PSP Game Projects Vol.02 : Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes sequel!

Because I love the Kamen Riders and I want to give them the fighting game glory they deserve! Also because this is now a pipe dream, bound to never happen…*sigh*
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Games to remember – Vol.01 : Chojin Gakuen Gokaiza / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Recently, I’ve been watching Tokyo Encounter while eating and I saw the game “Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer” pop up…made me remember a lot of things about it.
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New format for the gaming documents + New category

So, I found that the lenght of these documents messes the background and if I exceed a certain amount of words in one post or page, the site gets really messy…on Mozilla at least(I use IE and Mozilla). Therefore, slowly and steadily, I’ll create new pages that have one category of contents from the original document and link the table of contents to those new pages, while the original document page will become a parent page for these new ones. The conversion started with Tokusatsu Eiyuden.

Apart from that, I’m creating a new category for post, the “Games to remember” category where I’ll write about old games I remember and what can be done to have them be released again, one way or another, as a downloadable title / remastered digital release / full blown remake. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia that’s gonna hit you.