TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #02 : Tekkaman Blade I & II

Time to talk about the Tekkaman Blade series.

Uchuu Kishi Tekkaman Blade / Tekkaman Blade or Technoman as it’s known in the US is a remake / re-imagining of an old Tatsunoko show called Uchuu Kishi Tekkaman. The new Tekkaman Blade was made by Tatsunoko, creators of several great shows in the 70s and on and Kawasaki Hiroyuki, the scenario writter for Tekkaman Blade I and II and series director of them along with being the creator, scenario writter and others for Gundam X. Just like every good thing that happens to mr Kawasaki though, like being able to influence Gundam with a great show like Gundam X or continue the epic space battles with Tekkaman Blade II, it always ended either very shortly or didn’t get finished at all, usually for reasons that were mostly problems with the studio[Tatsunoko was having major problems in the 90s but unfortunately never went back to Tekkaman, even when they recovered].

Space Odessey, in every meaning of the word!

Tekkaman Blade

Tekkaman Blade is about a dark and messy future where after the Earth was united under one baner and creating many miracles of technology, an unknown alien species invades the Earth, some sort of parasitic bug like creatues called the Radam and ravage the Earth. The story centers around a group of fighters that are fighting the Radam invansion and a man called “D-Boy” by them that can transform to a Tekkaman and fight the invaders and the other Tekkamen that lead them. The more bleak the future seems, more dark secrets are unveiled.

Takaya Aiba, the man behind Tekkaman Blade.

Takaya Aiba / Blade

Tekkaman Blade is about the odyssey of a single man, a modern day tragic hero, an unwilling Orestes taking part in an Oresteia, he didn’t even know what was going on behind the scens of this plot. It’s mainly a piece by japanese who want to put the whole “alien invasion” angle on the Oresteia tragedy Aeschylus wrote but have the protagonist be unwilling at first and be bitter when he learns the truth behind the events and reasons this event happened. And it succeeds in delivering a very emotional, tragic conclusion to the main character’s odyssey, a jorney meant for the return home and the end of an adventure.

And then came a sequel.

Tekkaman Blade II

And why wouldn’t it. The series was very popular, being a really impactful series that deserved a sequel even if it was in the form of OVAs. It pretty much showed what happened in the near future and to our heroes.

Despite being incomplete though, Tekkaman Blade has enjoyed a really good ammount of popularity over the years either by having two videogame adaptions while Tekkaman Blade was playing on tv, a Game Boy game that was like a Contra / Megaman mix…not so good.

Yeah…some anime back then where too much for protables.

Then there was a SNES game that was a mix up of a 2D Shoot’em Up and changed to a 2D Fighter whenever Blade would face other Tekkamen or simply the player chose to play the VS or two player mode. It was OK, but only the fighting parts.

Now that’s much better, but still not quite there…

These years though, Blade has been enjoying quite the popularity with his inclusion in Super Robot Wars no less[yeah, Banpresto apaprently dubbed him Detonator Orgun “Mecha Heroes”, as a breed of Henshin Heroes that have a thicker armour than Metal Heroes and are able to reach power levels of several Super Robots, as well as having armours that almost function like that] and his entry in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars, a great fighting game.

OH YEAH!Banpresto’s done it again!

Now that is how Tekkaman Blade should play on a fighting game. GO 8ING!

Despite these awesome inclusions in games, I believe Tekkaman Blade deserves another chance in videogames. Again, the first thing I’d point people to would be a Tekkaman Blade Dissidia as quoted here :

This one will work like the Guyver one but with some sort of Super Boss Fights so that they can cover the giant bosses that some Radam have from the show as well as some special bosses that are other Tekkamen from Tekkaman Blade II. While this one doesn’t conclude the story normally it could go the Dororo : Blood Will Tell route and add it’s own ending or rather, finally complete the work. Thankfully, the writter of the show, Kawasaki Hiroyuki is still alive and we can finally see the end of the Tekkaman Blade saga…and perhaps another new begining and make it the GARO of anime heroes.

As adressed in this topic.

Pretty much this or have a Beat’em Up / Hack’n’Slash game or even a Musou like game starring the Space Knight. Like the recent Kamen Rider Battride War or even the Sengoku BASARA games to be all encompassing. It would basically be a Stylish Action pest control game with really hard bosses that give a run for one’s money. In that aspect it could even be like Saint Seiya Senki. I’d be more willing to go with Battride War though, for the sake of flying or riding Pegas and smashing Radam in space. Basically, they could also have flying stages but in the style of Drakenguard, the Panzer Dragoon feeling one gets from blasting enemies while on the air.

To give you an idea how these games would play in each case :

1.)The Fighting one

2.)The Stylish Action one

4 thoughts on “TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #02 : Tekkaman Blade I & II

  1. IczerZeus says:

    Now this is what my kind of game would be for Tekkaman Blade. B-) Also,Iczer-1,Dangaioh and Zeorymer should be given a go too. I can tell that Dangaioh could need a Thunderforce esque game and some rocking tunes. ROCK ON!!

    • White Archer says:

      Dangaioh should have both Thunderforce gameplay with rocking tunes and then Gundam Vs Gundam gameplay for the robot phases, would be awesome. 😀

      Zeorymer is kinda hard to do, even taking the OVA in account, though I’d like to do something like that…waiting for Zeorymer Omega to be translated or even uploaded on the net at least to see something. Iczer-1 is awesome for Dissidia-styled gameplays, it had an honourable mention in another post. 🙂

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