A rant about Warriors Orochi 4 – How potential can be utterly wasted

You know it’s getting harder and harder to be a fan of the series when one realises that my dumb ass has better ideas for a game than the game’s actual makers. Continue reading

We Need A Sequel Vol.02 : Over Zenith / OZ : The Sword of Etheria

And thus I demand, a sequel for Over Zenith / OZ : The Sword of Etheria!
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Games to remember – Vol.02 : Over Zenith / OZ : The Sword of Etheria

Now that gaming has reached the height of its stupidity here in the west, I decided to look back at the old titles we brought over from Japan only to find this game, Over Zenith…made me remember a lot of things about it.
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TOP 10 Manga,Anime and Tokusatsu that need videogame adaptions – #02 : Tekkaman Blade I & II

Time to talk about the Tekkaman Blade series.

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