TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #08 : Power Rangers

Time to talk about the Power Rangers series.

The Power Rangers series were created by Haim Saban and Saban Entertainment based on footage and elements from the Super Sentai series created from the late Ishinomori Shotaro. The series took a different direction from the Super Sentai series but still remained an important figure in the tokusatsu world, especially considering it is the first western made tokusatsu, even if it uses footage from a Japanese one, history was made. Now, while the series isn’t goig as strong as it used to, it has had way better games than the Super Sentai games surprisingly and many good japanese developers worked on them, like Banrpesto and Natsume.

Power Forever!Rangers Forever!

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Compared to the Super Sentai series, the Power Rangers series had a more consistent schedule with their games’ releases…might have helped that the Power Rangers are like the Kamen Riders of the west so it’s almost natural for that to happen. But even with that in mind, Natsume and Banpresto, two of the most prominent developers of these games even took some risks and made some great games. Like the fighting game with the Megazords.

Seriously, the idea is genius and the execution is cool!

Many of the more unique ideas wouldn’t exactly work at this point, but several of these ideas can be integrated in the games, even in expense of the grand feeling a humongous RPG Super Sentai could have or make parody games like the Super Sentai’s Akibarangers with lots of cameos. But these are the most tricky ones, so starting with the simple ones would be the best. Again, like the Super Sentai games, a Battride War styled Hack’n’Slash or a Warriors Orochi styled game are ideal for easy and enjoyable game making.

The games can practically make themselves at this point.

Another easy thing to do is make Action-RPGS out of current Power Rangers series, just make Super Sentai games exactly like Ys 7 and Ys Celceta, but with the ability to have a team of two to five, depending on the player’s choice and have the game be mission based like Tiger & Bunny : On Air Jack.

Think of it as a fusion of these :

Finally, the next best thing when it comes to Power Rangers games is to build a gameplay base around the Over Zenith : The Sword of Etheria (OZ) game and have it enhance that already awesome experience by adding selectable team attacks, a way to make this style of fighting viable for the Megazords as well as special bond attacks between two or three Rangers.

Then take the themes that are present in each entry of the series and model a game mode after them, making the games perfect for portraying each iteration of the Power Rangers seperately, leaving the grand crossover game for last, in stark comparison to the Super Sentai game who would ideally excel in this kind of thing.

While this idea isn’t exactly new, as Natsume has done that with Game Boy Colour version of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, where each stage consisted of a Rescue, Battle and Megazord mission, capturing perfectly the essence of the series.

Taking that into account, here’s an idea of how each series’ additional game mode would play like :

– The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers game would have a Visual Novel / Adventure game styled mode, kinda like Tiger & Bunny : On Air Jack has, but with a bit more options to enhance the feeling of the Power Rangers’ final school years.

– The Power Rangers Turbo game would have a racing mode where the Rangers not only compete each other but also battle against mosnter while driving in Turbo speed.

– The Power Rangers In Space game would include an exploration mode, not unlike Mass Effect’s planets and featuring them as stages of all kinds, main story missions, side quests and even replay missions.

– The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy game would include a space shoot’em up mode, along with a very dumbed down and limited exploration mode of the In Space game.

– The Power Rangers Lightsspeed Rescue game would be like the Game Boy Colour version, but upscaled to current generation hardware and gameplay.

– The Power Rangers Time Force game would include a form of time travelling mission mode that could mix fighting and detective puzzles together.

To give you an idea how the ultimate Power Rangers game formula would be like :

All of them combined into one awesome mixture with an additional game mode that reflects on the series theme, as given with the above examples. And yes, the combination of Banpresto and Eighting can perform this miracle.

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