TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #09 : Ultraman

Time to talk about Ultraman.

The Ultraman series were created by Tsuburaya Eiji and Tsuburaya Productions. The series was the first Henshin Hero show that was featured and even starred on tv.

Ultraman is watching over our Earth.

Ultraman Legacy

Just like the Kamen Rider and Power Ranger series, the Ultraman series also have a good to great legacy when it comes to videogames and undertsandable as they all share the common trait of having good developers…some you already know; Banpresto and Natsume. Banpresto in particular is known for including Ultraman along with Kamen Rider and the Gundams for the Great Battle games but also made the Ultraman fighting games called Ultraman Fighting Evolution, spawning from the PlayStation up to the PlayStation Portable.

2.5D Ultraman fighters at their best!

Not to mention the great Strategy-RPG Ultraman All Star Chronicle made in the same fashion as Super Robot Wars to cover the RPG department. Ultraman and Banpresto have made a great combination all these years and have made great games…but there is one game that needs to be made to make Ultraman rise to the top and be relevant again in video games, apart from another Ultraman Fighting Evolution game. An Ultraman stylish action, open world game based on the new Ultraman manga by the creators of Kurogane no Linebarrels, Shimizu Eichi and Shimoguchi Tomohiro.

A new generation of Ultraman!

Hayata Shinjiro

The manga tells the story of Hayata Shinjiro, son of Hayata Shin and the new man carrying the title of the space detective Ultraman. Carrying the strength and physique of Ultraman, even after the space detective left his body, Hayata Shin noticed that he still has many of the Ultraman powers and for better or worse…he has passed them down his son. Worse, many aliens are after Earth now that Ultraman isn’t around to protect it and now pass around as people, masquerading and devouring humans for fun or for conquest. It’s up to the new generation to face this threat and kick ass, Ultraman style.

Spacium Ray!

Spacium Ray

Basically combine the entire gameplay of the Spiderman 2 (Gamecube) and the Spiderman : Web of Shadows (PS3) games along with the combat gameplay of Devil May Cry and Over Zenith : The Sword of Etheria, all in one mix. This way, high octane, high speed stylish tokusatsu action can be achieved during the combat sections of the game but at the same time, it won’t take away from the insane acrobatic exploration of the entire city while chasing aliens and fighting them on the run or rescuing people.

Look at that and place the new Ultraman in Spidey’s position.

Just like the manga, the scale has to be grand and the combat should combine the exploring and the stylish elements to work. Though it may sound like something that cannot be done, Web of Shadows actually implemented that pretty fine and with improvements as well as implements of other aspects of gameplay, the game would be perfect. If it’s in an HD console as well, it’s the jackpot, Ultraman will be back on top again…and continuing the Fighting Evolution and All Star Chronicle games on the PSP and other portable consoles wouldn’t be a bad idea at all…something to understand Namco Bandai, if you want to give some work to Banpresto that concerns Ultraman.

To give you an idea how the game would be like :

All of them combined.

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