Dissidia Final Fantasy announced

Remember a few years back, where I linked to those articles?



Guess what? A 3rd Dissidia isn’t so impossible after all. If we can get it to be on both the PSP and the PSN for every other SONY console availiable.



Oh yes, this is totally happening. While I’m definitely jumping unto the hype train, I should first tell the facts at least. In this years JAEPO(Japan Amusement Expo) over at…Chiba I believe(?)…Square Enix announced among other things, that Dissidia is getting revived and is hitting the arcades. Here is the teaser trailer for it.

From the trailer alone, some gameplay changes have been made, most notable that the game now allows 3v3 fights a la Super Robot Taisen OG : Infinite Battle…or a more roided out Gundam Vs Gundam style of brawl. And a new character was added, from XIV from what I have read up online.

The greatest thing however : it’s on the arcades. This way, direct feedback and a first hand playtest of the game are enacted and developers are more tune with that kind of thing in Japan rather than online surveys and sales numbers from hit franchises(Capcom and Bandai-Namco don’t count, they are shunned for life by everyone), especially in the fighting community. This, along with Gundam Vs Gundam Extreme Versus and the Zenkai Battle Royale game can potentially rekindle an interest into this fighting-brawling genre in the arcades and finally come to our consoles once again. 🙂

Have a good one everybody. 🙂 😀