Serial ”Killer” Vol.06 : Seiken Densetsu / Mana

Today’s topic : Seiken Densetsu or as it’s know in the western regions,Mana.

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Random Ramblings Vol.07 : Extreme repetition is bad!

This time, I’m going to ramble a bit…for real. This time the subject is about the theme of repetition in game series. The main offenders I’m thinking of are CounterGearsOfHonourMadden8000++! and to a lesser extend though not as much, PokeMon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and the Warrirors series. Yes, I know, I’m prepared to die by rapid fans as I write this.
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Random Ramblings Vol.05 : Visual Novels for Portable systems and ports to them!

Oh, god I know I’m gonna get killed now. But before that, please hear me out. This is not a post about Visual Novels or VNs being ported to consoles, portable or not, it’s about very certain VNs that can be ported or didn’t get ported and the fans are left wondering why.
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