Random Ramblings Vol.12 : How to fix and enrich the gameplay of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series!

Despite being a really small time fan of Naruto(I mostly try and see what will happen at the end since I hate leaving things I invested so much time unfinished), I still love very much the first half of the series and always loved the videogames that came out. A stark contrast to the second part of the manga / the Shippuden anime, the games from that era only advanced forward and made things more awesome! When Storm came around, it was a dream for me who loves those completely 3D / Free-roaming fighters. It has sadly gone so far downhill ever since then but I have enough solutions to make this whole series better.

Before we begin, one should keep in mind that the base of the game can be found here and here. The new additions can be found here for reference.

First of all, I have to say that the new battle system in Storm Revolution is excellent, trully spectacular…as an idea that is, it is executed so horribly and with all the carry-over problems the series had ever since 2, it just accentuates the fact that it sucks way too much to play it. So, drastic situations call for drastic solutions. And before I even go into analysing and fixing, I will solve the most important part of the “budget-time” puzzle that seems to becoming harder and harder to solve among the devs : DO NOT MAKE A STORY MODE! Just don’t ofr this one! Focus on fixing the game first and then blowing your loads of money on useless story modes and budget cuts for anime cutscenes etc…Fix the gameplay first and then focus on the story mode all you want. What’s even better, is that the materials needed for that great Naruto game exist…all over the place, but still, they are created by cc2, so I have hopes.

Gameplay Changes!

I.)First off, change the fundamentals of the game and remove the “secret factors” from the Ultimate Jutsus, a trend that started from Ultimate Ninja 3, it ruins the finishing move and offers no insight. Keep the Ultimate Jutsu and Awakening Types and completely revamp the Drive type accordingly. Also, the game now allows characters to have a Sideways combo like they did back in the older games. The way combos work now is : the neutral can potentially either end the combo by making theopponent faint or stagger him to loop unto itself, the upwards combo is a launcher, the Downwards combo is a combo that does more damage than normal and stomps the opponent to the ground, while the Sideways combo is a cinematic attack. Several characters have different Ultimate Jutsus for their True Awakenings. Finally, all characters have Jutsu Branches in their combos by pressing the Chakra button at a certain point of a combo to execute a different Jutsu, like they did in Ultimate Ninja Impact. Of course, that costs chakra.

II.)Just like in the first game, all characters have Ultimate Jutsus, even their awakenings, if they are unique, like Sage Naruto and 6-Tails Kyuubi Naruto for example. All characters can customize, to an extend, their main Jutsu(Chakra + Melee) and it can be done on the air as well. Also, apart from the more balanced damage, the lifebars are now 3 in total, just like in Ninja Storm 1.

III.)Change the new types introduced and make them usable and fun, not a Rock-Paper-Scissors type of system that no one likes.

  1. Awakening Type : The advantages of this type include the True Awakening and tremendous buffs that acompany it, the most common ones are increased strenght, constant flinching of the enemy, superarmour(not staggering after a hit nor being able to be grabbed) and either a an exended moveset or a completely different skin and moveset, the latter of which can usualy be selected as its own playable character only for the vs modes. Finally, this type gets special support actions called Awakening Actions in both the Instant and True Awakenings, usually them being Jutsus or even status effects like Danzo’s Izanagi.
  2. Ultimate Jutsu Type : This type allows the user to perform an Ultimate Finishing Jutsu when the Storm gauge is full and have them be able to use “Ultimate Jutsu Cancels” at any time. In contrast to the Ultimate Jutsu characters and some True Awakenings have, this one will require all of the chakra gauge, is unblockable on contact and is very long in lenght. Compared to a normal Ultimate Jutsu, this one will properly load a fully cinematic movie with a preset background and while that is done, a button combination for the player will appear. If the combination of buttons is correctly pressed, the damage will be doubled. The cinematic movies will take advantage of the characters skills and abilities and boost them to tremendously excessive levels like in the previous games.

  3. Support Drive Type : This is the only type that allows support characters. A player can select their supporting characters as well as their functions on the battlefield and being able to switch them with the flicks of the R stick, effectively getting rid of Instant Awakenings. When the Storm gauge is filled up, the players get to use a Sealling technique by calling both supports at the same time and sealling the opponents moves that require chakra for a brief period of time and finally, being able to use the Team Ultimate Ninjutsu. The TUJ is done by pressing the chakra button thrice and then the melee button, calling all the supports on the field and having them dash towards the enemy, first doing an attack each before moving on to the Ultimate Jutsu.

    Depending on the team that is set up, the player may get not only bonuses, but brand new Jutsu instead of the normal Ultimate Jutsu.

IV.)Some True Awakenings, like One Tail Kyuubi Naruto or Second Seal Sasuke will be playable and selectable as characters but only in the Versus modes, be they Vs CPU or Vs online due to the diversity they’ll bring to the table + they were playable in those modes as well in the older games. Of course, they will be stripped of their buffs and only act as a new skin with a new moveset for the character.

V.)Change drastically the way each and every character plays and acts! The series has become a flashy, impractical jutsu exhibition when the series can offer so much more to the table…for that reason I have these solutions :

  1. Have the characters be seperated into three basic categories : Melee type, Jutsu Type and Long Range type. This will make up for the character variety and introduce some new ways to look at some characters.

    Melee Type : The basic type of characters, they have long strings of combos, always having 6 button presses each even the aerial ones and also have a Neutral, Sideways, Upwards and Downwards input in the middle or second hit of the combo to do different combo chains. These characters have few Jutsu Branches since they are not known to have many jutsu in the series. Examples of these characters include : Naruto, Hinata, Neji, Lee

    Long Range Type : These characters have very short melee strings since they focus on long range mostly in the show so their combo variants and combo strings are found the Projectiles button instead of the melee button. Of course, their Jutsu Branches are in their Projectiles combo. It is basically a reversal of the Melee type. Examples of these characters include : Shino, Mu, Temari, 2nd Mizukage

    Jutsu Type : The last category of characters, these characters can either combine the both of worlds or just focus on of them with a slight difference. This type allows characters to have Jutsu branches in each and every combo string, in each and every attack possible with different results each time. Sometimes these characters forgo one of the Melee combos and instead have a Projectile combo in its place. It should be noted that the combo strings of these characters can range from 4 hits to 6 hits of the button. Examples of these characters include : Sasuke, TenTen, Pain, Kakashi

  2. Compact the characters as much as possible in smart ways, the series is filled with too many clones and useless re-skins. A smart way would be to take all those “different” takes of one character and combine them into one if it is possible. A great example would be Timeskip Sasuke.

    This version of Sasuke currently has 5 “different” movesets that are carryovers from Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – 3 and one new in Revolution. The maximum amount of Sasuke’s the game can have, given the material that exists up until now(in the anime that is) is 2. The first one is the Sasuke with the Curse Seal and the other is the Mangekyo Sharingan one. Let’s start :

    A.)Sasuke Curse Seal : He’s a Melee type character focusing mostly on his taijutsu skills and sword techniques mostly. His Jutsu branches include Chidori Nagashi, Chidori and Chidorigatana techniques. His Jutsu is the Gokakyu and his Ultimate Jutsu is the Chidori True Spear. The awakening is simply a Wingless Cursed seal 2 Sasuke with the only difference being that he can charge up his Jutsu and instead of Gokakyu make it a Goryuka. His True awakening is a fully awakened Cursed Seal 2 Sasuke with wings and the Sharingan on this time, gaining Superarmour, double damage and double the hits for all the lightning moves as buffs. His moveset is elongated and his martial arts include more crazy stunts with his wings and flying around. The Jutsu Branches are the same but enhanced with black lightning and he gets Chidori True Spear and Chidori Senbon as two new Jutsu Branches and his Jutsu is a Goryuka that can be charged to produce multiple Goryukas. His Ultimate Jutsu is a variation of his Pre-Timeskip’s self Habataku Chidori. Finally, Cursed Seal 2 Sasuke is playable without the buffs and enhanced status, while his Ultimate Finishing Jutsu is a completely absurd and cinematic version of Kirin, with Cursed Seal 2 involvements and all that good jazz.

    B.)Magekyo Sasuke : He’s a Jutsu type character focusing on short melee combo strings of 4 attacks, mostly with his sword and the variational Jutsu Branches that cover them. His Jutsu Branches include Sen’eijashu, Chidori, Chidori Nagashi, Chidori True Spear, Chidorigatana, Gokakyu no Jutsu, Ryuka no Jutsu, Goryuka no Jutsu, Hosenka no Jutsu and Shishi Rendan. His Jutsu is Enton : Kagutsuchi while his Ultimate Jutsu is an “enhanced” Kirin version of his usual version(just different colours, slightly different shape). His awakening is just a combo enhancer by having a semi transparent Susano’o from the waist up appear and help Sasuke, doubling the hit count while his Shishi Rendan and Sen’eijashu Jutsu Branches are replaced with the Kagutsuchi Tsurugi and Sharingan Genjutsu techniques. His True Awakening is the Armour Susano’o, having Sasuke gain a completely new moveset and Jutsus as well as Jutsu branches, while his Ultimate Jutsu in this form is the Complete Kagutsuchi no Tsurugi. His Ultimate Finishing Jutsu is a completely absurd and cinematic version of the Shakuton: Kōrin Shippū Shikkoku no Ya Zeroshiki technique.

Character Changes!

And now to move on to the characters, this will require a lot of work from my part and the community(hopefully) to make a good list but a basic rundown should be detailing several key details :

  1. Pre-Time Skip Naruto
    Melee Type
    Instant Awakening : Kyubi Chakra
    True Awakening : One Tailed Kyubi mode (Playable in Versus modes)
  2. Pre-Time Skip Sasuke
    Jutsu Type
    Instant Awakening : Cursed Seal Sharingan
    True Awakening : Cursed Seal 2 mode (Playable in Versus modes)

And so on. I will be coming back to this post for updates on the characters, since they can always change due to the manga + anime + movie materials etc and of course the fans desires. The main gameplay changes are done and illustrated here just fine and that was the main purpose of this article. Have a good day everybody. 😀

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