New format for the gaming documents + New category

So, I found that the lenght of these documents messes the background and if I exceed a certain amount of words in one post or page, the site gets really messy…on Mozilla at least(I use IE and Mozilla). Therefore, slowly and steadily, I’ll create new pages that have one category of contents from the original document and link the table of contents to those new pages, while the original document page will become a parent page for these new ones. The conversion started with Tokusatsu Eiyuden.

Apart from that, I’m creating a new category for post, the “Games to remember” category where I’ll write about old games I remember and what can be done to have them be released again, one way or another, as a downloadable title / remastered digital release / full blown remake. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia that’s gonna hit you.

A welcoming introduction

Hello and welcome to this blog, A Certain Gaming Haven!

I’m just an avid gamer that wants to vent his creativity at a blog. The rest is pretty much boring everyday stuff…wait…the first one also classifies as that! Eh, what can one do? Anyway, the rest of my dribble will be the game genres I like, since it will be less work than listing the games I like; Action, Action-Adventure, Stealth Simulation, Mecha Simulation, RPG, Action RPG, Strategy RPG, Stylish Action and Fighting games and every mixing with these genres and their subgenres[Hack’n’Slash, 3D Fighting, 2D Fighting etc].

I’m relatively new to blogging but not that new in game designing and hope that, one day, at least one of them makes it in proper game format. If not, I’m pretty happy with venting out my creativity that usually comes in the forms of games.

The blog will be mainly for the games I have come to “develop” over time and posts about how I feel regarding certain things,mostly quirks, about the game industry but from time to time you can expect posts that may surprise you[they will mostly have to do with games still].

So, once again, welcome and I hope to talk to you all soon.