TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #06 : Junk : Record of the Last Hero

Time to talk about Junk : Record of the Last Hero.

Junk : Record of the Last Hero is a manga created by acclaimed mangaka Asamiya Kia and chronicles the life of a certain person, a young hikkikomori [shut-in] called Yuuki Hiro [yeah, like the voice actor…now we know who should voice the character if an anime or game comes out XD], starting from the moment he receives a package with a power suit called JUNK. JUNK or Juriatic Union of Neo-Kinetics, which is also the name of the company that makes these models, is a suit that can get upgraded but still functions like the usual manga / tokusatsu-esque suit the Henshin Heroes use.

The first transformation…

JUNK Black Model

Despite all the awesomeness the idea of a powered suit being delivered to one’s home almost free and with the possibillities of upgrade may sound, one has to remember Asamiya’s works and tendencies, so going in thinking that it’s either a story with a really cerebral plot or a story about the real world experiencing a “bump” is very, very likely. In JUNK’s case, it’s the second. The story resolves mainly around the character development of Hiro and his experiences in this particular time of his life, even with the added extravagance of a Henshin Hero routine. Expect way too much dialogue about the present, the future, clash of characters, forced and natural character development from several characters[Hiro and his friend are teenagers, forced character development is going to happen, before they realise what’s what] and everyday occurances, blown out of proportions due to this little addition.

Get used to this, because that’s what the story is mostly about.


Despite all the talking and heavy emphasis on the story, there have been enough action scenes to guarantee at least a game, even if it is in the form of the Tiger and Bunny game, Tiger & Buny : On Air Jack. Just like that game, a heavy emphasis could be put into the story, exploring the characters and all the occurances that stir the events until the next big mission. The story could take it a bit further than Tiger & Bunny’s story mode and implement a “My Room” function, appropriate considering that the main character is a shut-in that shyly opens up and becomes normal. And then…I suppose it’s time for mundane hero stuff. 😀

Doing mundane police work…like destroying Yakuza families!


The game’s focus on the story is pretty easy now that the Tiger & Bunny is out, but the gameplay can also be easy to construct. First, the game could either go the Action Adventure way, like Tiger & Bunny or just make it an Action RPG and have levels, upgrades and be a bit more like the manga, which is the route I’d go, rather than just have mission based gameplay, with the stages telling a part of the overall story. While the Tiger & Bunny game has some upgrades, the complexity of upgrades present in the story imply much, much more even if it was not the focus of the manga. That can easily change in a game. This could give the series the last push that could make it an engaging adult tokusatsu game, even if it was for a bit of a limited audience.

Just imagine these upgraded!YEAH!


The gameplay could remain the same, with upgrades also upgrading the combo system and the stats of the suit as well as the change of its appearance, like in Dead Space 3, with the add-ons and upgrades. Really simple, huh? Couple that with mission based gameplay that one can replay, either in a Devil May Cry way or a Tiger & Bunny way and challenge the game’s limits but also have fun at higher difficulties, something that needs to be in the game for added challenge and most important, more awesome unlockables, whether it is another character, a secret boss etc. This can become one of the games that I’d recommend, even if it is not for everyone, like with the Drakengard games, thought this one would be mature for different reasons. Hope that a game based on that would be really worth it and hope it happens.

To give you an idea how the game would play :

Both of them, combined.

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