TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #10 : Sacred Seven

Time to talk about Sacred Seven.

Sacred Seven is a 12 episode series produced by Sunrise that revolves around a young man called Tandouji Arma and the young head of the Aiba family, Ruri and how intertwined their battles for survival and answers are. It’s just a really short, sweet love story with plenty of tokusatsu elements that make for some pretty good action scenes and cool battles. Something really rare in anime or even in tokusatsu series. If memory serves, only the first and second Garo series did this…even if it was in reverse.

One image speaks a thousand words.

Love in action

Yeah, it’s not like it’s a grand series that everyone has to see or a grand cultural monolith etc, but it’s one of those small and sweet series that come every now and then and put a wide and heartfelt smile on all of our faces. And that can actually make for a pretty nice game that can combine the overall stylish tokusatsu action with some pretty nice romantic elements. It’s a pretty nice idea even considering that again, to my knowledge, the only romantic Visual Novel game with tokusatsu game is an Otome game, a game for female gamers with a female lead that has male “harem” to choose from who she will romance, named Scared Rider Xechs.

This game…for the ladies. 😉

And considering it’s produced by Sunrise, just like Tiger & Bunny and Sunrise is a part of Namco Bandai Holdings…and Namco Bandai published the Tiger & Bunny games and Natsume made the first Tiger & Bunny game…I’m sure Natsume can do the same for a Sacred Seven while Namco Bandai can just publish the game…so…have it be like Tiger & Bunny : On Air Jack without the rating centered gameplay and replace it with boring HP and MP bars etc, improve upon the combat and the combo mechanics and combine it with the visual novel style of Scared Rider Xechs and have romance endings, like the Kurogane no Linebarrels romance endings. Yeah, it’s that simple and easy but we need these kinds of games nowadays more than ever.

To give you an idea how the game would play :

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