GARO : Makai no Hana

Dear Bandai Namco Games, please re-aquire the GARO license so that you can make another game with the GARO characters. We are very content if it is a fighting game. You want ideas, but also how to have it be cheap for you and good for us? Don’t worry, Banpresto is always there to make something like the first game that was made.

Or you can hire DreamFactory and ask them to make it more like Toshinden War Budokai.

(Come on, this is practically GARO on crack!)

Sincerely, all of the GARO fans.

The problem with the “Super” games and the solutions to that! Part 02 : The Game itself and its design!

So…continuing from the previous post, we have the idea of a game starring Superboy and Supergirl in an adventure with good gameplay and explanation for it. Let’s go!
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The problem with the “Super” games and the solutions to that! Part 01 : The Introduction!

When one thinks about good superhero games what comes to mind? Batman Arkham Asylum / City or Spider-man 2 / Web of Shadows for the big consoles. On the other hand what comes to mind for bad or even horrenduous superhero games? Superman 64 or Superman : Man of Steel. That creates a huge problem, that being that other members of the Super family get treated like side-attractions due to Supes own failings in the video gaming world. Well this has got to stop, just because the incopetence of the developers means we can’t get a good Superman game, doesn’t mean we have to accept that reality and not voice our concerns or even throw good ideas at Warner Bros. It worked with the premise of Injustice.
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