TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #04 : GARO

Time to talk about the GARO series.

Ougon Kishi Garo or GARO is a dark tokusatsu series created by Amemiya Keita of Jikuu Senshi Spielban, Kamen Rider J and ZO directing and monster designing fame among others, Garo is known for its superb special effects and CGI among the tokusatsu series in Japan, as it does a great job in combining practical and special effects, especially in a country that keeps up the traditional methods.

Morose tokusatsu action.


The first tv series has now spawned a franchise that is gradually getting popular, especially with the older demographic making it a placeholder for mature tokusatsu shows in Japan. It initially revolved around the life of Saejima Kouga, the current Golden Knight bearing the title of Garo for the first two series and movies tied to them before moving to the third and current series that simply shows more down to the line of Golden Knights and their quest to destroy the flesh eating demons known as Horrors and protect humanity from the shadows.

And now to the game!

GARO game

The reason I’m keeping this intro sort, is because, like other series that will appear on this top 10 list, already had a game or several and just needs more plus it’s very well known. In Garo’s case, there is a PS2 action game called Ougon Kishi Garo. The game was on the positive mediocre side, even being a good game for a PS2 title, but to it’s credit it hit exactly everything that characterized Garo as a show and transfered it flawlessly for the era into game form.

And here’s the gameplay.

After the success of the second Garo series and the movies, I imagined that we could have another Garo game, possibly a sequel of that on the PS3 with everything vastly improved to fit the leap of the generation, getting much closer to the actual Garo experience and add a lock on mechanic for better control. Sadly, the closest thing as of now is a pachinko game and there don’t seem to be any plans for a game that includes both the first and second series or even the new third series. Still, hope guides us in a golden light.

Just like that.

Garo guiding light

Now, for the Garo games we have three options : either a continuation of the PS2 game, with all the necessary upgrades in gameplay to make it feel like the player is Garo for the big consoles, a Dissidia styled fighter or a Warriors / Musou styled game, but like the recent Kamen Rider Battride War game, with the Underworld Knights summoning their armours instead of the Riders final forms and calling the Underworld Steed Goten to help them as they ride among the hoardes of Horrors like…Ghostriders in the sky.

Had to do it! 😉

Now imagine that scene being translated into the gameplay of Battride War and there you have a great Garo game based upon the first two series with Saejima Kouga as the main character. of course, I imagine it to be an “All Star Garo” game, so the other Underworld Knights and Garo’s fellow warriors, priests and allies to fight in a great battle. Now for the fighting game, which is already an “All Star Garo” game due to it’s status as a fighter would play like this, as adressed earlier in a previous topic :

Ougon Kishi GARO already has a great game in it’s disposal for the PS2 that hits everything GARO related and only needs some improvements to be more than a good GARO game and be a good game, period. As much fun as it is reliving the GARO adventures with the titular Golden Knight it can be as much fun using the many characters from the series for a nice 3D fighting game. GARO is much easier to work than Dragon Ball as a Dissidia based fighter as very, very few changes need to be made to make it like GARO.

First of all, the game can work with and without the Brave – HP system, whether it’s kept or not, it won’t affect the fighting that much anyway, both versions would have two attack buttons like the PS2 game. The summons should be removed, the equimpent shouldn’t be so overpowering like in the main Dissidia series, smaller buffs and status effects are welcome, but the overpowering accessories don’t have any place in a GARO game, for the Makai Knights have the human forms a bit nerfed while the EX modes for them, in short their Makai Armours be over powered, compared to their base forms that is. Finally the EX mode here shouldn’t be generated with Ex Force, but instead use the timer system of the PS2 game.

And that’s about it, pretty much three different kinds of Garo games, expanding on the different tastes of its broad ranged audience, starting from the late teens(17+) and even catching up to the young adults(21+) and while the fighter and the action game won’t sway the more adult side of the fanbase, the Musou like probably will, as Japanese people really like that kind of game play, so there would be another game for them aside from the pachinko ones.

To give you an idea how these games would play in each case :

1.)The Fighting one

2.)The Hack’n’Slash one

3.)The Action one

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