Taking it back.

I’ve had it. From monkey pawing my own ideas, designs and wishes to haveing actually good games come out(remasters don’t count Vanquish, you were always awesome), I still won’t give console devs money but I’ll be damned if I don’t see hidden dreams and wishes come true with a few new games that came out, like Nier Automata. But mark my words, no games will make me change my mind about the consoles. Continue reading

Not quite done yet! + Summer games!

Yeah, summer came and went, seems like the heat doesn’t let one be creative enough…or brave enough to post without it seeming like work. 😀

Anyway, not done yet with this, if the blog gets to survive this year too, it will probably be closed during Summer and Easter hollidays as well as Christmass, but the rest of year, granted things aren’t suffocating, it’s going to be back to the regular posting schedule…that is if I had one. 😉 :p

Anyway, hollidays were nice, this summer was pretty nice…it was nice all around.


Now…let’s talk about games.

…Ironically…I didn’t play as many games as any other year, mainy had to do with me re-organizing my files and folders…along with my rooms. Sounds stupid, but when you are away for quite a while, things can get hectic when you go back home and see the mess you left.

The ones I did play though were mostly finishing of stuff and just one new game I still haven’t finished.

Rurouni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Kansei

So far I’m liking it a real lot. Also played the demo versions of God Eater 2 and Toukiden, the new Hunting games from Bandai Namco and KOEI TECMO, both really good so far.