20 years of gaming – closure to a chapter of my life and the loop.

Time to get a little personal for this occasion.

So, this December, in some days to be exact, I got my first video game console, my first taste of video games and played my first game with my brother. Needles to say it was a blast and through trial and error, frustration and accomplisment, anger and happyness, cursing and praising, I was hooked to that magical world for life. It’s a really joyous ride and that game is still among my favourites.

The first game

However, it seems that part of this ride ends this year. Just like those great and complex rides you have in these grand theme parks, it must end sometime. And I’ve got to say, 20 years…is a long time for a medium like this. It’s a shame but unfortunately the world of video games has become like that of music, tv, comics and worst of all, cinema / Holywood. It pains me greatly that what was once a great and interesting medium, full of quirks and experiences you couldn’t find anywhere else, actually having you interact with your dreams and phantasy worlds has been compromised to such a degree that they have to appeal to people outside of their target audience, people devoid of imagination, creative thinking, a gluttony for adventure and a thirst for actual challenge. It’s suh a shame.

I originally wanted this article to come later this month but the news today drilled the final nails to this coffin :

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Runs On The Unreal Engine 4

Final Fantasy VII Remake Details On Its Action, Midgar Exploration, And Cross-Dressing

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A “Multi-Part Series”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t Completely Action-Based, Says Yoshinori Kitase

Nobuo Uematsu Isn’t Working On The Final Fantasy VII Remake

To put it simply, the one remaining hope I had for the Next generation…or rather the current, 8th generation of consoles has vanished forever. And in such a disgraceful manner. To keep it short, all I wanted was to have a better Crisis Core with the new game engines SE developed back then so it could come out in 2017 and complete the Compilation as it was intended to do. It seems this isn’t going to be the case anymore. This is the straw that made not board the new train for video games. No, this time I’m going to backtrack. And when I’m done I’ll keep looping back and forth.

Going back

Hey though, for what it’s worth, 2015 was the last hoorah for me and it wasn’t a whimper. Like the Dreamcast, it was a Sonic boom that I’m still hearing. For all it’s faults, at least we got games like Senran Kagura 2, Phantasy Star Online 2 / PS Nova, Ryu Ga Gotoku 0, Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, Blade Arcus from Shining EX, Tokyo Xanadu, Onechanbara Z2 : Chaos, Transformers Devastation and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. And while technically not in 2015 but of Winter 2015, Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis. This seems like a glorious close to that chase of new games and consoles. I started with a tokusatsu game, I end with a tokusatsu game that’s suppossed to start and end everything in its own storyline.

Despite that, the old games and consoles aren’t going anywhere, thankfully. It’s time to finally devote to that backlog I have built over the years and get back to replaying all of my favourite games after I’m done with that…and they are quite a lot. While the ride may have ended, it’s is infinitely loop-able and I intend to loop it…to infinity. And beyond. Like that one song says “I’m always here”. Indeed. They are always here. Game on people. Be they old or new, next-gen or old school, game on.

Have a good one everyobdy, cheers. 🙂

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