TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #07 : Super Sentai

Time to talk about the Super Sentai series.

The Super Sentai series is a long running series of heroes brought to life by the late Ishinomori Shotaro, starting with his work on Himitsu Sentai Goranger. While Ishinomori didn’t have such a close relationship with Super Sentai as opposed to Kamen Rider, he nevertheless influenced this scene of the tokusatsu scene and left an important aspect in the Henshin Hero legacy : the team of heroes. The franchise has spawned 37 series as of now and all of them are enjoying great success with Japan’s youths and other toku fans worldwide, even if they are mostly known for their adapted spin-off series, Power Rangers, who also enjoy success worldwide.

Super Sentai Mania!

Super Sentai

Following that success, it was natural that Super Sentai games were made, but most of them were unfortunately mediocre, compared to Power Rangers who occassionally had a good or even great one. That might have stemmed from a lack of interest from Japan’s side, as well as a lack of interest from kids to see Super Sentai on their game screens. Couple that Banpresto, Eighting and Natsume haven’t even gone near a Super Sentai game yet and when Namco Bandai hired Natsume to make three Super Sentai games, but they limited them so much, the games weren’t worth playing.

I’m not kidding, this is suppossed to be the series best game…

On the other hand, the card-arcade game Dice-oh is oh-so-popular with Japanese kids, what’s with all the card craze, collecting and playing at the arcades after school, but a proper Super Sentai game has been the dream of many. And there are many way to do that, even if they already tested them and failed…hard…miserably…utterly.

CAUTION!Extremely crappy game ahead!

While the series doesn’t have the best track record, they have different genres of gaming they can explore contrast to the Power Rangers, apart from the obvious ones that are common. Starting with the most obvious one…they should make a grand, Musou / Warriors-like game, but this time, have Eighting develop it and make it more like Battride War…with giant mecha fights. And actual giant mecha fights this time, not this trend of crappy Megazord fights that started with the Gaoranger game and infected even the Power Ranger games. But, just like the Warriors Orochi series or even the dreaded Rangers Cross game, the player should be able to select a whole team and choose its frontman as his character for the mission, while the others will usually listen to him or her and at times switch out with him or her.

There, isn’t this better?

Another fairly easy possibillity for the series is to have a grand RPG title set in the grand Sentai war featured in the Gokaiger movie. Have the game be as grand and long as Lost Heroes or even a Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier title but with Super Sentai teams that the player can either hand pick and customize for battle or just pick the whole team and duke it out, RPG style. Skill trees for teams, special effects for certain teams, character combinations and even never-before-seen attacks, like in Lost Heroes for maximum fanservice and enjoyment.

Just imagine this with Super Sentai :

Another easy thing to do is make Action-RPGS out of current Sentai series, just make Super Sentai games exactly like Ys 7 and Ys Celceta, but with the ability to have a team of two to five, depending on the player’s choice and have the game be mission based like Tiger & Bunny : On Air Jack.

Finally, a very drastic but very viable solution exists : make games that play exactly like Over Zenith : The Sword of Etheria (OZ) but for each current Sentai series.

All of the above options are pretty viable though in some cases, the bussiness move to go for the safer and cheaper route is understood. But if it goes any lower than the cheapest offered here, those being the Battride War styled or Ys 7 styled, we are just going back to Ranger Cross and the crappy platformers that we have now. The RPG and OZ styles are probably distant dreams and perhaps only come true for an anniversary title, if only, but nothing more. Still, hope that after Battride War’s success, Namco Bandai will open their eyes and understand what’s what and see the market that exists between card collecting kids and hardcore figurine collecting adults. I hope they see that and perhaps ask either Natsume, Banpresto or Eighting to develop a game like any of those above. Or, if one wants to dream, have Banpresto and Eighting team up again like in Rurouni Kenshin : Enjou Kyotto Rinne and Kamen Rider Seigi no Keifu and make an ultimate Sentai game or at least an ultimate Sentai game formula.

To give you an idea how the ultimate Super Sentai game would play :

All of them combined into one awesome mixture. And yes, the combination of Banpresto and Eighting can perform this miracle.

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