bosses] would make it very solid. Couple that with a better stealth system that would involve the heroes removing their armour and blending with the public and that’s another Guyver game right of the bat, not a mention a good title based on a license.

And to top it off, these two games, they don’t have to present all of the Guyver content in one fell swoop, they can gradually release sequels that advance the story and release compilation games that put the previous games on the “sequel’s” disc as well, for those who aren’t fond of DLC-ing their game to keep it up to date, exactly like what the japanese people do with fighting game sequels usually. There is a lot of ground to cover here in the story and in the game and just from the first part or arc of Guyver a game of either genres can be made easilly and sell well if it executes these ideas…or better ideas, in a good and dedicated to the Guyver fanbase way. It’s a nice series and it has gone so long without a game, it’s almost painfull when there are bases for the gameplay to be built upon.

…To tell the truth, I would prefer the fighting game idea to come true and be made by either Falcom or Banpresto, these guys know their stuff very well. 🙂

To give you an idea how these games would play in each case :

1.)The Fighting one

combined with

2.)The Action-Adventure one

combined with

6 thoughts on “TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #01 : Guyver

  1. Paul says:

    Hello there, love the idea for the Guyver game.
    I lean more towards the action game myself. The idea retracting the armor to blend in with jo public, before getting in to a tear up with some heavy bad guys is music to my ears.
    Game play should be like Batman titles of late! Free roaming, open world, and they have a fantastic story to run with!
    The mind go’s wild with the hours even days you would and could spend playing such a game! This NEEDS to be done.
    We need to make this so my friend.

    • White Archer says:

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Actually, the open world idea would work so far only in two “arcs” of the manga, but thankfully they are long enough to make it work pretty well. It was one of my original ideas as well, but quickly scrapped it, liked the others a bit more. The action approach I proposed still has some ideas left from that though.

      • Paul says:

        You know what, thinking about it your spot on! Openworld not the right way to look at it!
        But the action game along the lines of Dante’s Inferno, Devil May Cry! Type game play would suit The GUYVER.
        The idea of being over run with waves and waves of bad guy’s to slice and dice, blast,crush! Yep that would work.
        Like the idea of have parts of the game when you don’t have to use or activate your armor, Some part’s of the game should have a stealthy feel. When you activate the armor it’s a weapon as well is it not!
        The ideas and vision i have for the game are endless! Need to get with a bod with a plan to get this started!

      • White Archer says:

        Wish you luck,man. 🙂

  2. 行動電源 says:

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  3. demarcus says:

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