TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #05 : High School of the Dead

Time to talk about High School of the Dead.

Highschool of the Dead is a survival horror manga and anime series created by Sato Daisuke and Sato Shouji. Sato Daisuke is known for his novel worl while Sato Shouji is known best under his pen name Inazuma, for his hentai parodies under that name…and his…unique style carries over to the series. What? NO! There are no H-scenes in the manga, pervs…

…just this :

The Girls of the Dead

Ahem…yeah, Highschool of the Dead incorporates that old 80s and 90s style of zombie flicks especially ones with badass main characters that get the hot action girls that occassionally show more skin than the kids should have to see… ;). Also, lot’s of gun and decapitations. But to keep up with the times, the duo makes the whole zombie apocalypse seem more like it leaped out of the Biohazard / Resident Evil series rather than the Walking Dead series and makes each and every hero a Leon type that have to form a rag tag band and survive the pandemic until some answers come. The girls you saw, ranging from a genius redhead[Takagi Saya], a brunette spearmaster with an inferiority complex[Miyamoto Rei], a bloodlusty Yamato Nadeshiko that gives samurais a run for their money[Busujima Saeko] and the usual ditzy blonde nurse[Shizuka Marikawa]…because there will be injuries…mostly because of her ;). Then we have the hero[Komuro Takashi]…

Komuro Takashi

Who looks suspiciously familiar…and is voiced by this guy

Muto Kazuki

And a manga version of mangaka Hirano Kohta voiced by the King of Braves?

Hirano Kohta

Yeah…suddenly those guys have a 1000% chance of surviving this and acomplishing their goals…also it might help that half of the cast has badass parents! But this won’t stop it from becoming a good game! The series has a classic premise but with the good old japanese taste we like in these kinds of zombie pieces…gunplay and blades. While a game based on it would be more along the lines of an action oriented Resident Evil 6, making it more of an Action Horror game, it would fit perfectly here. And with the reveal of a new game set on a zombie apocalypse, called Yaiba : Ninja Gaiden Z, this makes thing easier. The first Parasite Eve game provides a good example of how it would play out…even the 3rd Birthday would be an acceptable example, minus the body switching.


The game would have to be cut into chapters, with each chapters beeing a different area or stage with different objectives, but with great freedom of choice when it comes to the players options besides the main objectives. Like in the manga, checking for supplies and ammo along with a place to stay and scavenging should be important, but not that important. Also, despite it being made with zombie combat in mind, the game should have a focus on stealth kills far more than other zombie games as it is kind of the mangas trademarks when it comes to the group. So already there are new elements in this. Finally, during the non combat situations or during stage intermissions, the game should take a page out of Adventure games / Visual Novels and have the story dump, romancing and upgrading stats / characters and other stuff to do that could explain the story without interupting the action. As much of an action game it would be, the story is equally important in this race for survival. So, to sum it up; the game should be a blend of Survival Horror, very basic Action games like a more grounded Oneechanbara and a non body switching 3rd Birthday along with Visual Novel styled intermissions for story proggression and romance situations. Actually, it could make for a very intriguing kind of game and a refreshing take on the genre. It could easilly be a nice rival to the Oneechanbara series. Plus the characters offer great combat variety, with Takashi having bayonetts and iron bats for balanced ranged and close combat, Hirano having all kinds of guns for the job for maximum ranged assaults, Saeko having sharp katanas for excellent stealth killing and close combat awesomeness and finally Rei with her spear and machinegun with a less subtle approach to combat, being the heavy hitter of the team.

To give you an idea how the game would play during combat :

All of them combined.

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