Sekiro and the question of good game design

Honestly, this is something I wanted to speak about for quite a while and it’s not going to be about how the new FroSoft being hacks or any derogatory rants about the Souls series or anything like that. I did it for months and it doesn’t help, especially since the problem is something else when it comes to Sekiro. I’m not a fan of the Soulsborne series, even though I do like Demon’s Souls and liked it for its sense of a knight facing off against Lovecraftian entities into what I can only call a 3D Castlevania experience but with Berserk references instead of JoJo ones. Before we move on, I’ll say this : it’s a shame that people don’t credit Demon’s as much and only default to Dark Souls, given it was more casual, more accessible and more distributed game so the masses and more importantly the figureheads they annex and follow, be they journalists or another type of public figure like a Wiki moderator or a youtuber or even a streamer, attribute to it those ideas and influence while making it the superstar it is today, for reasons that weren’t exactly the focus of Demon’s Souls. Bloodborne was a good direction though, I’ll give them that. Sekiro is very unique though, because it’s tainted by the very DNA of a series people believed for almost an entire console generation, if not more, that it is the height of gaming design and of a good, challenging hard game when it is this very same Dark Soul that holds back a very decent action game with ninjas, both in ideas an execution.
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Random Ramblings Vol.20 : Fire Emblem Musou

“So how about a Fire Emblem Musou huh? Team Ninja and Omega Force working together on Hyrule Warriors only is a sin, therefore they should team up again for a Fire Emblem Musou with the blessings of Ninty. This time however, the musou should feature completely original characters for obvious reasons!.”
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Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave II – Elaboration on character movesets

This post exists to list in detail the changes I’d do / would have to be done to make the characters far more viable and more enjoyable in a hypothetical Tales of the Heroes : Twin Brave II game, just so that I don’t clutter my original post.

The basic gist of this series of posts is to list is to mend some movesets and arte set-ups to offer a very wide variety of playstyles, these signified by a “Technical” and “Strike” arte and weapon set-up. Some characters will have unique names for those set-ups but the idea is universal. Also, they should fix the models to properly form fists when holding weapons, the models for fists exist since Cless does have a proper fist when he punches for the Senkuureppa. Not to mention, some characters are quite lower key compared to their more modern incarnations, some guys just need to Stahn it up way more than now.

List of pages :

Part 1 : Phantasia – Destiny 2
Part 2 : Symphonia – Abyss
Part 3 : Tempest – Vesperia
Part 4 : Hearts – Zestiria

Taking it back.

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Random Ramblings Vol.19 : Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave – Elaborations and Additions

This time I’ll talk about how to make TotHTB more…Tales-like. Now these additions I’m gonna list aren’t really to make the game better per se(it won’t make it worse) but it would give it a feeling that it belongs to the series and takes notes from its games. Those could also be used for a hypothetical sequel. Continue reading