TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #03 : Terra ForMars

Time to talk about Terra ForMars.

TERRA FORMARS is a survival horror manga currently serialized in Weekly Young Jump, since mid 2011. It’s made by two people, Sagusa Yu, responsible for the story and Tachibana Kenichi, responsible for the art. Despite it being pretty young when it comes to other series on this top ten list, this one has enormous potential for a game that can combine bloody battles and survival horror gameplay.

Someone took Shin Kamen Rider way too seriously…morbidly serious!


Terra Formars is set in the distant future, where despite crowning achievemts in almost every philosophical and scientific sector imaginable, humanity still faces the great threat of overpopulation. So after managing to terraform Mars, a procedure that lasted 500 years, man was ready to set foot on Mars and live normally there…something went horribly wrong. The first space mission never send information nor an S.O.S. back on Earth, prompting U.N.A.S.A. and many of Earth’s governments to send a second mission on Mars…this time, armed with something far deadlier than nuclear weapons. And as our heroes arrive on Mars with their secret weapons they see the threat that is about to exterminate everything : Cockroaches!

The first meeting…


After that horriffic event, the two surviving members of the mission return to Earth and prepare for 25 years before even attempting to tackle Mars again…this time, with an army. An army that can devour cockroaches!

Ranging from bugs to crusteans, even plants, the reconstruction surgery is vital for fighting!

Mosaic reconstraction

The series takes a lot of notes from B-list horror movies but also horror novels and Survival Horror games like the first two Resident Evil and Silent Hill games and combines them with stomach churning brutality found in manga like Berserk and Ichi the Killer and adds a dash of classic tokusatsu action, even if it is more akin to SHIN Kamen Rider and is bound to produce nightmares instead of dreams of hope to the readers and viewers.

Who’s the biggest monster now, freak?


As a game, the series the game would primarilly work as Horror Survival game but with elements of action found in titles like Ninja Gaiden, where while the player faces packs of enemies, each and every one is able to kill the player as easily as a boss of the game. Couple that with the aspect of managing scarce equipment that remains from the mission, from the start of the game without any means to reload and suddenly, even those high octane bloody battles become the source for fear…even if you win some of them.

Time to squash some cockroaches! Humanity’s rightful place is on the top…BUG!

Endless Battle

Like in the manga, an open world environment would be most ideal, if the game could render the entire land scape of Mars and have the player and his team move from cave to cave, avoiding combat with the cockroaches whenever it’s possible and making strategic attempts of decimating nests would make for a very sophisticated game, especially if the aggressiveness and inteligence of the enemies is as high as that of the Ninja Gaiden Black enemies…not to mention, I haven’t even said anything about higher difficulties.

Yes, I’m that evil!


And now that I gave you nightmares with a game whose survial horror aspect would be higher than that of Silent Hill’s, definatelly higher than Dead Space’s and could potentially outclass Slender’s, since despite the ability to fight, it is so very futile to go against an enemy that feels neither pain nor fear and has inteligence higher than that of other animals…not to mention, the disgust for animals below it and the need to squash them below its foot, like we do with other bugs…I’ll try to explain the combat and basics of the game.

“They don’t fear us, they are simply disgusted by an icky existence below their feet. Don’t you feel it’s appropriate for them to squash it?”


The game’s basic aspect would be management, management of food, supplies and people / playable characters! Like in the manga, until the rescue ships come to Mars, the teams that landed have to wait, survive and collect date to combat the cockroaches effectivelly. Despite that, the infestation is beyond the players wildest dreams and at times, the teams must fight. Despite the fights being numbered throughout the game[yeah, see how you like that…imagine running out of transformation needles before you even reach the halfpoint of the story…take care.#pureevil] they are meant to be pushing the player to the limits with fast paced action and skillful dispatching of enemies.

Like previously mentioned, Ninja Gaiden :

Just like that…and add a stamina meter and a transformation timer to keep true to the source. Dear god, this game is shaping up to be pure evil for the players. Then again, there are people who love good challenges, what’s the harm in combining that with pure terror, you know that if Dark Souls could make the player have icy chills every time he loaded his save file for the game, it would be even more awesome.

To give you an idea how the game would play, something like this when not fighting :

And something like this when fighting :



Seems like a game is coming out on the 3DS :

It’s by FuRyu though, a company known for RPGS and the action seems…questionable…like a Last Ranker that is able to move…kinda underwhelmed.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing this good write-up. Very interesting ideas! as always, btw

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