Random Ramblings Vol.11 : Castlevania…Back to Metroidvania or go to a new direction?

So, the new Lords of Shadows 2 is out and walkthroughs have hit youtube as well as interviews and reviews showing the improvements that the new Castlevania has over the other Lords of Shadow games. I still wonder what will be next for the Castlevania series.
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Random Ramblings Vol.10 : Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z, the missed opportunity and the squandered potential!

The latest Dragon Ball is a disappointment…not because it is a bad idea to begin with or due to execution…largely…but due to Bandai Namco’s usual release schedule and scam-y attitude of “we release dates not games” that Activision and EA seem to have mastered by now. As you may guess, this greatly squanders and hampers any proper or even innovative ideas the developer may have.
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