Random Ramblings Vol.14 : Warriors Orochi. How can we make them more interesting?

Warriors Orochi. The name of the first crossover between Koei’s two major franchises at the time : the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games, a match born in heaven at the time, all the Warriors one loved from the games in one game with new mechanics and a new system but most importantly, new characters that could pave the way for something more and exiting. Despite that, I do believe that after the first game, some things kinda fell apart for the franchise and it went down a road I don’t think is exactly good or beneficial for the series.

01.)The story and the characters

Worlds collide

So, starting with the first game, we are introduced in the concept of the reason why this crossover happens : A mythological creature that is prevelant in both Chinese and Japanese mythologies drags them from their world and pits them against each other for his own twisted pleasure while he goes into his “Saiyan Quest” of finding someone strong. The best way to make the story work should be with three main arcs, three acts like a play. A very important thing to remember from crossovers is that they must : a.)Never be taken seriously but instead have total fun with the story presented and b.)make the characters in it constantly awesome, have them play out their awesomeness via famous quips, fan-request duels etc, basically follow the Super Robot Taisen creed of crossovers that Banpresto has set up all those years. Do awesome shit constantly, just like the first Orochi game did!

I.)Story Stracture

The three main acts should be something like the prologue chapter of Orochi in WO2/Z except with the struggle between Orochi and the fall of the Sages / Mystics(or at least some of them, more on that later) touched upon briefly during the stages to add tension and raise the stakes. The big main act should mirror the actual Warriors Orochi since that’s what the crossover is about, complete with the originals 8 stages and all the Gaiden stages(I’d put one more Gaiden stage so that each function could have 8 main and 8 side stages). The factions should as always be the 3 big kingdoms, a Samurai fanction and a Misfits story(more on that later). Of course that story is gonna be updated so that the new characters can be featured in there as well, so it’s revised but at its core it’s the same thing : each leader of each faction is forced to make uneasy, shaky and even deadly alliances with his enemies or even unknown forces to defeat a snake god except the bond between these warriors grows into a budding friendship and they defeat it.

The finale should take bits and pieces from the WO2/Z storyline but make it more coherent. Basically, it would be the final chapter of the saga, where everyone searches for answers and how to get back to their world, kinda like the final story of Sonic Adventure 2, after one beats all of the factions stories. The final story should open with a modified ending showing all factions defeating Orochi instead of a single one and have the stages just be the normal 8 stages rush, no Gaidens involved. From there on it should be some kind of magic hooey about Kiyomori and Da Ji ressurecting Orochi on the spot to unleash his true power and all that crap that usually happens in these cases. Each stage should be in direct sequence to another as the world crumbles down it’s a race to the end, having to destroy Orochi before to get out of his dimension. If Koei Tecmo feels like it, they could feature the Guest characters in that storyline each one acting as an ally force and upon finishing the stage under special conditions the player gets to keep them and have them face Orochi to escape as well. Compared to Warriors Orochi 3 plot of “the world slowly crumbles…” it should be quick, with a sense of ergency and grand events during each stage, making it a very flashy finale that’s attained with some hard work.

Yeah, just like that!

II.)Character interactions

As far as characters go, the main characters of the first Warriors Orochi are a must of course, that goes without saying but the added characters from the games further down the line shouldn’t be neglected as far as DW and SW are concerned. WO originals though…and guest characters are a tough thing to insert in without either massively changing them or their input in the storyline. My idea at least is like that : WO originals, as far as the villains go, they should pretty much mirror their Warriors Orochi personas, Orochi being a bored, interdimensional, tyrannical Demon-God that mauls everything in sight, Da Ji being his sultry advisor and strategist as well as the main foil of the heroes before Orochi. Taira being the back-up plan like in the later games is ok. Now the heroes can be split into the Heroes of Yore that got transferred to help, like Yoshitsune and Benkei and try and stop Kiyomori, the Sage / Mystics would be better if they were only showed in the Gaiden stages of the prologue story, like playing the chronicles of Orochi’s rise and the fall of the Mystics. Now as far as Sanzang Fanshi / Sanjou Houshi and Sun Wukong / Son Goku are concerned, I can see them originally being summoned by Mystics to help them against Orochi but then getting captured and used as Orochi soldiers until the DW and SW help them out. Now Susano’o can be the guy that is summoned during the last story to help the heroes against Shin Orochi / Orochi X. Orochi’s “previous” self should be a different character altogether and an ally of the mystics while Tamamo should just be a general in Orochi’s army like Da Ji. Himiko could explore the forbidden friendship between enemies and allies and she could be great.

As far as DW and SW characters go, they should start with their DW5 and SW2 costumes and the newer characters should have new costumes that match that era and they should keep them up until the end of their stories while the final story has them change into their current costumes in DW8 and SW4. The new characters should be integrated in the story in a non intrusive way and share a spotlight like the original characters. Due to the abundance of new characters and very few characters getting neglected in the first game(coughMasamuneKeijiLuBucough) and then treated like bitches in the sequels, especially Masamune…yeah. Instead of these guys getting bitched around, there should be a Misfits story where these guys and some other “misfits” like some Jin faction guys, Lu Bu faction guys slowly scheme, sabotage Orochi’s army, gather armies and ultimately ally under Orochi’s banner so they can destroy him from the inside and when the last stage comes out then they rebel the moment the other factions attack and just wreck everything Orochi stands for. Because that how you do the Sengoku Friends and the Jin Kingdom…and Lu Bu I guess?


This is the meat and bones, the bread and butter of this game and the whole topic of discussion, here’s where things get interesting. Keep in mind people, the gameplay that we are talking about here mirrors the first Warriors Orochi game only and I’ll improve upon that. You can find the guides here and here for reference.

The first major upgrade will be the speed of the game and then will come the more modern advancements placed upon the characters. The game must be very fast and furious at all times, the feeling of being an action martial artist star must never fade, something that seems to kinda miss at times. Second, the combo strings, one of the most important things in the Musou games. This time, players can not only connect dash attacks to any other attack but they can also cancel their main string / S-string unto itself avoiding extra finishing animations to keep the flow going, same can be done with some Charge attacks as well. Third will be the addition of an aerial moveset…and by aerial movest I mean something more than just one attack on the S-string, kinda like Dante’s aerial Swordsmaster ability, just 3 or 4 attcks being able to be cancelled into the aerial triangle is going to be very awesome. I mean, they did it for Multi Raid / Strike Force, why not here as well(with a slight modification that is)?

Being able to bring in some acrobatic moves for better traversing and recovery are much needed. An actual dash animation and an actual change of speed is needed instead of the “wind breaking” so many Warriors games do. The acrobatic recovery from Warriors Orochi Z returns by pressing the Guard button while falling from an enemy attack to do a hasty recovery and pressing the Jump button on the ground makes the character stand up easier. Also directional rolls need to be brought back and replace jumping when a character is guarding, evasive manoeuvres can save the day. And guard can be broken if hit enough times this time around, not just with Charge moves. Juggles are also very much modified to not be unballanced. Bringing in the Devil May Cry sensibillities of “the more an enemy / character / player is hit while airbourne, the better the chances the heavier they get, the faster they fall down and their stagger animations become non-existant” so that when ganged up, both players and enemies can at least retaliate with basic aerial attacks.

Finally, team moves return but slightly modified this time. Now team changing is done instantly when inactive and even when traversing around it doesn’t halt any sort of movement. When a character switches in the middle of attacking, depending on what the player decides to do next, the next character can either do what the player wants him to or execute a Switch attack. To execute the Switch Attack, the player must switch a character in the middle of an attack while holding the R/R1 trigger down and the next character will always execute a small guard breaking combo, can be done up to three times in a row but uses up a portion of all three member’s Musou. Chain Musou still exist from the first game and done in the same way or by just having the O button pressed when changing members, same conditions apply. Triple Musou now is done in a different way. Depending on the character team, whether it’s just two or all three of the team characters that have a strong relationship of some sort in their own games(friends, rivals, family, lovers / romance), when the characters have full Musou and their total health is less than 50%, the player can press R/R1 + Triangle to have the team members appear all at once while time completely stops and they start doing a completely exaggerated Team Musou that can deal really heavy damage. Character teams will be list later.

a.)Character Movesets

An important distinction between the characters in these game has always been the game they come from : Dynasty or Samurai. Both have different ideas of how a moveset should go, how their Musou should function and how their charges should go. While Samurai Warriors kinda bastardized this with the weird moveset types from Samurai Warriors 2 and onwards(I can tell you, they do jack-crap and aren’t innovative at all, they are a hidrance in fact). So without further ado, here’s how the movesets function in this game :

I.)Dynasty Moveset


Taken straight from the newest installment of Dynasty Warriors 8, the characters from those games all fall down into this category, being able to have a Wu Shu styled S-string of 6 flowing hits and a Charge Branch attack after every S-string attack except for the final one. Characters that have EX attacks from the games also have them here. Despite not being able to switch movesets here, the tag team makes up for that. These characters also have a three bar musou like in Dynasty Warriors 8, that unlocks more bars as they level up. These bars fill up in order and when one of them is full, the character can execute one of the three availiable Musous that exist : the normal Musou by pressing the O button, the secondary by pressing the R/R1 + O buttons and the aerial by pressing O while on the air. All of these Musous act just like in DW8, they are short attacks that are unblokable, break the enemies guard at close range and Prime the character’s surroundings for ensured critical damage. The fourth and final Musou attack, the True Musou is achieved only when a character is in the red zone of health and has three full musou bars and then presses L/L1 + O to activate it. The bars merge into one huge bar and the character executes a really epic, overkill streak of attacks that deal massive damage.

Finally, the Dynasty characters have elements tied to their character and to an extend, their weapons. This harkens back to the early Dynasty games and the newer ones where some Musous have elements tied to them. The elements are Fire, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Demon and Poison. All of them can be activated via Charge attacks and when they do the weapon flashes with that element and the attacks trail leaves the element behind. These elements are strenghtened and their activation is more frequent the more a character levels up. All of these elements, apart from doing elemental damage to the enemy, they also have additional effects : Fire burns the opponents, dealing damage over time. Ice freezes surroundings for a limited time until they get hit, Thunder stuns surrounding units and can spread, Wind deals greater knockback damage, Demon lowers the opponents attack for a short time and Poison lowers the opponents defense for a short time.

II.)Samurai Moveset


Taken from the Samurai installments, the characters from those games fall into this category. Their moveset consists of an S-string of 8 unique hits and only 3 charge branches. Compared to the normal S-String of Samurai Warriors, where the character always uses the same repeate animations for the S4, S5, S6 and S7(something that is horrendous) this time, all of the S-string is completely unique attacks. The Charge brances are now fully executed by pressing the Triangle button three times after an S1, S2 or S3 and are separated in three different ways : the first Charge branch is always the Rising Launcher and slamming combo, the second always is the crowd clearing combo and the third is the 1-vs-1 combo killer. In sharp contrast to the Dynasty characters, the Samurai characters can block and parry, by pressing the Square button when an enemy’s attack hits their guard, stunning the enemy and priming his immidiate surroundings. It works only on commanders and other characters, not on peons.

As for their Musou, they have a normal Musou bar that when full, allows the character to execute their Musou attack by pressing the O button and when their health is in the red, they can execute the enhanced version of their attack called Musou Gokui. The Musou attacks are all a very unique and stylish string of moves that can carry from none up to 4 elements(same as the Dynasty elements) depending on the character and after the attack is finished they have them on their weapons for a short period of time before the fade. The more the musou bar levels up, the Musou will do more damage, more elements will awaken during it, they will activate more often during attacks as well as the alloted time for them to be used after the Musou will be slightly extended. During the Musous, the weapons are engulfed in their elements and they remain like that until they fade. In contrast to the Dynasty Warriors, all the attacks have a chance of inflicting the elemental damage and effects on the enemy, not just Charges. During Musou Gokui, the character does a short of a pose, time stops and all enemies surrounding the character are primed, have their guards broken and the damage is doubled as well as all hits are already critical. Compared to the Dynasty characters, the Samurai ones can build up Musou by holding down the O button while their Musou is not full.

b.)Character Classes

So, this is one of the most sensitive subjects of the series and one that has been treated so horribly in Warriors Orochi 3, it’s a miracle it didn’t just hung itself. Instead of nerfing all classes and creating an unnecessary class like Wonder, it’s better to enhance these classes already and make them better and for the Sage / Mystic, Orochi and God characters they can create a new class that can combine elements from the three main classes to make them inhuman and uber-awesome, as they should be. The classes should be as following and that’s how they should be improved upon :

I.)Power Class

These characters are the heavy sets of them all, characterized by their Hyper Armour, meaning that normal(aka non Charge, non Musou) attacks don’t phaze them nor stunlock them and they are completely impervious to knockback as well as being interrupted during Charge attacks. They have only one R/R1 Special attack but it can be done on both the ground and in the air since they are usually a really heavy, damaging attack or an insane buff for a short time and always cost a lot of Musou. Their C1s are either grabs, throws or knockbacks for the Dynasty characters and a C1 string for the Samurai characters. They also have a Fatality move, a very powerful move to instantly finish a weakened and dazed General or Character by pressing the Triangle button when the prompt appears after fullfiling certain requirements to daze the enemy. Finally, they get an Attack Cancel, a basic cancel by pressing X during an attack to initiate a an attack that has invincibility frames and is either a crowd clearing attack(a tackle, a charge, a sword swing) or a keep away move(jumping backwards or forwards while swinging the weapon etc). While not all attacks can be cancelled with this, except for all parts of the S-string, it’s used to keep attacking crowds and constantly attack, since the frames of these moves can be cancelled towards the end by starting an attack.

II.)Technique Class

These characters are able to Shadow Dash by pressing X during the middle of their any of their combos, even on the air and they can even continue their previous combo if they wish, or start a new one from the dash. When they dash successfully they leave a shadow image behind, instead of just dashing for a short distance. These characters also deal critical damage to airbourne enemies, encouraging juggles and aerial showdowns. They also have an ability called Enhanced Strike, where they can press R/R1 at a certain Charge branch to do a completely different Charge attack than their normal one. Their normal R/R1 attack is either a small elemental attack for the Dynasty or a small knockback move for the Samurai. As far defensive manoeuvres are concerned, they can press X during an enemy attack or juggle to teleport behind the enemy, using a lot of musou. Finally, their C1 attacks are replaced by the Dynasty Warriors 6’s Renbu system, where the player does an 8 hit string of Wu Shu attacks that loops all the time as long as they leep mashing the triangle button. Of course, like in DW6, the player must gradually build up the Renbu System, by attacking enemies. The higher the Speed stat of a player, the faster the characters reach Max Renbu.

III.)Speed Class

The speedsters of the game and the most combo savy in the more traditional ways. These characters have the ability to cancel anything by Jumping or air dashing, essentially pressing the X button at any given time, even being able to cancel stun frames and Musou from activating. This is called a Jump Cancel and it’s unique to this class. Also, compared to other classes, they have two R/R1 abilities, each not only being able to cancel any sort of action they do without penalties, even each other(unless they are aerial, they have to be on the ground) they also get to be enhanced by the Weapon Attributes as well. Apart from these two never costing any Musou at all, these abilities have priming abilities as well. Being speedsters, they can also cancel al of their Cs into the normal string combo.

Instead of C1s, the Speed characters have a very heavily modified Shinsoku(God Speed) / Hyper moveset(the idea taken from the Samurai Warriors 4 game). The way Godspeed works here is that C1’s don’t exist and instead the characters have a 6 or 8 hit Triangle string(depends whether the character is Dynasty or Samurai respectively) that mimicks the quick drawing of a weapon and attacking with it. These attacks deal minimal damage and instead are pathways to S branches that actually deal the damage or a way to avoid a large crowd of enemies or a boss. Like C-branches, S-branches work the same way but exist for all 6 or 8 attacks of the God Speed. The way normal God Speed attacks / Triangle string works here is that the character does an extremely fast dash attack that deal minimal damage to a wide array of enemies while passing through them but the characters have invincibility frames during that split second. God Speed does not carry elements or Weapon attributes, just the S-branches. If a player want to do damage with God Speed though, they can opt to charge any of the C-string attacks by holding the Triangle button for a little bit until the character is in position. By letting go, the character will dash a great distance, delivering a very wide and moderately damaging attack that can affect very large crowds and carries weapon attributes and Weapon attributes. The downside of that attack is that all the ending animations must be played out for the full effect of the attack(since it can be cancelled by a Jump cancel), other wise its treated like a normal Godspeed attack.

EX.)GOD Class

This class exists only for characters that are original to the series and are treated as bosses, characters like Orochi, Shin Orochi / Orochi X, Tamamo no Mae, the Kyubi, Hundun and even Kiyomori and the Sages / Mystics if needed. Basically this class takes attributes from all of the above classes and combines them, a different combination for each character. It’s meant to allievate those inhuman characters and give them more to work with. And makes for good final boss battles.

c.)Stage Types and A.I.

The stages in Warriors Orochi had great variety, not only because of the story in them but also because they had a variety of in how they were played. There were the classic Warriors stages were you could just kill peons and rush to the boss, there where small stages where you could only be you against another small army or there would be massive zerg-rush stages with the boss appearing after clearing the army. The stages also affected the A.I. in some way, it was evident with how Orochi acted during the final stages between the stories. In the Samurai scenario he was a ruthless combo freak and could fight smartly and use all of his moveset, compare that to Shu where it plays like a typical Warriors level and he acts stupider there due to relying on his troops more instead of being a worthy final boss.

The stages should keep having this kind of variety, having stages that are unique and fun is always a good thing, even having stages where strategy is key or where brawn is the key and you have double the number of the original variety Warriors Orochi had. Another key thing in regards to the A.I. and the stage types would be the size of the stage and the tactics employeed in it. While classic-type stages could be small, normal sized, big or even huge-ass stages, the one army vs one army stages should range from small to medium, sometimes big if it involves in-building fighting and finally the zerg-rushes should be either big or just plain huge, with an insane amount of NPCS running around. To put it in simpler terms :

I.)Classic Warriors stages

Sizes : Normal(DW5 and before in terms of size)
Time Limit : 90 minutes
Variations :
Brawn : In Brawn scenarios one has to push through a large number of soldiers with just his character’s army against one or more armies. Due to many characters running around at once, the A.I. of the peons is fairly decent while the Generals and Characters have competent A.I., utilising their whole movesets at all times.

Strategy : In Strategy scenarios, the same thing kinda happens but it’s usually part of the character’s army and a lot of traps are laid out throughout the map, forcing the character to meticulously take part in One-on-One battle against Characters in closed fortresses to advance and even disable traps by entering a place only the player can enter and face a deadly general while the troops outside are busy. The stage layout can be either complex or just linear and arcade-y in this situation but the peons are always competent in this situation and the Generals and Characters can have from competent to pretty lethal A.I., not only utilising their whole movesets at all times but also using tricks and advanced techniques the game has, even using Tag Team tactics against the player.

II.)One Vs One stages

Sizes : Small(very small stages, like Jian Ye Castle of Warriors Orochi 1) to Normal
Time Limit : No time limit / infinite time
Variations :
Brawn : In Brawn scenarios one is always alone and has to fight against the enemy forces in a more Arcade style, with waves of enemies and bosses coming through at all times and the stages layout makes use of that. The peons are always extremely competent in this situation and the Generals and Characters can have pretty lethal A.I., not only utilising their whole movesets at all times but also using tricks and advanced techniques the game has, even using Tag Team tactics against the player.

Strategy : In Strategy scenarios, the same thing kinda happens but it’s just the character and a lot of traps are laid out throughout the map, forcing the character to meticulously take part in One-on-One battle against Characters in closed fortresses to advance and even disable traps by entering a place only the player can enter and face a deadly general. The stage layout can be either complex or just linear and arcade-y in this situation, with lots of shortcuts and stage altering gimmicks, some can even be used to thin out the ranks of the enemies. The peons are always extremely competent in this situation and the Generals and Characters can have pretty lethal A.I., not only utilising their whole movesets at all times but also using tricks and advanced techniques the game has, even using Tag Team tactics against the player.

III.)Zerg-Rush stages

Sizes : Big(the average DW8 stage) to Huge(the Lubu stages in DW8XL)
Time Limit : 90 minutes for Brawn, No time limit / Infinite time for Strategy
Variations :
Brawn : It’s pretty much the average scenario that plays out in DW8 massive battles, many large armies collide with each other and the character plows through to win. The A.I. plummets massively in these cases and the peons are pretty stupid and act as suicide corps / cannon fodder while the generals are just fairly stupid and the Characters can range from stupid to competent depending on the scenario, if the character is a stage boss or not. They are very aggressive though and can be exploited. The boss A.I. though is an exception, since in these cases, the boss can appear after all the conditions are fullfiled challenging the player character and the other characters into a 1 against 8 battle, with the boss’s A.I. suddenly skyrocketing to pretty lethal levels, usually reserved for final bosses however it isn’t very common in this case as is in the strategy scenario.

Strategy : The typical Lu Bu stage in DW8XL, choke full of army and strategy managements, having the player again face an unlimited number of peons, general and characters in humongous stages, except this time, strategies exist from both sides to thin your ranks or you enemies ranks, with general-slaying or environmental hazzards accessed by character-slaying or reaching that point first. The A.I. plummets massively in these cases and the peons are pretty stupid and act as suicide corps / cannon fodder while the generals are just fairly stupid and the Characters can range from stupid to competent depending on the scenario, if the character is a stage boss or not. They are very aggressive though and can be exploited. The boss A.I. though is an exception, since in these cases, the boss can appear after all the conditions are fullfiled challenging the player character and the other characters into a 1 against 8 battle, with the boss’s A.I. suddenly skyrocketing to pretty lethal levels, usually reserved for final bosses.

d.)Team Abilities and Stats

Stats in this game are meant to be taken seriously at first and at level 100 they are meant to be seen as something incinsiquential in terms of character differences. At first, characters are shown with differencing stats but by Level 100, the level cap of the game, they all have maxed out all their stats, just like in previous games with limit breaks and such, without needing the “reborn system” of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. The stats and their values listed are as such :

Level : The character’s current level, cap being 100.
Health : The character’s health bar, represented by a light green bar in the stage, reaches maximum lenght at 1000, with max value being 1000 thus 1000 hit points. If using Vitality, the characters of the team can go up to double the values and that’s represent by the gauge having another layer, this time dark green.
Musou : The character’s Musou bar or bars, represented by on long bar below the health bar or a long bar segmented in three below the health bar. The bar is as long as the health bar’s maximum length and the doesn’t have a max value, rather three segments in the Level up chart with all of them unlocked meaning a full musou bar.
Attack : The character’s base attacking power, affects all attacks, maximum value being 1000 but with the ability Potence the maximum value can go up to 2000.
Defence : The character’s defensive power, affects the character’s guard power, hits until tjeir guard breaks and their natural defences against hits(aka how fast the life bar drains), maximum value being 1000 but with the ability Fortitude the maximum value can go up to 2000.
Speed : The character’s running speed, dashing speed and jump height(depending how long it’s held down), maximum value being 1000 but with the ability Impulse the maximum value can go up to 2000. It also affects the Speed class’ Air Dashing speed and distance. Jump height and Air Dashing speed and distance do not go beyond the 1000 mark though.

Team abilities return as well this time and one team can have up to 6 different abilities. Abilities from both Warriors Orochi 1 and Dynasty Warriors 8 come together and now all of them can be raised up to level 20, using the traditional Warriors Orochi method, of fullfilling the requirements from a character each time.


Vitality 体力増加 Increases the team’s life
Potence 攻撃強化 Increases the team’s attack
Fortitude 防御強化 Increases the team’s defense
Impulse 速度上昇 Increases the team’s speed
Cavalier 馬術強化 Increases the team’s attack and defense while mounted and provides horses that vary for each 2 points gained
Karma 運上昇 Increases the chance in finding better weapons and more items on the battlefield
Acclaim 経験値増 Increases experience points gained
Recuperate 待機回復 Increases Health and Musou recovery rate of inactive characters
Recover 回復体力 Gradually regains the member’s life
Refill 回復無双 Gradually regains the member’s Musou
Fellowship 回転攻増 Increases damage inflicted with switch combos for all team members
Burning Spirit 闘志の陽炎 Increases the duration of power-up items
Secret Arts 藤甲秘術 Increases resistance against ranged attacks
Nullification 無明の帳 Increases resistance against elemental attacks
Flying Dragon 飛竜 Can jump while in the middle of any charge attack and do aerial flips easier

e.)Weapon Attributes


Weapon attributes return as well as the classic Weapon System of Warriors Orochi, with forging, 8 weapon attributes slots and the bonus attack added on top of that. The big difference between the normal Warriors Orochi is that now players can sell uneeded weapons for cash / growth points. This time a player can carry up to 10 weapons, the reason being that if Koei wants to, they can put “Mystic Weapons” but they should only be skin changes of the characters 4rth weapons…unless the extra benefit of having them is “remove the boss buffs from the WO original characters”, only then should be allowed to be “better” than the 4rth weapons. As far as weapon attributes go, most of them are lifted directly from Dynasty Warriors 8 since these seem to resonate better with this type of gameplay. Keep in mind that weapon attributes only stack up to 10 and activate only on C-attacks, C-branches, Enhanced Strikes, R skills and S-branches.


Flurry 連撃 Raises damage as combos go up
Aggression 乱撃 Raises damage done by Musou attacks
Velocity 神速 Raises overall attack speed
Chain 連鎖 Increases alloted time to maintain combos
Slash 斬撃 May instantly defeat weaker foes and greatly damage enemy officers
Flash 閃光 Disables enemy’s blocks
Recovery 治癒 Heals the user with each attack
Uplift 高揚 Attacks help fill up the Musou gauge
Desperation 背水 Increases damage in inverse proportion to the user’s life
Reach 伸長 Increases attack range
Flak 破天 Increases damage against airborne enemies
Might 天撃 Increases overall damage
Courage 勇猛 Increases attack strength when fighting enemy officers

f.)Character Changes

Character changes have always been present in the Warriors games and most of the time, they’ve been good, but there have been some glaring examples in how either characters are bad from the start and never got the changes they needed or the changes done to them reflect badly on them and make them a worse character than what they were. Those who come to my mind right now are from all the games, namely Gan Ning, Guan Ping, Sasaki Kojiro, Ishikawa Goemon, Hanzo Hattori,Shin Orochi / Orochi X, Musashibo Benkei, the Twin Qiaos and Sun Wukong / Son Goku.

So first up Gan Ning, the pirate guy. Can anyone explain to me how a guy like this :


to this :


except worse since now he is a whinnier, less wild, Kei-Visual version of himself with a Flail and Chain weapon. Let me run that one more time, a rad surfer-pirate guy with an awesome rasp, a bigass schimitar-streetfighting moveset gets to become a Visual Kei blondie frontman with toned-down attitude and un-piratey weapons? To be fair, his DW6 version is more tolerable since he has twin knives and he could Hyakuretsuken people at times…bottom line is Gan Ning is among those characters in DW that actually became worse than what he was from the start, not more awesome or updated. And his old moveset was one of the most unique back then, if it was updated to day it would be just that more awesome. Not to mention, the guy was the fastest character in DW,he was the Fuma Koutaro of DW, except he was a pirate instead of a ninja. If they would never got back to that moveset, at least they should give him his twin knives back and use the Toukiden moveset, since that is really an awesome moveset.

Next up is Guan Ping, the (adopted) Son of the God of War…the Guan Yu one that is. While Guan Ping’s visual design isn’t a problem, his biggest fault lies in how his character is treated in the whole story after DW5 and how his moveset too such a huge dent that he became “generic big sword wielder #745845687346” instead of being “Slab Swordsmaster #2″(first being Guts of course). Look at his old moveset from DW5 and the first Warriors Orochi :

and now compare it to his current moveset :

Yeah, a bit of a heavy downgrade. Guan Ping used to be the guy whose strenght didn’t exactly come from his muscle mass but from his overall technique with the sword. The way Guan Ping fought seemed like he used to exploit his sword’s weight instictively, using the weight and constant center-of-weight shifts that happen with each hit to not only crush his opponents but also cut them up. Something that Guts does as well…and Guts’ VA was Guan Ping’s VA in a ROT3K drama cd…yeah…<_< Considering the martial arts / Wu Shu background of the DW games, him returning to that moveset and having it updated will be a great service and a first step to get his character be as good as his original DW5 appearance…possibly have back his romance with Xingcai as well? 🙂

Next up is Samurai Micheal Jackson, aka Sasaki Kojiro…not much needs to be changed honestly, just have his "Demon Dimensional Sword" schtick ditched and have his C-branches replaced by various variations of actual Ganryu-style moves, while have his Tsubame Gaeshi be a Tsubame Gaeshi…not some shockwave producer. You know, have Kojiro be cool, just like he was in his SW movie against Musashi.

So, let’s talk Goemon. You know, the famous “Iga Ninja runaway”, the guy who is heralded as the “Robin Hood of Japan”. So, how does one make this guy interesting, awesome and keep his Kabuki attitude intact?


I wish! Samurai Warriors got this :


That is really sad. And the concept art was even worse, something like a mutant frog with a fat disorder and a canon made out of mukus or something extra weird like that, god knows what that concept picture looks like(can be found in Warriors Orochi). So, Goemon is fatso coward with a canon strapped on back and a mace…yeah…that leads me to believe that KOEI doesn’t exactly have good ideas for Goemon- OH WAIT! Goemon has already been featured in two other games :


That’s pretty awesome, it’s Goemon from Toukiden…wait…is that Alexander the Great? ^_-

Nobunaga's Ambition

And that’s his Nobunaga’s ambition self…why did Samurai Warriors got stuck with the lardass guy anyway, he wasn’t popular enough to be in the 2nd or 3rd Samurai Warriors, god knows he returned in the 4rth just because his moveset existed in Warriors Orochi and a “new character” should be added. Koei already showed two great concepts of him via these other two titles, its not hard to copy them. And don’t tell me they can’t, they already have Keiji from Hana no Keiji and just give him a blonde wig because they know that if he looks like this :

Toukiden Keiji

He’ll be a dead givaway…oh, it already happened in Toukiden. Yeah, if I start dragging in other Samurais that look like other characters or get Toukiden costumes that make them look like other characters, it’ll take too long, bottom line is, change Goemon from the ground up, Koei, you have already two awesome interpetations of him already, use them and make the poor guy some awesome weapon, fit for a bandit-ninja…how about some talons?

I’m just sayin’. 😀

Hanzo’s pretty easy, he just needs to get a better moveset for his weapon…Jia Xu and Gan Ning in the 7nth DW got a better one than him and Jia Xu got it even better in the 8th…since Hanzo’s a ninja as well, why not something like this :

Just sayin’.

Shin Orochi / Orochi X needs very few adjustments, namely either a a far more menacing and speedier version of his Scythe moveset or just dual scythes and entirely different moves, just something a bit more that “I’m just a white haired Orochi” to gurantee him an actual playable spot. Very easy stuff. And he, as well as Orochi, should be voiced by the greatest man ever, as all proper villains should be.

Norio Wakamoto

Next up is Benkei. So this guy was supposed to be the Archer of the Orochi series…guess that’s Suwabi Junichi lends his voice to the dude, doesn’t help that in his original magazine screenshots he was surrounded by fields of blades.


Needless to say this turned out to be a disaster since his gimmick was pretty crappy. Though his moveset is quite original and unique as it seems, people don’t seem to bother with it much. Apart from fixing his gimmick, I wasn’t really thinking of how much better Benkei could be, but it seems I have found something. First, changing his appearance more to his Toukiden self :


He should keep the awesome scar though and be as happy as he is now but he should get a far more unique moveset that is kinda reminiscent of the Samurai Warriors 2’s Normal moveset, except with more Charge branches so that he can use more weapons from other characters. Kinda like two certain characters from another Musou game that incorporate the whole “Archer” idea much better…

Yeah kinda like that, starting perhaps with no weapons and then have his Square moveset incorpote moves from other players, sometimes two moves at once with two different weapons or even have Benkei whip out his own unique and favourite weapon and for his C-branches having different weapon or weapons each, giving him an some sort of “Universal” character feel. Of course that would pose a problem for his weapons and their skins so my thought on that would be that instead of all weapons changing skins, they should be always be the 3rd weapon skins, as these seem to be the ones that appear during cutscenes, while either his gloves(or some other important part of his garb changes as his “Weapon”) or just have his unique weapon only change. He could adopt the Naginata moveset from Toukiden and spice it up to the maximum, how about that?

And finally, Sun Wukong or Son Goku if you prefer, himself. The guy has way too many problems in this series more than anyone else. However, his mannerisms, japanese VA(Koyama Rikiya), the C-branches where he extends his Nyoibo and his Kinto’Un are done spot on. A large part of his moveset though, his story and ties in the story as well as how his character gets to proggress is pretty horrible…not to mention his design. Koei has done a far better design for Goku throughout the years, even Monkey King design is better there.

Son Goku

Yeah, that Goku seems far better and he handles himself better. What’s exiting about Goku himself(not the DB version in this case) is that the dude is a prankster at heart but also a master of the stick. When DW8 Zhou Yu does you moveset better, there’s a problem.

Koei can easily outdo this moveset, especially if they add more elemental “tricks” not just Zhou Yu’s comet drops and more variations of the infinitely extending Nyoibo would be good. Another that can make Goku completely unique is to have him summon the Magic Cloud Kinto’Un instead of a horse, making him the fastest character in the game. As for story, have him be a completely rogue agent in the story kinda like the “good version” of Fuuma Koutaro’s Chaos. Like, the dude usually allies with the good guys and plays pranks on evil dudes alone but never does anything seriously, unless Sanzang comes into play. If they want to put int Nezha / Nataku and the other mystics, have him be indiferent at least or always side with the humans at best, since the guy may be “monkeying around” but he is always human. And it could serve as a great way to have the mystics paint him as evil in the story, even his ally mystics with them going “how can a being like you be like the humans” and the whole assorted biggotry that came as baggage throughout the novel, fiction etc.

And that’s pretty much it for this one. Have a good one everybody and see you next time. 🙂

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