Playstation Portable and the games that could have been

It’s no secret by now that I have a bias towards the PSP, sony’s first portable system that has reached its 10 years on the market as of now. The reason for that is because the PSP, just like Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, focused on developing a strong console without gimmicks for the developers to focus on making good games.

Just like the GBA game me Mega Man Zero series, the Castlevanias it had and a lot of good fighters in the forms of the Street Fighter re-releases and awesome Dragon Ball games, it also made new and fresh games that would become fan favourites like the Boktai series, the Mega Man Battle Networks and some excellent Strategy-RPGs like the Fire Emblems and the Super Robot Taisen revival series, the PSP also had great games on it. It impacted me even more though because a lot of the games on the PSP were dreams coming true for me, with the Dissidia series, Ys 7 and its spawns, the newest Super Robot Taisen games reviving old IPs, some excellent Hunting games and some of the best anime games to be put on the market.

The tl;dr version of all this dribble is : the PSP had almost all the games I desired, therefore uber based towards it.

Now that its cycle has ended in the market and everybody jumped on the Vita…yeah…I’d like to throw around ideas that take advantage of the hardware since I believe that, like the PS3, it can still be pushed futher before being completely abandoned. And my greatest proofs are games that came towards its end and still had room to push it, like God Eater 2. So look forward to a new series of posts regarding the games I always wanted to make for it(and one or two changes to some previous articles). 🙂 You can find the posts I’ve made and will make here.

Have a good one everybody. 😀

GARO : Makai no Hana

Dear Bandai Namco Games, please re-aquire the GARO license so that you can make another game with the GARO characters. We are very content if it is a fighting game. You want ideas, but also how to have it be cheap for you and good for us? Don’t worry, Banpresto is always there to make something like the first game that was made.

Or you can hire DreamFactory and ask them to make it more like Toshinden War Budokai.

(Come on, this is practically GARO on crack!)

Sincerely, all of the GARO fans.

New format for the gaming documents + New category

So, I found that the lenght of these documents messes the background and if I exceed a certain amount of words in one post or page, the site gets really messy…on Mozilla at least(I use IE and Mozilla). Therefore, slowly and steadily, I’ll create new pages that have one category of contents from the original document and link the table of contents to those new pages, while the original document page will become a parent page for these new ones. The conversion started with Tokusatsu Eiyuden.

Apart from that, I’m creating a new category for post, the “Games to remember” category where I’ll write about old games I remember and what can be done to have them be released again, one way or another, as a downloadable title / remastered digital release / full blown remake. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia that’s gonna hit you.

Not quite done yet! + Summer games!

Yeah, summer came and went, seems like the heat doesn’t let one be creative enough…or brave enough to post without it seeming like work. 😀

Anyway, not done yet with this, if the blog gets to survive this year too, it will probably be closed during Summer and Easter hollidays as well as Christmass, but the rest of year, granted things aren’t suffocating, it’s going to be back to the regular posting schedule…that is if I had one. 😉 :p

Anyway, hollidays were nice, this summer was pretty nice…it was nice all around.


Now…let’s talk about games.

…Ironically…I didn’t play as many games as any other year, mainy had to do with me re-organizing my files and folders…along with my rooms. Sounds stupid, but when you are away for quite a while, things can get hectic when you go back home and see the mess you left.

The ones I did play though were mostly finishing of stuff and just one new game I still haven’t finished.

Rurouni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Kansei

So far I’m liking it a real lot. Also played the demo versions of God Eater 2 and Toukiden, the new Hunting games from Bandai Namco and KOEI TECMO, both really good so far.

An introduction to the Serial ”Killer” series

Among the years many video game series had either run their natural course or just ended prematurely for a number of reasons that were either never brought up or simply time forgot. Some of them though have come back from the dead and made some great, if not amazing games, when they returned, like the Shinobi PS2 game, Ninja Gaiden for XBOX, Metroid Prime and Kid Icarus to name a few of those that returned and rocked the house. In these blog entries I’ll provide info about the series that are ”dead” in fair detail, reminescence about them and oftentimes I’ll offer my piece of hopefull thinking for them. Hope you enjoy.

A welcoming introduction

Hello and welcome to this blog, A Certain Gaming Haven!

I’m just an avid gamer that wants to vent his creativity at a blog. The rest is pretty much boring everyday stuff…wait…the first one also classifies as that! Eh, what can one do? Anyway, the rest of my dribble will be the game genres I like, since it will be less work than listing the games I like; Action, Action-Adventure, Stealth Simulation, Mecha Simulation, RPG, Action RPG, Strategy RPG, Stylish Action and Fighting games and every mixing with these genres and their subgenres[Hack’n’Slash, 3D Fighting, 2D Fighting etc].

I’m relatively new to blogging but not that new in game designing and hope that, one day, at least one of them makes it in proper game format. If not, I’m pretty happy with venting out my creativity that usually comes in the forms of games.

The blog will be mainly for the games I have come to “develop” over time and posts about how I feel regarding certain things,mostly quirks, about the game industry but from time to time you can expect posts that may surprise you[they will mostly have to do with games still].

So, once again, welcome and I hope to talk to you all soon.