We Need A Sequel Vol.01 : Choujin Gakuen Gokaiza / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

And thus I demand, a sequel for Choujin Gakuen Gokaiza / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer!

In case you forgot what the game was.

The basic premise of the game was a technical 2D fighter with a simple in concept, yet slightly ingenious gimmick, the “Skill Take” system. This system on its own could make and still make the game a franchise. As I posted in a previous topic, I mentioned various wishes of my own regarding the game. I’ll take some time now and expand upon what I said and add more ideas and more games that can be made. This is one of the game that doesn’t need just a sequel but rather a franchise, like Toshinden.

The remakes first!

As I mentioned before, I’d go with Eighting for the remake and make it really simple, not much is needed for that. First, if Eighting should take away good mechanics from to add to the formula, they should take away from their Fate / Unlimited Codes (F/UC) and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom : Ultimate All Stars (TVCUAS) to be added to the already good formula. First of, the graphics and sprites should mimmick those of F/UC with smooth 3D sprites and backgrounds that complement that sprite style, but cell shaded like TVCUAS instead of the more…raw style of those sprites. That way the sprites can look incredibly pretty and detailed as they should be while avoiding the whole “sprite mirroring” issue each and every time some character decides to go over at the other side.


As for the mechanics, keeping in line with the original, the button layout should be the simple directional inputs with both D-pad and Analog Stick / Nub, the four face buttons representing the weak & strong punches and kicks. With the moves being pretty much the same as the original. The additions should be the cancels from TVCUAS, the Baroque Cancels and the Tag cancels along with the Tag system of that game but have it be optional. Adding more modes as well for it to have meaning beyond the arcade and make a proper story mode like that of Guilty Gear’s…or Blazblue’s if that’s your cup of tea. More costumes and finally some characters that should have been unlockable normally should be in the game as well. And that’s about it for the remake. And from there on, a whole franchise can be made with some really exciting prospect ahead of it.


Of course the same thing can be done by Arc System Work’s TEAM RED, the Guilty Gear team that Ishiwatari Daisuke leads, but with the current Guilty Gear’s sprites and graphics engine. Perhaps. :p

Then the new games and ideas!

The other idea involves either just Eighting or even better, a collaboration of Eighting and DreamFactory to make a new breed of fighters to go on with the license. The game should take place in a small arena that allows the players to fight and have their own space but with enough limitations to make it somewhat strategic, kinda like the Wii Toshinden but bigger. The command inputs should change a bit to reflect a more diverse system. The game will use the basic HP and energy bars that most fighting games have.

The big change from other fighters would be that this system is connected to sensitivity. Just like with The Bouncer, a DreamFactory game for Square Enix, this version of Gokaiza / Gowcaizer should have the “sensitive controls” system. This is how it works : almost each and every button has an action that depending on how hard the player presses it, a functionally different action comes out. The best example would be the punch button, if pressed lightly, the character would do weak but quick punch and if pressed real hard the character would do a strong punch. The game will of course feature an otpion that sets the sensitivity levels of the buttons to suit the players tastes, for each and every button or set of buttons, allowing for maximum flexibillity. When button is pressed with pressure below the average acceptable pressure set, then a “light” version of that action will come out and when a button is pressure with pressure that is either the average pressure acceptible or beyond that, a “heavy” version of that action will come out.


The basic button set-up involves movement, camera control, punch, kick, special attack buttons, jump, guard, dodge, taunt and pause buttons. The characters make use of all of those buttons, each and every character has unique special attacks and combo strings. The control set-up I’ll be using is a universal one so don’t be surprised :


01.)The directional buttons make the characters move. By lightly tapping any direction results in the character walking and heavily pressing any direction makes the character run in said direction. Like most games that involve both walking and running.

02.)The Analog stick / nub will be used for camera control, plain and simple. The best camera to use would be that of Ninja Gaiden’s since it can follow the character closely but can be altered via player input.

03.)The punch button makes characters either punch or use a weapon they hold…or both depending on the character. By lightly tapping the button, the character will use a “light punch”, a quick, weak punching or hand weapon attack that most of the time can be chained upon itself up to four times maximum to create a basic 4 hit punch combo. By heavily pressing the punch button, the character will use a “heavy punch”, a slower and more damaging punching or hand weapon attack that is used to knock the enemy around. It can be chained to a combo but that depends on the character using it.

04.)The kick button makes characters kick. By lightly tapping the button, the character will use a “light kick”, a quick, weak kicking attack that most of the time can be chained upon itself up to four times maximum to create a basic 4 hit kick combo. By heavily pressing the kick button, the character will use a “heavy kick”, a slower and more damaging kicking or leg weapon attack that is used to knock the enemy around. It can be chained to a combo but that depends on the character using it.

05.)The special attack button makes the characters use one of their special moves. The special moves are attacks that consume a bit of energy when done and are as powerful as the strong attacks due to that. Normally the skill button is not used unless the character is using the skill of another character or to put bluntly, the character has copied another character’s signature move. Up to two character skills can be put into each character’s special button configuration, one for a light press and another for heavy press. The character however must either unlock those skills by fighting the character and winning the opponent’s skill or by unlocking it via story. Each and every character have only one move that can be copied as a “skill” via the “Skill Take” system.

06.)The jump button makes the characters jump. Depending on the press the characters will either do a quick and short jump or a very high jump that isn’t as controllable. By lightly pressing the button the small jump will come out while with the heavy press the high jump will come out. A character can always attack in the air with the punch and kick buttons and perform different moves.

07.)The guard button makes the characters guard. By pressing the button lightly, the characters will quickly parry for an instant, a good tactic to reflect attacks, stun the enemy and not receive any damage at all. Not all attacks can be parried however. By pressing the button heavilly, the characters will properly guard and compared to the parry, the guard can be held for a period of time as long as the player holds down the button. However the characters take reduced damage instead of no damage and with enough damage, the guard can break. The guards can also be used while in the air.

08.)The dodge button will make a character dodge. By pressing the button lightly, the characters will do a small dodge, usually a side-step or a simple roll on the ground, to quickly avoid one attack. By pressing the button heavilly, the characters will do a dodge move that makes move further away and even avoid more than one attack, indicated by a really flashy dodge move.

09.)The taunt button is the select button. By taunting the opponent, the player can gain a really minisculle amount of energy if the other character is close. It is also used as a way to center the camera behind the character. If the character is moving or airborne then the button will only center the camera and the same applies if the player presses the button at any other time the character isn’t standing perfectly still. Also, the character can exit the taunt at any time by pressing any other button that results in a character action.

10.)The start button is as always the pause button. During a pause the player can see the selected character’s moveset and the Skill currently equiped along with a quick explanation and the options of continuing the match or forfeiting it…or just exiting to a previous or the main menu.

Then, there are the Ultimate / Desperation attacks that are done by pressing the special attack button and either the punch or kick button while the character has a full energy bar. The game of course will include many diverse options, like Story, Arcade, VS CPU, VS Player / Multiplayer / Online, Survival, Options handling all the necessary and integral settings for fighting games, along with other modes.

Apart from the “Skill Take” system, the idea of expanding upon Toshinden : War Budokai’s “Combo Make” system would actually work here, making for a trully interesting fighter that has each fighter actually be as the players want him / her to be, more or less. Here’s how it works :

Each character has about 4 land combos and 4 aerial combos which, as you can imagine is akin to the basic light punch combo that can be looped and comboed into itself, the basic light kick combo which works the same way as the light punch combo, the heavy punch and kick “combos” that depending on the character may not even end up as combos at all but just a single attack, whether they are on land or the air and finally the aerial light combos that are just a pretty short streak of attacks. The light combos mainly consist of either 3 or 4 hits depending on the character again and the type of light attack, punch or kick.

Now, to get to the more technical aspect of this system, each of these attacks are unchangeable and serve as the basic identity of the characters and are taken strictly from the original game to perfectly show the type of character they are, be they glass cannons, lightning bruisers, technical defender, heavy beatdown characaters or just pure rushdown fighters. After that, the player can either unlock or buy, using in-game credits earned via win streaks or otherwise stated by in game modes, 8 more empty Combo Files, 4 aerial and 4 for the ground with each combo slot having 4 slots to place attacks in there. Each character will have 36 attacks, 18 ground attacks and 18 aerial attacks, 12 of each type being light and the other 6 being heavy type attacks. Each attack is different from each other and has different frames of animation, different properties and diiferent cost of slots as well, influencing the creation of a Combo File.

The Combo Files allow for the craziest mix ups one could possibly ever think of such as a string of two punches and two kicks or anything else and while the Combo Files only have 4 slots, through a technical change they can have up to six slots. That technical change is the addition of a pause with two pauses being availiable for each Combo File. That change results in a pause combo but there are limits, such as only four pauses availiable per character, thus reducing the abudance of pause combos and are only usable on the ground.

In an even more hypothetical scenario though…if Square Enix gets the trademark by some random chance…and wants to use it…I’d say to go for the Dissidia system and adapt the “Skill Take” system there as well. It would fit. Not to mention options that would include nostalgia for the old schoolers, like old screenshots, voice samples etc. From there on, any of the two ideas could result in more than remakes and go into full blown series or even franchises with main and side games.

Hope that some revival is on the horizon for this game cause it would be a shame to leave out a creative idea like that go to waste. To anyone interested, make it happen. 🙂

4 thoughts on “We Need A Sequel Vol.01 : Choujin Gakuen Gokaiza / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

  1. Tito Habif says:

    I TOTALLY support your project man! I always wanted a sequel with thos characteristics. The visuals and designs from Mr. Masami Obari for the anime are over the edge.

    I made this sprite edit chart two years ago wishing for it:


    • White Archer says:

      Holy shit 0_0, excellent work dude. Glad to see more Gokaiza fans around here. And thank you very much, here’s hoping something happens if SNK gets it together with KoF XIV, would be a waste not to aquire the series from the void of trademarks.

  2. IczerZeus says:

    Gowcaizer,man!! 😀

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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