The Ascension of Cthulu

Game Project

The Ascension of Cthulu

Platform : PSP /Nintendo 3DS
Genre : Extreme Combat[Stylish Action]/Action Role Playing Game/Visual Novel

Extra Features : Media Install [250Mb,500Mb,700Mb]
Custom Music Folder enabled(100 different files)
Extra save file for In-Game Wallpapers and GC Pictures[Can be saved on the PSP’s Images file.]

Game play :

Being an Extreme Combat[Stylish Action] game,the game focuses on the playable character using stylish moves and skills to defeat his powerful opponents and enemies.As an Action Role Playing Game the character’s presented with levels and stats that affect his battle prowess along with his weapons.The story is told by voice-text bubbles and artwork of the characters and sometimes with CG pictures like in Visual Novels.Sho and Sousuke have an arsenal of weapons, styles of wielding them and executing various moves with them.The player is presented with the choice of creating his own fighting style by putting moves to the button inputs at the combo menu.The game is fully 3D and features many places for exploration and a plethora of moves and storytelling.The game also features the ability to save everywhere,except when battling a boss character.The controls of this game can be changed,but the default set is :

Controls List[PSP / Nintendo 3DS] :

D-Pad / SLide Pad : moves character/highlights menu choices
Analog Nub / D-Pad : moves character/highlights menu choices
X button / B Button : Jump Button/Cancel options at the menu screens
Circle button / A Button : Dodge Button/Confirms options at the menu screens/Action Trigger[Speak,open doors etc.]
Square button / Y Button : Attack Button/shows information at the menu screens
Triangle button / X Button : Skills button/save shortcut at the menu screens,but not speech
R button : Readies stances[Keep holding for effect,when in stance the camera is fixed on the player’s line of view]/pick a target[pressed twice in a rapid manner]/adjusts camera[when pressed just once]/switch targets[only when in stance.]
L button : Guard[Keep holding to hold guard other wise it’s quick guard,also centers camera behind the player when guarding.]
Start : Pauses the game and brings up menu screens.
Select : Brings up the map screen with the current objective along with the choice of changing characters,skills and weapons[a la Ninja Gaiden II].

* Except for the start and select button,all the buttons are used for reaction commands.

Combination Buttons/Advanced Controls :

L + D-Pad/Analog Nub / : Evasive Manoeuvre
L + X/Circle/Square/Triangle Button / L + A/B/Y/X Button : Shortcut commands
R + L[At the same time] : Transformation/Trance/God Change etc
R button twice quickly : Lock-on target[you enter stance but the camera behaves differently]
Square + Circle / Y + A [After certain conditions] : Extreme Style Attack
L + Triangle Button / L + X Button : Skill toggle button

– Movement : The basic movement of the characters is simply running,however when they keep running for 30 seconds,continuously they enter “sprint mode”,where they run faster.Useful for world traveling.At some point of the game the main character[Sho] and others will receive an upgrade that allow them to run at ground-breaking speeds,effectively traveling along the world map in minutes instead of hours of running,or having to use other means of transport.It can be used by double pressing the D-Pad/Analog Nub in the direction the player wants.When Anemos and Keravnos are sonic running,they emit a wind barrier and a lightning trail respectively.

– Jump : The basic jump for all characters is just a high jump,however if a character jumps when in sprint mode they’ll jump further but at the cost of overall height.During the super sonic speed mode,if the player jumps,the resulting jump will be enough to cross more distance than the sprint jump and higher than the normal jump.The player can also do a sort of “dodge jump”.If the player suddenly stops while running[any kind of running and that happens by pressing the d-pad/analog nub in the opossite direction the player is running] and presses the X button.Then,the player does a very artistic jump in the oposite direction,with almost 1.5 the height and lenght a normal jump covers.

– Dodge : Dodging is simply a standing dodge[a sidestep for example,not exaggerated stunts],but if a direction is given the resulting dodge will change[example : forward + dodge = forward dive,back + dodge = back flip].You can dodge when running and also when attacking to avoid staggers and damage.It can be used as a cancel for more combos.But after a successful dodge[pretty difficult]everything will slow down by 90% while the camera will turn around showing the player angles and places to escape.Sometimes during this sequence a button may be required to be pressed to escape or to dodge in a unique matter[example : you successfully dodge a projectile and enter dodge sequence.The attack button pops up and demands that you continue mashing it to some extend to reflect the projectiles].The standing dodge has a long cooldown and it better be used wisely because the player can get into big trouble.The running dodge doesn’t have that problem,but slows the movement[running] for a second[basically,it’s the running dodge’s cooldown].The player can also execute a dodge move while in the air.[These are on the spot dodges.]

– Attack : Attacks are basically combo strings[s-string]that the player can do with different button inputs.Different weapons result in different attacks,but all weapons have the same button inputs for combos.The player is not limited to one kind of combo though.While there are some standard combos,the player can change them,not the button sequence but the animation and attacks with some restrictions.A player cannot use the same move twice in a row,however the same move pattern[pattern is two different attack moves in a row] can used more than once in a combo.Also the player cannot use different weapon attacks in the same combo unless he gets the “freestyle combo scroll” equipment.While players can do running attacks with all kinds of weapons they cannot always do sprint attacks with all the weapons.Only some of them have it.Sometimes at the end of the combo a reaction sequence is possible.Also when the opponent is low on health,at the end of a combo a “finisher reaction” sequence will start.The difference between this and a normal reaction sequence is that it’s used mainly for aesthetics and style and even extra bonuses[see more below] if it succeeds,while a normal reaction sequence is for additional damage at the end of a combo.The combo inputs are these :

Shorthands : Square = S,Pause = _,Towards the enemy = ^,Away from the enemy = v,Repeated use of attacks = CRAZY S

3)S,S,S,^S,_,^S,S [Has to be unlocked,level 2]
4)S,vS,_,vS,S,^S,CRAZY S [Has to be unlocked,level 2]
5)S,_,^S,S,S,vS,_,CRAZY S [Has to be unlocked,level 3]
6)S,^S,S,^S,_,^S,CRAZY S [Has to be unlocked,level 3]
7)S,vS,S,^S,S,S [Has to be unlocked,level 4]
8)S,S,S,S,CRAZY S,CRAZY S [Has to be unlocked,level 4]
9)* While running * S,S[If the player keeps attacking it will link to one of the above combos,EX : running S,S –> Combo 1 immediately](Pre-set)
10)* While on air,after you jump * S,S,S,S,S,S(Pre-set)
SP)* While sonic sprinting * S(Pre-set)
SP2)* Combo Canceling to aerial combos also exists but they are preset moves and must be unlocked by a certain ability.These combos are :

*After you send the opponent away and press X to follow him*
air2)S,S,vS,S,^S,CRAZY S(Pre-set)
air4)S,S,S,S,CRAZY S,CRAZY S(Pre-set)

* All combos can be interrupted by a skill command,even at the end of the combo.Also some skills have an extension with their respective weapon if at the correct time the player does CRAZY S.The elementals can chain their special attacks ith their combos.The preset ones cannot be changed.

~ If the player messes up the combo he is doing by pressing the wrong buttons,instead of stopping the combo will immidiatelly revert to [the rest of] combo 1.

Each weapon[and the bare handed] has a total of 20 customisable moves,that 4 of them apply only to CRAZY S while the rest apply to the normal S-String[S,^S,vS].Some weapons copy movesets since there is not much difference between them,still they count as different due to the difference in elements and some stats[such as speed and power] along with difference in form and reach.The mains are able to use all of the moves.Some can be used only by specific characters.

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable only by Atalanta]

1)A vertical slash.Atalanta leans a bit to perform it,putting her right foot forward without moving from her spot.
2)A horizontal slash.Atalanta leans a bit to perform it,putting her left foot forward without moving from her spot.
3)A diagonal slash,from right to left and from up,down.Atalanta leans a bit to perform it,slightly turning her body.
4)A spining slash.Atalanta moves forward on foot while doing a spining motion[from right to left] and slashing.
5)Atalanta puts her right foot forward and she will do a thrust with both hands at the center in front of her.Atalanta moves a bit after this.[Left foot comes forward.]
6)A thrust.Atalanta leans,putting her left foot in front and uses her left hand to make a thrust.After the move she resets back to her position.
7)An vertical overhead sweep.While executing Atalanta moves forward a bit,leaning while doing it.
8)A diagonal spining slash.It’s like 3),but Atalanta spins and moves forward by a foot.
9)A double strike.Atalanta hits the enemy with the enemy with a slash using her right hand only.After that she immidiately grabs the sword with both hands and moves in,doing a digonal,upward from the left to the right slash.
10)Atalanta does a double horizontal strike.She first sweeps to the left and then hops doing a right sweep with moving.
Crazy 1)Atalanta does a continuous spinning move ending with all the force gathered at the tip of the sword,unleashing it the moment the sword hits the ground after the final strike.
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Atalanta]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon,Ares]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Unique : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Two-Handed Sword
Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable only by Drakos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Drakos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon,Ares]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Unique : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable only by Keravnos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Keravnos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon,Ares]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Unique : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable only by Anemos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Anemos]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon,Ares]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Unique : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable only by Gaia,Ares]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Gaia]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Unique : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

True form : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S(Since it’s five different weapons, it has a total of 100 moves)[Usable by the Okeanos’s family respective weapons and Ares[Spears]]

Spears :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Tonfas :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Naginata :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

San-tetsu-kon :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Nunchackus :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Light and Dark : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by Cthulu/Leon]

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Base : 20 moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S[Usable by all](Joanna has 20 more)(The mains,Ares,Drakos,Anemos[Both] and Cthulu/Leon also have 20 more moves,4 exclusive to CRAZY S,after a certain secret event.)

Normal :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Extra[Shura Ken Ryu] :

Crazy 1)
Crazy 2)
Crazy 3)
Crazy 4)

Preset Combos :

* Reactions : Reactions are only accessible at the end of some combos[later,the moves will list if they’re able to connect to a reaction if they’re at the end of a combo].Reactions,can be leveled up too for damage increase and rise of critical chances.Apart from the ones only accessible in Shinka,there are eight different reactions total,4 normal and 4 finisher.Finisher reactions are enabled only when an enemy has one life bar remaining or/and less,or even if he’s dead at the end of a reaction,a finisher reaction is enabled.If a player can execute it correctly,he will receive more experience than normal in everything,along higher chances of unlocking more/better moves for a weapon[random](Once the player has everything,this stops).The normal reaction commands require the player to press the button that is displayed in real-time during the sequence.In Finisher and Shinka/Apotheosized reactions,time freezes and the player is presented with 10 buttons[always random] he must press before the gauge below the buttons depletes itself.

Normal :

Normal 1 : Throw an uppercut at blinding speed and follow the enemy in the air,only to smack them to the ground again.

Normal 2 : By executing fast melee attacks that seem like a horizontal cartwheel motion,do moderate damage.

Normal 3 : Do an axe kick and then do a high axe kick to deal damage to the opponent.

Normal 4 : By using your ultimate weapon,do a powerful slash.[Varies depending on the user.](Joanna uses her own hands.)

Finisher :

Finisher 1 : Throw a powerful straight punch at the enemy at blinding speed and before he can go away,unleash a power wave to blast him to oblivion.

Finisher 2 : Summon an ethereal katana and an ethereal sword to unleash a Dimension Cross Slasher Attack.[Unusable by Joanna.]

Finisher 3 : Using all of your strength,run your fists through the enemy.

Finisher 4 : Unleash your energy in a massive blast of energy that will send the enemy away from the Earth,blasting him to his doom.[Unusable by Joanna.]

Apotheosized Mode/Shinka Reactions[Only usable by the mains,Ares and Cthulu/Leon.] :

Apotheosized Million Strike Nightmare[Reaction Part]
After the opponent flinches,you throw him far away.Once you catch up with him,you stomp him on the ground,to land,and crack the earth.Then,after multiplying yourself until there’s four of you,you slowly start the combo that ends with a blurry of strikes[mostly punches] and at 995 you punch the enemy to the air and as he is about to land,all four of you hit him in four different directions.Then as if time has stopped,the clones return to the original body,and you deliver a flashy punch that sends the opponent flying with such force,he destroys the mountains on his way.When there are no more mountains,the sun is seen and japanese letters appear telling the name of the attack,while time stays still.Then the player does a pose and a huge explosion coming from the sun,engulfs everything in a white light.

Hadou : Suzaku Hyaku Retsu Shen[Reaction Part]
After your opponent flinches,you create flaming spears out of your hands and start stabbing the enemy ruthlessly.The final strike is a cross-slash that burns the opponent,causing him to explode.After the last slash the player is far away from the enemy with his back facing him.As he rises the enemy in midair start exploding.

After your opponents flinch,you fly and start gathering energy.By crossing your arms you gather divine energy that appears as four orbs.Once you have gathered enough,you unleash it and the energy creates a hole in the sky.From the hole a huge energy wave falls on the enemies and in the center of all this you see a small universe created,only to explode and deal enormous extra damage to your opponents.

Shura : Souryu Kougeki Reppa
After your enemy flinches,you start gathering your strength which results in a slight bulk-up.Then you start hitting your opponent with punches that crack the earth and kicks that split the sky in two.After some fierce hits,you smash the enemy and throw several punches until you lift him from the ground.Then,you give him an uppercut that sends him flying.To finish him up,you follow him,covered with energy and run him through,while the camera zooms out to reveal a trail of energy that resembles a huge dragon swallowing the sun.The screen freezes and japanese letters tell the name of the attack.Time then resumes,the dragon is gathered in the enemy and as a result,a huge explosion ensues.

Ultra Void Cross-Cannon
After your opponents flinch,you fly and start gathering energy.Then you gather the energy in your hands and form a ball.You drop the ball and as it hits the Earth,a massive explosion occurs that gradually gets bigger,big enough to swallow everything in the universe…

Great Astral Blade
After the enemies flinch,you create a magnificent sword out of thin air and charge at your enemies with insane speed.After cutting them up a few times you unleash a massive slash wave that lifts them in the air,only to be slashed more by you.Time stops and the screen zooms out to show that the pattern you sliced your enemies was an Elder Sign.After “opening” the Pentagram with your sword,it becomes a flamming bird that engulfs you.You then charge at your enemies,that fell in one spot,and ram at them.A large ball of black energy,with magic spells written starts to disort space around the area when suddenly you break out of the sphere,causing it to explode and kill your enemies.

Saikyo-To : ZangetsuKen : Karyuuzan Renbu
After the opponent flinches,time stops and you draw an ethereal sword from the void.Then while chanting the name of the move,the frame freezes ocassionally to reveal japanese letters that say the name of the move.When the opponent is slashed,the last part of the move is yelled with the leters appearing in the same manner as above.The opponent explodes and the screen goes white,while you return to the battlefield.

Super Darkness Destruction Cannon[Chou Yamisouha]
After you execute the combo,you lift all the opponents in front of you on the air and start charging your power.When the enemies reach a certain height,time freezes and you do a pose with your fist clenched.Then by doing a punching motion you unleash the attack that blasts the enemies away,totally destroying them.

~SP : The reactions that concern one enemy,refer to the enemy you successfully hit with the last part of the skill.~

– Melee Clashing and Clashing Strenghts : Often players will find themselves clashing opponents for supremacy and the chance to unleash a full blown combo without distractions.When a player clashes with an opponent the clash will end only when one of the two finishes the combo they started when clashing first or someone of the two stops attacking /and switches to Guard.The clash can also end by outer means like someone interupting one of the two or even both attackers while clashing to stop it.Skills are unclashable and instantly break the opponents out of clashing or prevent them from attacking.However there also exist Clashing Classes.These give the edge on clashing due to the attribute of the weapons used.An exapmle would be this : Say that your player wields a sword and the opponent is bare handed.The player automatically wins the clashing and moves in for the kill while the opponent suffers from the backlash.This is the exact diagram,moving from the weaker[top] to the strongest[bottom].However some weapons are equal in power :

Bare Hands
Nails,Claws etc[only the opponents posses those]
Stone Skin etc[only the opponents posses those]
Pole-Staff[The weapons from the family count in this category except for the spears.]
Two-handed Sword
Axe[only the opponents posses those]
Full Body Set[Some Gauntlets transformations]
Big Sword[Some Sword transformations]
O-katana[Some Katana transformations]
Spear[Some Pole-Staff transformations]
Two-handed Huge Sword[Some Two-handed Sword transformations]
Scythe[Some Pole-Staff transformations]
Huge Axe[only the opponents posses those]
O-tachi[Tachi transformations]
Dual Wielding[Depends on the weapons the character is dual wieilding]

– Skills : Skills are offensive,defensive and supporting moves that the player can access during gameplay and can help him.Depending on the skill different effects,moves and weapons will be used.The player can equip two skills on the field and toggle between them anytime he wants.Skills can be equiped via the equip menu.Skills can be used at any given time,even in the middle of a combo.This also applies to skill toggling.All skills have levels with Level 10 being the MAX/Master Level of the skill.As a skill levels up some things like attack power,execution time etc. change as well as the animation.Sometimes the change is not evident,but at the final level the change is noticable.Skills level up either by usage or enemies killed.Later the player can use Demon/God blood to level the skills faster.There is also a special skill class called Apotheosized/Shinka which is available only when the player transforms in that state.Skills can also do critical hits that do double damage when they land.Sho,Sousuke,Ares,Cthulu and Leon are able to use all of them,however,most characters are able to use some of the skills too.

Skill List :

Offensive :

Hell’s Uprising[Atalanta and Drakos too.]
An single but powerfull upward slash with the sword.
Weapon Used : Sword,Two Handed sword
Button can be pressed up to three times for more slashes.
Button can held to charge the attack.
Upon leveling up the power,execution time and reach of the attack will rise while the charge time will lessen.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Dance of the Birds,Roar of the Bear[Drakos and Gaia too]
A very quick and percise combo that mixes graceful attacks that slash the enemy with a flurry of destructive punches.
Weapons Used : Bare Handed.
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Nature’ Wrath*[Only by the mains]
A powerful beam of energy from the tip of his sword using the power of nature and it’s elements.[Instant cast]
Weapons used : Sword,Katana,Tachi,Two-handed Sword
Button can be held to power up the skill,for more power and beam duration.
Upon leveling up the charge time will lessen while the power,length and width of the attack rise.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Weapon’s Mastery[Only the mains can use all the weapon variations.]
A fierce streak of attacks utilising all your weapons.[Instant cast]
Weapons Used : Sword,Two-handed Sword,Katana,Tachi,Pole-Staff,Gauntlets[Depends on what form it has.]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise.At the final level it’s possible to use the true elemental form of the weapons for more power.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Endless Dream[Anemos and Anemos[Kyo] but only during the transformation]
A lightning swift Iai slash with both hands forming a +[cross] slash.
Weapons Used : Tachi and Katana
Button can be held for more power.
By pressing the button multiple times will cause the player to sheathe the swords.While this happens the enemy is staggered and is slashed multiple times by after-slashes.The player receives double damage when executing this move.
Upon leveling up the move will be instant,the charge time will lessen while the number of hits,attack power,reach,speed and amount of damage the player will take increase.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Flawless Expertise[The Elementals use only their own weapon.]
Unleash the true power of your weapon in a massive,unblockable,lightning fast combo.
Weapons used : Sword/Two-handed Sword/Katana/Tachi/Pole-Staff/Gauntlets[Depends on what is equipped and what form it has.]
Button can be held for various charge levels.[Only the colour and damage differ.]
Upon leveling up the skill will unlock all four charge levels,lessen the charge time,make the first level be cast instantly and makes the player invisible during the cinematic.
You must have a weapon equipped to use this skill.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.
SP : To use the Pole-Staff[True form] successfully,you must use different button combinations :
To use the double spears the you must press the Triangle Button.To use the tonfas you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and up on the D-Pad.To use the bladed nunchucks you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and down on the D-Pad.To use the pole-staff with naginata blades you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and right on the D-Pad.To use the naginata san-tetsu-kon you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and left on the D-Pad.

* Elemental [Each elemental teaches a special skill to the heroes.Not all skills are usable by all elementals,only their respective.]*

Mars Inferno[Drakos can also use it]
Using the power of fire itself,unleash a series of slashes that not only slice enemies but make them burn to crisp from their insides.
Weapons : Two-handed Sword[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with after burn effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Golden Sun[Drakos can also use it]
Using the Sun’s power,your flames become the hottest in existence and burn with a golden/white shine.Using them,execute fiery slashes that scorch your enemies.
Using the power of fire itself,unleash a series of slashes that not only slice enemies but make them burn to crisp from their insides.
Weapons : Two-handed Sword[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with after burn effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Wind of the Gods Killer Sword – Secret Technique : Phoenix/Dragon/Tiger/Turtle,Four Beasts[Anemos and Anemos[Kyo] can also use it]
Using the Wind of the Gods Killer Sword school’s secret technique,you unleash one the four ancient beast of the mythology to destroy your enemies : The flame of the Phoenix,The claws of the Tiger,the rage of the Dragon and the hard-hitting shell of the Turtle.
Weapons : Tachi[True form]
To unleash the Phoenix you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and down on the D-Pad.To unleash the Tiger you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and left on the D-Pad.To unleash the Dragon you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and right on the D-Pad.To unleash the Turtle you must press at the same time the Triangle Button and up on the D-Pad.At maximu level it is possible to simply press the Triangle Button to unleash all four beasts at the same time.
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with after slasher effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman : Dragon Smash[Keravnos can also use it]
Using the most powerful move of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman school,you defeat your enemies.
Weapons : Katana[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with after slasher effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman Secret Technique : Nine-Branching Thunderstrike[Keravnos can also use it]
After finding what you lack,make the decision and use the most powerful secret of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman school to defeat your opponents.
Weapons : Katana[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with after slasher effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Aquatic Feelings[Each member of the Okeanos family can use their corresponding part of the combo,with far more damage to compensate for the lack of hits]
By using everything you learned from the masters of water,attack your enemies with a massive combo.
Weapons : Pole-Staff[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with the multiple hitting effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Earth Smasher[Gaia can also use it]
Using all your power,smash the earth itself to defeat your enemies.
Weapons : Gauntlets[True form]
Button can be held for various charge levels.[Only the colour and damage differ.]
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach[range from 1-10 meter radius] of the skill rise along with the multiple hitting effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Steel of the Heroes[Atalanta can also use it]
Using the power of steel,punish the unjust.
Weapons : Sword[True form]
Button can be pressed multiple times to execute the full combo.
Upon leveling up the power,speed and reach of the skill rise along with the multiple hitting effect’s power and time.
This skill gains experience based on the number of enemies you successfully hit with.

Defensive :

Barrier Blast
An aura explosion dealing minimum damage to enemies,mainly used to scatter them across the field.
Button must be held to fully charge this move.
Upon leveling up,the area of effect becomes wider and charge time lessens.
You can attack while charging this skill.
This skill gains experience based on the number of it’s uses.

Supporting :

Bestiality[Only Sho is able to use it.]
By giving in to the bestial instincts,the player enters a berserk rage.
Weapons used : Sword/Two-handed Sword/Katana/Tachi/Pole-Staff/Gauntlets/Bare-handed[Depends on what is equipped]
When in Bestiality mode the player’s Attack[ATK] and Agility[AGI] raise while his Defence[DEF] falls.The player cannot guard or perform a dodge manoeuvre while in berserk mode.Upon receiving damage,the player goes normal.
Upon leveling up,the player’s Attack[ATK] and Agility[AGI] rise by 100% while Defence[DEF] decreases by 200%.Also upon maximum level the player can cancel the transformation any time and as well,immediately enter the trance.Also four hits are required to revert back.
The moveset for this skill cannot be changed and only 2 combos streaks can be used.
This skill gains experience based on the time you spend in trance[by seconds].

Demon Within/God Charge
Channel your energy to restore your transformation gauge.
The button must be pressed to recharge.
Upon leveling up the restoration fastens.At maximum level you are able to move and attack with combo 1 when recharging.
This skill gains experience based on the time you spend using it[by seconds].

Apotheosized/Shinka :

Apotheosized Million Strike Nightmare
Do a series of strikes that links to this dreadful technique.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Hadou : Suzaku Hyaku Retsu Shen
By summoning the flames of hell,you do a series of well executed martial-arts moves.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Excalibur Dis-Cutter –> Nova
By summoning the Excalibur,you do a series of slashes.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Omega Inferno –> Shura : Souryu Kougeki Reppa
Unleash your fury upon the enemy.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Gravity Power –> Ultra Void Cross-Cannon
By using the laws of the universe,you will defeat your enemy.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Over Kaiser Typhoon –> Great Astral Blade
Unleash a barrage of attacks that will surely annihilate everything.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Thunder Knuckle –> Saikyo-To : ZangetsuKen : Karyuuzan Renbu
Using both close and long range attacks,destroy your enemy.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

Apocalypse Mega-Buster –> Super Darkness Destruction Cannon[Chou Yamisouha]
Playtime’s Over.Time to get serious.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the technique,the reaction starts.

~Joanna is the only exception to this list as she has her own skills.~

– Shortcut Commands[Magic Commands] : They are the magic commands.There are many different magic commands and all of them require some of the player’s magic energy.Unlike skills,magic commands don’t have levels.

Magic Commands List :

A spell that restores all health.
Requires 100% of the magic bar.[For full health.The percentage left will heal an equal percentage of life points.]

Inferno Purge
An intense fire spell.The enemy is burnt to crisp.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Thunder Clash
A spell that allows you to channel the might of lightning and thunder.The enemy is burnt to crisp by the lightning.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Wind Blades
A spell that allows you to use wind blades to slice your enemies.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Earthly Prison
A spell that allows you to use Mother Earth’s power to defeat your enemies.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Ocean’s Relentlesness
A spell that allows you to use the mighty Ocean to drown your enemies.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Metallic Fury
A spell that allows you to use metallic minerals to destroy your enemies.
Can target an enemy or a whole group.
Requires 40% of the magic bar.

Okeanos Family
A spell that allows the player to summon the Elementals Okeanos and his family to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

A spell that allows the player to summon the Elemental Drakos to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

A spell that allows the player to summon the Elemental Keravnos to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

A spell that allows the player to summon the Elemental Anemos to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

A spell that allows the player to summon the Elemental Gaia to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

A spell that allows the player to summon the Elemental Atalanta to aid you.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Requires 20% of the magic bar.

Chronos Stop
A spell that allows the player to stop time completely for 1 minute.
Requires 100% of the magic bar.
SP : Only Sho,Sousuke,Ares and Cthulu,Leon can use it.

~Joanna is the only exception in this list,since she doesn’t use magic.

– Transformation : The player unleashes his true power either by revealing his true form or by borrowing power to transform.This functions as an upgrade of sorts since all stats[except for Transformation[TFN],Health Points[HP] and Magic Points[MP]],they regenerate health and the player avatar changes slightly or entirely.Here are the transformations :

Only the main character and Joanna have it.It simply works as a power-up with no apparent visual difference.A slight raise in stats.

Dragon Trance
Joanna can use this after she aquires all of the dragons essences and a certain,story-driven event regarding her powers.She gets six pairs of wings to grow from her back,each representing an elemental dragon along with a pair of horns like the ones the Dragon Queen has and she can absorb all elemental magic attacks.[Physical damage still appliees.]She gets a moderate raise in stats and her dragon skills are replaced by an amalgam of the dragon skills that allows her to attack with all six elements at once.

God mode
The Elder Gods and Cthulu are able to change to their true forms,which is basically some light glowing from them and the eyes going golden.In Cthulu’s case the aura is crimson-black and a pair of metalic wings sprout from his armour around his waist and his iris dissapers from his eyes and his sclera becomes blood red making it appear his eyes are simply red.Leon gains a golden aura.A massive power-up that raises each stat by 50%.

Devil Within/Evil God Form
The main character gets this in a latter point of the story and acts the same way as God Mode yet it’s closer to Cthulu in appearance,with pale skin,more tribal markings,cat eyes that glow with an eerie golden glow,a black sclera,four demonic wings,claws and fangs.Yet the biggest change is that all his weapons change at their Dark and Light forms and the moveset is locked to those weapons only.

Hero form
After taming and purifying the devils inside him,the hero uses their power to enshroud himself in a holy-knight like armour that lets out a warm light.It reflects his kindness and willpower.The weapons are like in his Devil Within form though.He only gets this form if the player goes the “Good Route”.

Legendary Sinner mode
Only Ares has this mode.It’s like trance in appearance,yet his stats are multiplied by four,his health regeneration is instant and he is invincible.

Elemental True Form
All the Elementals have it.Like Hero form they wear armour-like clothes,their hair and eyes change colour to match that of their element and their aura glows at their respective colour and shows bits of their element flying in the aura.Stats augmentation is the same as Hero mode.Also the Elementals wield their respective weapons with the element embed in it.

Apotheosised Mode/Shinka
This ability also gives the main characters,Ares and Cthulu new transformed states,new skills all with reactions,new weapon moves and all stats skyrocket up to 200.The new transformations are flight enabled and you can never suffer a game over in Story mode/Chapter Challenge mode[You lose 100 awesome points though every time you “game over” though].Downsides : you cannot do special attacks,your magic is sealed[apart from the elemental summoning,but done in a different way] and when used in other modes health regeneration is absent and when you lose it counts[the other modes : Vs mode and Boss Rush mode].The Apotheosized Mode/Shinka transformation is different on each player.For the main characters,the eye colour changes to a deep red while the hair gets a white/red colour and spikes up while at the same time going back and grows to some extend and their muscles become more pumped.For Ares it’s nearly the same except that his hair grow more spiky and up,his eyes turn golden while his hair turns white/blue and he has an electrifying/windy aura and his muscle bulks a little more than the other two.Cthulu gets golden sclera and fiery red iris that has flames moving and the wheel of fate turning in the fire.His hair grows very much while waving all the time like white flames while tribal markings cover most of his body,his teeth become sharper,his ears slightly pointed,nails sharper and slightly longer and he has four sets of wings : dragon,angel,demonic and metallic/cyborg like sets of wings.He wears something that resembles an armour.Leon just has different colours.

– Abilities : They are abilities that the player earns when reaching a certain level,defeats a boss,mastering other abilities or even getting a weapon.These abilities are used by inserting them in the Ability Tablet.The tablet by the endgame can hold up to eight abilities at a time.The abilities can be leveled when the player defeats an enemy and earns an amount of Master Points.The abilities must be equipped at the tablet to receive the points.These abilities are Action,Supporting and Weapon.

Abilities List :

Action :

High Jump
Base : Press X to do a high jump.
Master Points : 100
Master : Height increased dramatically.Almost four times from the original.
Slots : 1

Combo Up
Base : Time between combos is slightly shorter.
Master Points : 400
Master : Time is much shorter,enough so that the player doesn’t stagger between them.
Slots : 2[Base]/1[Master]

Super Jump
Base : Height increased dramatically.Almost four times from the original high jump.Press X.
Master Points : 1000
Master : Height increased dramatically.Eight times from the original.You can also double jump with the second jump being four times in height from the normal jump.
Slots : 4/2

Sprint Up
Base : The player is able to enter sprint mode in 10 seconds instead of 30.
Master Points : 100
Master : The player is able to enter sprint mode in 4 seconds instead of 30.
Slots : 2/1

Speed Run Up
Base : The sonic run’s speed is increased slightly.
Master Points : 100
Master : The sonic run’s speed is increased very much.
Slots : 2/1

Dodging Abilities
Base : The invincibility frames during dodges increase,slightly along with the recovery time.
Master Points : 1000
Master : The player can execute more dodging moves when in stance like side jumps,back-flips and dodge rolls.They can repeat these dodges as many times they want.Also they can attack after these dodges.
Slots : 4/1

Insane Reflexes
Base : The player can execute more dodging moves when in stance like side jumps,back-flips and dodge rolls.They can repeat these dodges as many times they want.Also they can attack after these dodges.
Master Points : 1000
Master : The player can execute more “dodging” moves.These include speedster[a super fast dash],air speedster,wall running,wall walking,wall jumping.They can repeat speedster/air speedster only two times.Also they can attack after speedster/air speedster.The jumping animation and skills became more acrobatic and the height increases by 4 times.You also don’t suffer from high-jumps or jumps.The jumps during lock on change too.They now are like the jumps without lock-on,but they move in a different way.That is to say,that if the player during lock on decides presses at the same time a direction and the X button,the jump will result in a “dodge art” jump that changes with the input.Ex : to the sides the player will perform a spinning cartwheel jump.
Slots : 4/2

Aerial Combo Specials
Base : –
Master Points : 1000
Master : The player unlocks new aerial combos.If the player has a move that sends away[even upwards] at any part of the combo,provided that if put at the end of a combo string it doesn’t trigger a reaction,the player can press the X button to jump after him and do any of the four aerial combos he wants.[See SP2.]
Slots : 4/2

Supporting :

Stats Up
Base : +20 to all stats
Master Points : 1000
Master : +80 to all stats
Slots : 4/2

God Walking Among Us
Base : The player does not waste the Transformation gauge to remain in the transformed state he has.Regeneration is not enabled.
Master Points : 1000
Master : The player does not waste the Transformation gauge to remain in the transformed state he has.Regeneration is fastened and the player boast more attack and speed while.
Slots : 8/4
SP : Can only be put with the Action abilities on the Tablet.No weapon abilities are compatible with it.Aquired when the player finishes All the Endings[no matter what difficulty],leveled up all weapons and starts a new game + with the Apocalypse difficulty setting and has 100% of the weapon moves,mastered all the abilities[up until this],unlocked all the level 1 and 2 armours and reached level 100 at least once.Once Mastered it can be used everywhere.

Weapon :

Weapon Abilities
Base : The weapon attacks of the weapon hit enemies twice instead of once.
Master Points : 100
Master : –
Slots : 8

Elemental Abilities
Base : The Elemental attacks of the weapon hit enemies twice instead of once.
Master Points : 100
Master : –
Slots : 8

Sharpened Claws
Base : When executing an attack with a bladed weapon a single claw mark appears and deals extra physical damage.
Master Points : 1000
Master : When executing an attack with a bladed weapon four claw marks appear and deal extra physical damage.
Slots : 4

Split Breaker
Base : When executing an attack with a blunt weapon a single star mark appears and deals extra physical damage.
Master Points : 1000
Master : When executing an attack with a blunt weapon four star marks appear and deal extra physical damage.
Slots : 4

Special :

Apotheosized Mode/Shinka[as in God Change]
Base : The player does not waste the Transformation gauge to remain in the transformed state he has.
Master Points : 1000000
Master : The player gains this SP.[Read below]
Slots : 8/0[Two new slates will open for this ability Tablet,just for this.You can toggle it on/off.]
SP : After mastering God Walking Among Us,this special skill will appear under a new tablet called Special.This skill will open two new slates at the Tablet,just for this.You can toggle it on/off.This ability also gives the main characters,Ares and Cthulu new transformed states,new skills all with reactions,new weapon moves and all stats skyrocket up to 200.The new transformations are flight enabled and you can never suffer a game over in Story mode/Chapter Challenge mode[You lose 100 awesome points though every time you “game over” though].Downsides : your magic is sealed[apart from the elemental summoning,but done in a different way] and when used in other modes health regeneration is absent and when you lose it counts[the other modes : Vs mode and Boss Rush mode].

– Stance and Targeting : By holding the R button,the player enters Stance,where he readies a stance and the screen follows him from the back while going cinematic.Should the player press the R button twice in a quick succession near an enemy,he locks on the nearest enemy and readies his stance.By pressing the R Button when multiple enemies exist on the field,you change the enemy you locked on.Also if you want to stop being in lock with your enemy simply hold the R button for 4 seconds.While in stance the player moves slightly slower but executes combos faster,more precisely and towards the direction of his enemy.During stance[not lock on] the player can execute the following moves :

Stance additional controls :

R[hold] + Directional Buttons/Analog Nub Left/Right + X Button : [Side]Evasive action

R[hold] + Directional Buttons/Analog Nub Up/Down + X Button : Evasive action

R[hold] + Directional Buttons/Analog Nub + Circle Button : Quick dash

~SP : These actions are not to be confused with the Insane Reflexes and Dodging Abilities that are marked on the Circle button.

Stances :

Sho : Sho just stands tall,with his weapons on his back,ready to attack.

Sousuke : Same as Sho.

Ares : He has his weapons flying behind him and stands tall,slightly sideways,with his legs slightly open and his arms away from his body and his fists,clenched with their back facing his side.

Joanna : She simply stands in a familiar superhero pose.

Cthulu : Cthulu crouches a bit,faces a bit sideways and poises his hands in front of him,the right one further than the left.

Leon : Leon simply stands with his hands in midair,parallel to his shoulders with open fists and a smile.

Drakos : Drakos puts his left fist in front of his face and has his sword touching the ground.

Keravnos : Enters a stance used in Iai-do/Battojutsu.

Anemos : Anemos faces slightly sideways,crouching holding his sword tightly with his right hand while his left hand is barely touching the side of the handle.

Anemos[Kyo] : Anemos[Kyo] stands tall with his sword placed on his shoulders.

Gaia : Enters a basic boxing stance.

Atalanta : Atalanta enters a swordsman stance.

Okeanos : Okeanos puts his spears on the ground,forming an x,with one foot on the x and taking a stance of a pirate as if he looks at something.

Thetis : Thetis starts dancing around.

Styx : Styx starts turning her nunchucks around while hoping here and there on the spot.

Afroditi : Afroditi takes a boxing stance and turns the tonfas on her hands.

Kasumi : Kasumi takes a stance that staff users take,with one hand in front of her,one leg on the air and the staff behind her back.

– Guard : By pressing and holding the L button the player guards himself.When guarding either no or little damage is inflicted,depending on the situation.You cannot move when guarding,except by doing evasive manouvres.During lock-on however the player can move.

– Extreme Style Attack : There is a bar,directly down the health bar.It’s the Extreme bar.When filled the player must press the Square Button and the Circle Button at the same time to excecute the attack.Each player has a different kind of attack.The bar fills by hitting enenmies.It also cannot be upgraded.Every enemy hit is 1 point.Every enemy death is 10 points.The bar is filled at 1000 points.It acts like the Basara/Musou attack.

The main characters : They have the same kind of attack,with slight differences.

Sho : He starts by executing a super fast brawling attack,while moving and starts equipping all the weapons at both hands,finishing his attack by changing in his Apotheosized Form and when his weapons change,he unleashes a powerful slash that damages everyone in a 10 meter radius in all directions around him.

Sousuke : The same as Sho,just that he slashes the enemies in the air in a 10 meter radius around him and blasts them using an energy blast.

Ares : He just freezes time and gathers all enemies in the air and in front of him,while changing in his Apotheosized Form.Then he brings out all his weapons[not just the six he uses but about a thousnd total] and enhances them with both Rising Dragon and Nova spells.Then the weapons rain on the enemies,dealing damage.

Cthulu/Leon : He starts punching and slashing away,building up energy.When he has built all the energy,he transforms in his Apotheosized Form and unleashes a technique called “Atlantis Drive Sur Al”.During the execution of the technique he splits in two,with his Apotheosized form standing transparent behind him.When he hits with the attack,the two “merge” and they back away as the technique creates a huge tornado that becomes perfect sphere and then dissapears in the void,erasing all the enemies without fail.[Leon does the same thing,except that he yells “Hyperboreia Infinity Impact”].

Joanna : Everything seemingly freezes in time,while in reality the player’s moving at such speeds that everything seems to have stopped moving.While this power-up lasts,you also do double damage.

Okeanos : He starts by creating a pirate sword and a pirate pistol from water[the sword held with his right,the pistol with his left hand]and starts attacking the enemies around him for a while,while walking.He then creates an anchor and ties up all the enemies in a 10 meter radius around him rendering them immobile.Finally he creates a cannon from water and blasts the enemies.The whole time he yells pirate phrases.

Thetis : She uses all her nereid powers and summons a massive wave of water that falls in the heads of every enemy in the screen.The damage is moderate.However if there is only one enemy the damage is fatal.

Styx : She basically mimics her father but,since she isn’t as powerful as him,she doubles the attacks.

Afroditi : She closes her eyes and everything freezes in time.Then the scenery changes in a theatrical stage and she just starts dancing gracefully,with many close-up shots of her.When she finishes the scenery changes back to the original and every enemy in a 10 meter radius around her is damaged severely.

Kasumi : She starts by doing combos with her weapon and at the same time gathering all the enemies in one spot.When she finishes gathering every enemy from a 10 meter radius around her,she exhales a large amount of mist on them.Then she creates several ninja tools like kunais,shurikens etc from water and throws them at blinding speeds at the enemies.She then does a cute pose and says : “Kaboom”.The bombs strapped on the weapons she threw,explode at once.

Drakos : He starts performing martial arts moves of a certain style[ShuraKen],ending the combo with a rising punch that is followed by a fiery slash that slashes everything in a 10 meter radius around him.

Keravnos : He executes a very stylish,yet deadly performance of his sword skills at the enemies.When the performance ends,he starts moving at lightning speed,transforming his sword in a huge broadsword,with lightning as the blade,swiping all the enemies in his path,finishing it by jumping above the clouds,revealing the broadsword’s true form,and slashing the enemies below him while yelling “chesto”.After that he does a pose with a setting sun background and sakura leaves flying.

Anemos/Anemos[Kyo] : Depending on which one you control,you summon the other Anemos and start attacking the enemies around you.Then after some attacks,both unleash their ultimate attack at the same time damaging everything in a 10 meter radius around the players : Koryu;by unleashing all the beasts at once and by summoning the fifth beast,the divine dragon Koryu in a golden light.

Gaia : She punches the ground and detaches the place she punched along with everyone on it[it’s in a 10 meter radius] and sends it to the sky.When the enemies fall into the pit that used to have ground,she spits mud and the enemies start to melt,while the place is restored to it’s former state and better.

Atalanta : She summons a great number of holy swords around her and forms wings from them.Then the swords swarm through the enemies while she walks.All this in a 10 meter radius around her.

SP : All the Elementals at the start of the attack transform in their true form and revert to normal when they finish.If they already are,then they don’t revert back after the combo is finished.

~ SP : Flight : Some players have access to the flight power.Flight can be activated by pressing the L and X Button while on air.They can move very fast with the directional buttons,move up by holding the L Button and pressing up on the D-Pad/Analog Nub,move down by by holding the L Button and pressing down on the D-Pad/Analog Nub and they can land by pressing and holding the L button and pressing the X Button.While not overly useful,it’s a great travel power and it can often save underleveled players from dangerous enemies and crossing mountains and oceans.

Player affecting features : Armour,Elementals and Weapons all being accessible at the start menu,the player can change them any time he desires and change his appearance,moveset and sometimes abilities.Also the player can view his stats at that menu.[While the stats are slightly fixed 95% is random.Ex : the main characters have little defence and are good attackers.Even at maximum level their attack will be bigger than their defence stat.If the difference is major or minimal is totally random.]

– Armour : Armours are like accessories in RPGs in this game.Except that each hero has a maximum of 3 armours[2 is the standard number of armours] and they act also as slight costume changes.Sometimes it’s very noticeable,others not.Each character has his/her own,unique armours.

1rst Armour : Combo time is allotted very slightly.
*2nd Armour : Stats + 20,Combo time is slightly allotted.
** 3rd Armour : Stats + 200,Absorption of all elements,Combo time is allotted,immune to staggering,able to connect combos without any interval,can do as many air/speedsters as the player wants.

*The second armour for the mains,Ares,Cthulu/Leon and the Elementals is a bit different :

2nd Armour : Stats + 40,Absorption of a corresponding element[applies elementals,and the mains{depending the weapon}],Combo time is allotted,enshrouds player in a thick enough armour with a mecha hero feeling[complete costume change,different for each player].

**The 3rd Armour is only accessible to the mains,Ares and Cthulu and is unlocked the same way as the Apotheosized Mode/Shinka.

– Weapons : Weapons in this game instead of giving the player more attack power or speed or altering his stats whatsoever,serve only as model-changers.The weapons[including your own bare fists] can be upgraded in a rather strange way.The more you use the selected weapon it gains experience[the opponent must be hit by it,but if one attack hits multiple enemies it counts as many attacks as the hit enemies are] or by fusing them with devil’s blood[a item that is “dropped by enemies”].The more blood a devil/evil God spills on your weapon or the more you stain it,it gets experience points to level up.After some time,the player gets a blood collector where he can store the blood and upgrade any weapon he likes despite not using it.All weapons have four levels.Upon leveling up the player gets some moves and unlocks more button combinations for the selected weapon.Upon reaching the fourth level,the player will enable the weapon[except for the bare fists] to undergo a “Light and Darkness” transformation,where the weapon changes it’s appearance and moves.All weapons[exception fists] can merge with an Elemental to undergo a transformation and reveal their true form.However all kinds of combinations are available but they are not always as good as the original ones.They are all equally fun though.Those weapons have the same movesets as other weapons,but with different elements attatched to them along with different forms.When the weapons undergo a transformation,they have certain extras for the player,such as stats up along with elemental affinities and more.The Elemental transformations give a +40 to Attack[ATK] and Agility[AGI],a +20 to Defence[DEF] and Dexterity[DEX] along with an Elemental affinity corresponding to the Elemental and the ability to hit two times : with the normal,physical attack and the elemental attack that deals the second hit[although it counts as one].The Light and Darkness transformation gives a +40 to all stats, even if the stats are already maxed out,making it the most powerful weapon transformation but at the cost of the special ability and the elemental affinity.All weapons have their story in the weapons menu.

Sword : A standard one handed sword.One of the fastest weapons in the game it’s a good start for beginers.It’s corresponding Elemental is Atalanta the Steel/Metal Elemental,transforming your sword in a longer and more refined sword.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is a pair of two swords,one for the Light element and one for the Darkness element.The light sword looks like a golden and shiny sword with a holy prayer on the blade while the dark blade is a jet black slightly curved twin bladed sword with a skull hilt and tribal scripting on the blade.

Two-handed Sword : A normal two handed sword like a claymore.While not as fast as the sword,it has more range and more power put in it’s combos in comparison.Also a good start for beginers.It’s corresponding Elemental is Drakos the Fire ELemental,transforming the sword in a huge massive twin bladed sword,that “looks more like a huge iron obelisk if anything”.It’s blade is crimson red and the hilt has a flame design.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is again a pair of swords but they are twin swords.Each of the sword has one side[a bladed side not a blunt one] of the blade with the Light element and another side of the blade with the Dark element.The swords have a hilt that reflects the colours of dawn.

Katana : Your standard japanese sword.A more acurate description would be a ninja sword.It’s the fastest weapon the game has and has the trickiest combos.It’s corresponding Elemental is Keravnos the Lightning Elemental,transforming the Katana in a samurai sword with a strange hilt and a tsuba with the design of a thunderbolt and the blade made from lightning itself for insanely fast attacks.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is a pair of strange ninja swords in one seath that exhibit both elements on their blades and their tsuba(s) shines depending on the element you use to attack.

Tachi : A huge katana,almost as huge as the Two-Handed Sword it has one of the weirdest uses.While it’s primary use is that of slashing it’s often incorporated in Iaido techniques.It’s corresponding Elemental is Anemos the Wind Elemental,transforming the Tachi in two O-Tachi[a bigger Tachi]that have seemingly transparent sheaths,has wind swirling around it,a demonic tsuba with the symbol of the Wind-Demon ninja clan[Fuuma clan] and an extremely sharp blade that can cut through anything in the world.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is a pair of Tachi’s that can connect in one sword with the tips of their hilts or by combining them vertically to create a single hollow sword.The swords are constantly trading elements except when combined,where they exhibit both elements.

Pole-Staff : A long wooden stick with a metallic core.Basically a metal pole with a cover from wood.It’s corresponding Elemental is the Okeanos Family the Water Elementals,transforming the Pole-Staff in five different weapons,depending how the Staff is used.These weapons are tonfas,the standard pole-staff but with naginata blades on each end,twin spears,bladed nunchucks and a three sectioned staff[san-tesu-con] with the naginata and spear blades.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is a pair of scythes that can be combined in various ways.One of the scythes holds the light element and looks like a shiny,steel feather with a holy cross while the other scythe has eyes,rotten flesh near the eyes and a raven-black blade.

Gauntlets : A pair of gauntlets that are used for strong fist attacks.It’s corresponding Elemental is Gaia the Earth Elemental,transforming the Gauntlets in a pair of iron fists[with scales of some kind] and shin-guards that have enough power to crack the Earth itself.The “Light and Darkness” transformation is a pair of gauntlets and shin-guards that exhibit the Light elemental while having retractable nails and slasher claws that exhibit the Darkness element.

Bare-handed : A faster and more precise style than the gauntlets.Since it’s not a weapon it doesn’t have any Transformations.

SP : Weapon Forms :

Sword + Atalanta = Kaladbolg[True Form] (True Form Moveset) Big Sword
Sword + Drakos = Ragnarok (True Form Moveset) Big Sword
Sword + Keravnos = Claiomh Solais (True Form Moveset) Big Sword
Sword + Anemos = Hrunting (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + Sword
Sword + Okeanos Family = Leviathan’s Fang (Base Moveset) Sword
Sword + Gaia = Milican Sword (True Form Moveset) Sword

~Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Drakos = Laevatain[True Form] (True Form Moveset) Two-handed Huge Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Keravnos = Balmung (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + Two-handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Anemos = Ascalon (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + Two-handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Okeanos Family = Durandal (True Form Moveset) Two-handed Huge Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Gaia = Beowulf’s Claymore (True Form Moveset) Two-handed Huge Sword
Two-Handed Sword + Atalanta = Excalibur (Base Moveset) Two-handed Sword

Katana + Keravnos = ZanBaTou[True Form] (True Form Moveset) O-katana
Katana + Drakos = Ashura (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-katana
Katana + Anemos = Kyoshiro[written as “evil” “four” “wolf”] (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-katana
Katana + Okeanos Family = Kotetsu (True Form Moveset) Katana
Katana + Gaia = Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Base Moveset) Katana
Katana + Atalanta = Kikuijimonji (True Form Moveset) Katana

Tachi + Anemos = Ten no Garou(or Tenrou for short)[True Form] (True Form Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-tachi
Tachi + Drakos = Suzaku’s Wings (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-tachi
Tachi + Keravnos = Seiryu’s Claws (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-tachi
Tachi + Okeanos Family = Genbu’s Shell (Base Moveset) Tachi
Tachi + Gaia = Kirin’s Tail (Base Moveset) Tachi
Tachi + Atalanta = Byako’s Fangs (True Form Moveset) Dual Wielding + O-tachi

Pole-Staff + Okeanos Family = Gae Bolg and Gae Dearg[True Form] (True Form Movesets) Dual Wielding + Spear
Pole-Staff + Drakos = Mystletain (True Form Moveset,spears) Dual Wielding + Spear
Pole-Staff + Keravnos = Gae Buidhe (True Form Moveset,naginata) Pole-Staff
Pole-Staff + Anemos = Little Wings (True Form Moveset,tonfas) Dual Wielding + Pole-Staff
Pole-Staff + Gaia = Black Rose (Light and Darkness Moveset) Dual Wielding + Scythe
Pole-Staff + Atalanta = Triton’s Trident (True Form Moveset,naginata) Pole-Staff

Gauntlets + Gaia = Fragarach [True Form] (True Form Moveset) Full Body Set
Gauntlets + Drakos = Shooting Star (Base Moveset) Gauntlets
Gauntlets + Keravnos = Lightning Ride (Base Moveset) Gauntlets
Gauntlets + Anemos = Pegasus Talons (Light and Darkness Moveset) Full Body Set
Gauntlets + Okeanos Family = Blutgang (True Form Moveset) Gauntlets
Gauntlets + Atalanta = Cestus (True Form Moveset) Gauntlets

– Stats : Like in all RPG games,stats affect the player.The natural minimum is 0,while the natural maximum is 100.The same applies for levels.However stats can go beyond their limit with the help of accessories,weapons,armours and even abilities or skills.The maximum for that is 400 and the minimum 0.

Attack[ATK] : It affects all the physical attacks and skills.
Defence[DEF] : It affects the resistance to attacks.
Dexterity[DEX] : It affects the player’s dodging skills and slightly raises the chances for a critical attack.Also affects reactions.
Agility[AGI] : It affects the player’s attacking speed and slightly his movement speed.
Transformation[TFN] : It affects the time the player spends in his transformed state and recovers transformation points.
Magic[MAG] : It affects everything magical the player does,offensively and defensively.It adds on top of Attack[ATK] and Defence[DEF].

Stats that aren’t affected by levels[That means no numbers either.] :

Health Bar[HB] : The Health Bar is always standard unless you upgrade your health bar with the completion of side-quests.[Each bar has it’s own colour.The final Colour is gold.]When in a remote area,the Health bar recovers immediately up until a point after an enemy encounter.If the player is in a fault zone or “safe place” his health recovers completely.It at the upper left side of the screen along with the other bars.
Magic Bar[MB] : The Magic Bar is always standard.Every time the Magic Bar is depleted it recover slowly.The magic bar can be upgraded from side quests to fill up faster.
Mystic Nail[MN] : The Mystic Nail is always standard unless you upgrade it with the completion of side-quests.[Maximum is four sub-bars that form a finger nail.]It fills up every time you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you.The more you upgrade it,the longer you can stay transformed and it also fills up faster.It’s on the left side of the Health and Magic Bars.
Extreme Nail[EN] : The Extreme Nail is always standard unless you upgrade it with the completion of side-quests.[Maximum is four sub-bars that form a finger nail.]It fills up every time you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you.The more you upgrade it,the longer you can stay transformed and it also fills up faster.It’s on the right side of the Health and Magic Bars.

– Devilish Dominance[DD]/Necronomicon Spell Pages Release[NSPR]

The mains have the ability to power up and gain new abilities and most of them are also common in all players and,apart from the mains,they aren’t even mentioned,since they are available from the start.You gain those power ups by defeating devil bosses and extra devil bosses for Sho while you have to find and collect missing pages from the Necronomicon.You can view them at the “Power Ups” menu during the start/pause menu.This menu includes the description of these power ups and after a certain point of the game,how to unlock them.[EX : “Find the devil that can’t be seen by an untrained eye”,”Obtain the 8th page of Necronomicon.It was last spotted in a place where darkness is eternal,the home of the unseen demon” meaning they are in the same place,yet have different locations in the same area.]They are listed in the order they are obtained.These abilities are :

Sprint run[DD][NSPR]
You can run faster after you keep running for 10 seconds straight.

Sonic Run[DD]*
By double pressing the directional button,you are able to access supersonic speeds,but for the cost of body damage and blurry vision and images during your movements[Negated by Demonic God Muscles and Devilish Nerves].

Demonic God Muscles[DD]
By gaining the body type far more powerful than that of a human’s,you are no longer hurt that easily and can perform as good as the Gods.

Devilish Nerves[DD]
By obtaining the nervous system of beings far superior than the humans and fusing it with your own,you can make out shapes that move in high speed or when you move at high speeds.

God’s Training[NSPR]
Regain your former powers and glory as an Elder God.[It’s a compilation of Devilish Nerves and Demonic God Muscles.]

Teleportation Arts[DD][NSPR]
During any time[except for bosses] you are able to teleport to a safe area/Crystal Shrine location to rest.

Elemental Arts[DD][NSPR]-
Able to access your weapons true form and fight with them.

Light and Darkness[DD][NSPR]–
By defeating the one who mastered both of these principals,one is able to access more forms for his weapons.

Wind’s Blessings[NSPR]*
You can now move as fast as the wind[Sonic Run].

Lightning Speed[DD][NSPR]*
By pressing the guard button when the enemy is attacking,you move so fast that you leave an afterimage behind you,while being behind the enemy’s back.

Absolute Control[DD][NSPR]**
By dodging once successfully,you can avoid every and all kinds of attacks without worries.

Absolute Counter[DD][NSPR]**
By dodging once successfully,you can counter one incoming melee attack and deal damage to the enemy.

Body and Soul[DD][NSPR]
The experience the player gains is shared by all other players.

-Differs with characters.Not usable by Ares.
–Only usable by the mains and Cthulu/Leon.
*Only usable by the mains,Ares,Keravnos,Anemos/Anemos[Kyo] and Cthulu/Leon.
**Only usable if you beat a certain secret boss[For those without a Story Mode,beat the same boss at Chapter Challenge Mode.]

PS : (Joanna is the only exception for this list,since she uses different power ups.)

Extra Bonuses : Double Experience Points,Double Prizes[as in twice the amount of normal prizes],Rare prizes appearence rate up[like moves,demon blood and materials]

– Hits/Special Combo Bar : At the upper right corner of the screen appears a hit counter along with a small bar below each telling the number of hits the player has dealt up until now and the bar indicates how much time remains for the player until the combo counter resets.For every 100[indicated/continuous] hits,everything and everyone except for the player starts moving with 50% reduced speed until the counter resets or the player is hit/damaged.The effect lasts for one minute.

~Playable Character Statistics and Information :

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 2/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 6/10–>10/10[All routes,except twisted]
Magic[MAG] : 2/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 180 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 2/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 4/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 180 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 10/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 10/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 198 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 10/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 1/10
Magic[MAG] : -/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 175 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 8/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 182 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 8/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 182 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 7/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 8/10
Agility[AGI] : 8/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 1/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 195 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 2/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 2/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 180 cm

Attack[ATK] : 8/10
Defence[DEF] : 4/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 4/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 170 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 2/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 2/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 178 cm

Attack[ATK] : 8/10
Defence[DEF] : 9/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 6/10
Agility[AGI] : 5/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 6/10
Dexterity : Left-Handed
Height : 165 cm

Attack[ATK] : 8/10
Defence[DEF] : 8/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 6/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 8/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 179 cm

Attack[ATK] : 4/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 8/10
Agility[AGI] : 8/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 10/10
Dexterity : Left-Handed
Height : 168 cm

Attack[ATK] : 8/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 8/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 4/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 178 cm

Attack[ATK] : 6/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 8/10
Transformation[TFN] : 10/10
Magic[MAG] : 10/10
Dexterity : Ambidexterous
Height : 178 cm

Attack[ATK] : 10/10
Defence[DEF] : 6/10
Dexterity[DEX] : 10/10
Agility[AGI] : 10/10
Transformation[TFN] : 8/10
Magic[MAG] : 10/10
Dexterity : Right-Handed
Height : 170 cm

Special Characters Section :

These characters have their own,unique set of skills and moves,yet some may have just some of the same moves as the mains.Others can also teach the main a skill that he can use only with the corresponding elemental weapon.

Joanna :

Attacks :

Base : 40 moves,8 exclusive to CRAZY S

Skills : ~Joanna doesn’t have skill levels and just offensive skills~

Power Strike
An extremely strong straight punch that scatters enemies.
Button must be held to fully charge this move.
You can attack while charging this skill.

Mighty Blow
By slamming the earth with one’s power,you heavily damage enemies and scatter them.
Button must be held to fully charge this move.
You can attack while charging this skill.

Extreme Typhoon
Upon exhaling air with tremendous force,you send the enemies flying.
Button can be held for various charge levels.
Button must be held to fully charge this move.
You can attack while charging this skill.

Fire Dragon
Unleash the dragon’s might through a series of attacks,finishing it with the dragon’s breath.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the combo,your attacks gain the fire element for 30 seconds.

Frost Dragon
Unleash the dragon’s might through a series of attacks,finishing it with the dragon’s breath.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the combo,your attacks gain the water element for 30 seconds.

Iron Dragon
Unleash the dragon’s might through a series of attacks,finishing it with the dragon’s breath.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the combo,your attacks gain the iron element for 30 seconds.

Earth Dragon
Unleash the dragon’s might through a series of attacks,finishing it with the dragon’s breath.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.
Upon finishing the combo,your attacks gain the earth element for 30 seconds.

Dragon Counter
Absorb any elemental magic attacks the enemy throws and throw them back.
Button must be held for the first part.
The button must be pressed to execute full combo.

Dragon Powers :

Joanna has a different set of power ups.While some of the basic Devilish Dominance[DD]/Necronomicon Spell Pages Release[NSPR] and renamed “super-powers”[the sonic run but faster,the sprint run,the God’s Training,and the dodge counter’s] and flight[by pressing the jump button twice],she uses the magic of dragons to fight the devils and gods of this game.

Fire Dragon’s Essence
You gain the Fire Dragon’s powers and resistance to the fire element.

Frost Dragon’s Essence
You gain the Frost Dragon’s powers and resistance to the water element.

Iron Dragon’s Essence
You gain the Iron Dragon’s powers and resistance to the iron element.

Earth Dragon’s Essence
You gain the Earth Dragon’s powers and resistance to the earth element.

Dragon Queen’s Essence
You gain the Dragon Queen’s powers and resistance to all elements.

* The Elementals just have one or more attack skills the mains don’t,usually.If not they are not mentioned in this section as they are similar.*

*The Elementals also have special attacks for better chaining during their attacks.They are listed here.The buttons must be pressed at the same time.*

Drakos :

Earth Shaker(Square+X) : Crowd clearing hit.Drakos spins the sword to gain momentum and crushes the earth with it.

Machine-gun Fists(Square+Triangle) : Rapid punches ending with a knock-away hit.

Fire Impalement(Triangle+X) : Drakos does a small jump and thrusts his sword to the ground.Can be a crowd clearer if no enemy is hit or a single,powerfull move,should the player impale an enemy with it.

Gut punch(Square after dodging[standing]) : Simply a gut punch.One of the weakest counters.

Keravnos :

SoRyuZan(Square+X) : A katana uppercut.

RaiRyuKen(Square+Triangle) : Keravnos dashes forward while striking many times in a flash.

ChoRyuZan(Triangle+X) : If done on the ground,Keravnos will do a small jump before striking down, and this move can also be done from the air.

Tatsumaki(Square after dodging[standing]) : A crowd clearing counter.Keravnos does a spin with his sword.

Okeanos :

YARHARHAR(Square+X) : A mighty punch that sends the enemy flying.

GAHAHAHA(Square+Triangle) : A very rapid attack that shows ones expertise with spears.

MUHAHAHAHA(Triangle+X) : A crowd clearing attack that involves the use of water summoning.

AHAHAHA(Square after dodging[standing]) : A mighty kick to the butt.

Anemos/Anemos[Kyo] :

The Wings of the Phoenix(Square+X) : A swooping,crowd clearing attack attack that deals big damage to the enemy that is excactly in front of the player.

The Rage of the Dragon(Square+Triangle) : A multitude of hits with a slide dash after each hit.

The Claws of the Tigger(Triangle+X) : A very powerful attack that consists of two phases : the power up phase,where the player simply powers up and the hit phase where the player executes a very powerfull slash[that appears as a clawed slash,4 slashes] dealing massive damage to the enemy.It is interupted very easily though.Against humanoids it acts differently though : the player stuns an enemy that is in his field of view and draws him towards him.He then delivers an unblockable and undodgeable slash that deals damage[It is half the damage of the original move].Both attacks have the same animations.

The Shell of the Turtle(Square after dodging[standing]) : If the counter is successfull the enemy is stopped from attacking and is teleported away,a few metres ahead of the player and is slashed mercilessly by an invisible blade.The player simply appears to be standing the whole time.

Demon God Change
Realease your inner power and become the demon god to defeat your enemies.
The player’s Attack[ATK] and Agility[AGI] rise by 100%,but at the cost of guarding skills.The player can cancel the transformation any time and as well by hitting the Triangle Button again,to unleash a wide attack that staggers his opponents.When the time is up the player returns to normal again.

Atalanta :

Honour(Square+X) : A very precise slash that is unblockable and unavoidable.

Valour(Square+Triangle) : A series of attacks that stun the enemy after the first hit connects.

Courage(Triangle+X) : Atalanta thrusts her sword in the ground creating a shockwave for crowd control.This attack can be done from the air too.

Wisdom(Square after dodging[standing]) : A crowd clearing counter.Simply a full spin.

Gaia :

Vine(Square+X) : Vines sprout from the ground in front of Gaia and trap the enemy[If there is one in front of her].

One-two,one hundred(Square+Triangle) : A simple one-two punch that if it connects it deals a hundred strikes to the enemy.The total damage is very big.

Mud trap(Triangle+X) : The ground in front of her becomes mud and if the enemy is caught in the mud she kicks him in the face.[Only works on humanoids.For non humanoid enemies it is simply a stun move.]

The beauty of the Earth(Square after dodging[standing]) : After dodging,she simply backs of and unleashes a poisonous mist from the pollen of several flowers in the form of kiss blowing motion.The enemy is damaged as long as the player holds the Square button to continue the attack.It can last for 40 seconds maximum.

Afroditi :

RouGaGeKi(Square+X) : By spinning the tonfas around and generating enough force,you unleash a wave of slashes as crowd clearing attack.

SuiRyuReppa(Square+Triangle) : A fast,relentless attack done in a punching motion.

ShiRyuSouGeKi(Triangle+X) : A twirling attack that resembles dancing moves.Done by using the pointy tips of the tonfas and spinning around.

Shichou : ShishiReppa(Square after dodging[standing]) : With a dancing motion you avoid the enemy and hurt him at the same time.

Styx :

Power Drive(Square+X) : Hot-Blooded power rushes through you,setting the nunchucks on fire as you deal a very damaging uppercut.

Rapid Succession(Square+Triangle) : Grab technique.If successful,you grab the enemy and start hitting him rapidly with nunchuck attacks and techniques.Requires square button mashing.

Cannon Ball(Triangle+X) : Grab technique.If successful,you grab the enemy and start hitting him until you reach a cannon.From there mash the button that is shown to built power for the cannon.Then you fire the cannon with the enemy in it.

The plunck(Square after dodging[standing]) : After dodging,Styx takes out the plunck and deals a crowd clearing attack with heavy damage that leaves her wide open if the enemy doesn’t stagger.

Thetis :

Ethereal Dancer(Square+X) : Using the cloth that hangs from her shoulders she delivers fast,deadly attacks with the cloth.

Hand Slap(Square+Triangle) : A crowd clearing hit.She does a hand slapping motion and a hand made out of water mimicks this motion.

I’M ONLY 17(Triangle+X) : A crowd clearing hit.Thetis stomps the ground while saying that and the enemies stagger,stun and are thrown away.Little damage.

Sublime chocking(Square after dodging[standing]) : Thetis goes behind the one that attacked her and useing the cloth she chokes him.Mash the Square button to end it with a neck breaking move.

Kasumi :

Ninpo : Suicho Zankai Zan(Square+X) : A crowd clearing attack.She spins her san-tetsu-kon very rapidly while doing a forward motion.

Ninpo : Tora no Kiba(Square+Triangle) : She takes her san-tetsu-kon and makes it into several weapons,striking insanely fast the enemy while doing a slide dash.

Ninpo : Karyu no ibuki(Triangle+X) : An attack with wide range and great reach.Can also be performed from the air.Kasumi takes a lit match and puts it in her mouth.She then breathes fre in a wide arc.

Ninpo : Bunshin BakuHatsu(Square after dodging[standing]) : She is stabbed by the enemy and does a huge explosion.After the explosion animation she comes out of a small pond.

Mist Technique
Upon releasing thick mist from her mouth,she is able to attack in stealth while the mist also damages enemies over time.
Button must be held to fully charge this move.
You can attack while charging this skill.
Depending on the charge level,the skill animation will either be “smooth” or “aggressive”.

Visuals,Graphics,Character Models and Backgrounds : The visuals are like the graphics of Ys7 the lowest,while if possible the highest render of the visuals would be like the graphics of Final Fantasy : Dissidia or/and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.The story will only have two ending movies,in anime form.Most of the story telling will be told through CGs[like Visual Novels] and game-rendered short movies.The world map is just barren wastelands,yet there exists Tartarus,Elder god domain,crystal shrine(s) and the Garden of Outer Gods/Great Elder Ones.The overall style has an approach towards that of anime,manga and Visual Novels[Ex : Fate series,Demonbane series,Ys series…]than that of a more realistic art seen in other games[Ex : Ninja Gaiden,Darksiders…].

Camera Function : The best camera system that would fit in this game would be like Zelda : Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask,the Warriors[Musou] series or even Ys 7’s camera system.

Soundtarck,Music,Voices : The game will feature a wide selection of genres in music,ranging from opera to power/speed metal,even folk songs and generally songs from both the west and the east.Also the characters will be voiced.

Game Modes

Story Mode : Play the game and unfold the story of our heroes.
Chapter Challenge Mode : Play the story mode,without having to bother about the story.Try to get as many bonuses as you can.Also a new ally is present.
Versus Mode : Challenge the computer or your friends in a one on one match.You can even challenge bosses[controlled only by the COM] on duels.Custom rules are present.All duels in versus have infinite time.
Boss Rush Mode : Fight all the bosses of the game in a row,in an arena.Can you stand up to the challenge?

Difficulty levels : ,Easy(or automatic,has maximum skill levels from the start),Normal,Hard,Apocalypse[Super Hard](The levels affect only the enemy AIs.)


Start up menu :

-Press Start
-> New Game
Load Data
Instal Media [250Mb,500Mb,700Mb]

Main Menu :

Story Mode
Chapter Challenge
Boss Rush
Sound and Picture Gallery[Must be unlocked]

Story Mody Menu/Chapter Challenge Menu :

Chapter Select
Difficulty Select
Load last savepoint

Vs Menu :

Fighter/s Selection
Custom Rules

Boss Rush Menu :

Select Fighter

Options Menu :

Background Music Volume toggle from 1 to 10
SFX Volume toggle from 1 to 10
Character Voices Volume toggle from 1 to 10
Controls Configuration[Standard/Custom]
Custom Music Folder -> Select a Song
Playlist Mode[from the song you chose until the
last one.]

Sound and Picture Gallery[Unlocked by finishing the game once]
Select Music[Must be heard during story to be unlocked]
Select Voice track[Must be heard during story to be unlocked]
Select GC Picture[Must be aquired/seen during story to be unlocked]

In Game Pause Menu :

Shortcut Commands
Devilish Dominance[DD]/Necronomicon Spell Pages Release[NSPR]
Save Game
Load Game

Enviroment/In-Game World

The In-Game World is mostly wastelands and deserts with dark clouds that constantly discharge.Some ruins can be found here and there at the world map.Generaly the world map would [preferably be] the whole Earth…yet it’s not like the scenery would change much.There places around the earth that are called “safe areas”.These areas are usually inside a ruined building or a cave or a place where a boss battle took place.Also “crystal shrines” exist.These places are like the saverooms of other games,yet here they exist as a replenishment station,a “safe area” and teleportation rooms,teleporting to any other crystal shrine,wether it’s on Earth or at the realm of the Elder Gods or even at the Garden of Azatoth.

Enemy Behaviour and AI

The enemy beheviour depends on the type of enemy the player is facing but all have some things in common like : enemies have their own s-strings,the enemies can clash with you and while enemies don’t have skills[only bosses] they can evade your skills and guard against your attacks.While all enemies are extremely tough,the more powerful the enemies you meet the more difficult it will be to defeat them,in some cases the swarm of the most powerful enemies in the game can be considered as a proper boss battle.The more powerful the enemies you meet,they will boast more power,speed,life and defence than their inferiors along with better AI.Some enemies can appear alone sometimes,but it is random.Enemies pop out during your venture in the world map without warnings,but there are some areas where you will definetely find enemies[these are enemy grounds and are standard enemy locations],the pop-out rate is usually random.One can venture in the map for a whole day and not one enemy may bother him or the complete opposite.Also to escape from the enemy one must flee far away from the spot the enemy appeared.[Approximately a thousand metres radius away from that area to have the enemy/enemies give up on you and retreat.]All in all,the general idea of the game’s enemies and their AI,is to push the player to their limits,always keep him on the edge,never leave him time to think unless he escapes a deadlock and guards[which won’t be that often] and have him do that in a minimum of 50 enemies on-screen[a normal swarm of enemies].

PS : All this in Normal Mode.

Extras : New Game + and Data Transfer

The player can start a new game by overwriting his old save file at the story mode after he finishes the game with an ending.Any ending.Everything is transfered over,even levels.Also if the player wishes to start a new game to obtain the last two skills but doesn’t want to level them up in that difficulty,he can do so in chapter challenge and then save the gave.That way the data will be saved in the “main memory” save data and it will be transfered in all the “story data” save files.This way players that are on easier difficulties can obtain the skill too.

Story Section :

Storytelling : The story is told in the style of a novel,primarily from the view of the main characters,letting the gamer know only what they know.The story is told by voice-text bubbles and artwork of the characters and sometimes with CG pictures like in Visual Novels.Depending on the actions of the player,the story can unfold as a tale of Justice(Justice Route) and ideals or as a dark twisted(Twisted Route) tale.Both have “Good” and “Sad” endings.Finally two other routes will be unlocked if all are finished : The Final Chaos Route and the True Final Route.These two only have one ending.Each ending has it’s own CG set.

Characters :

Playable Characters :

1)The protagonist,nicknamed Sho
2)His Elder God version,nicknamed Sousuke
3)The mysterious and wise warrior,named Ares
4)An unfortunate girl dragged into this mess,Joanna
6)All the Elementals.
7)Drakon Achileos *
8)[Real name : Diabolos] *

SP : Those with * are only playable for Versus and Challenge mode.

Background story of the characters seen in the game :

1)The protagonist is a typical university student,with many interests and likes,and a good family.His family consists of his parents and little brother.He hates people calling him special or a genius exclaiming that he,on the contrary,is useless most of the time with a touch of stupidity.Pretty much your ordinary guy as he says.His life changes when he discovers his favorite horror tales,the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft comes to life before his eyes.Or not…He is portrayed as a young man with wavy hair and of a “weird build” as he calls it.Rather tall with golden brown eyes and brown hair.He is 20 years old.
Theme Song : Every kind of music in the world according to his mood

2)The Elder God version of the protagonist,he posses the same exact character and thought pattern,despite being the more knowledgeable of the two.The same age as the protagonist he looks much like him,except more “God like” as he says.The changes in his appearance are : he has only eyebrows and hair,his hair is rather normal with spikes and bangs and his build is that of a well fit lad of his age.He has no body hair like the other gods and a slightly lighter skin tone than the human version.[Also both share the same name,like all human/EG counterparts.]He is the current master of the Necronomicon.
Theme Song : Every kind of music in the world according to his mood

3)Ares is a mysterious warrior that appears towards the middle of the story,he is extremely powerful and very wise.His past is known to nobody but himself.He appears as a very tall and slightly buffed man in his late twenties,although he is much older.He has a unique trait : sectoral heterochromia that makes his eyes iris golden with a red “ cross “ ,slightly dark skin tone and long,slightly spiky with bangs,crimson hair.Even though he appears emotionless,he sometimes lets out signs of emotions.He claims that the name Ares was chosen in allusion to the war god,but there seems to hide another meaning…His attire consists of a tattered and torn jet black leather overcoat,much like a detective’s,that changes colour from balck to blood red when he fights,bandanges worn over his neck,feet,ankles and hands like martial artist does.He also has a crimson scarf,torn and tattered too that appears to be able to stand up even without air to move it.The rest of it is a a jet black clothing set with boots,that strangely are fine,as if they contrast the overcoat.The weapons he fights with are tattered,rusty and blooded and always in pairs.When he fights the weapons he doesn’t use float behind him forming “wings”.
Theme Song : “Hate World Hero” by Firewind/”In cry of Vengeance” by [Kishin Houko Demonbane the Animation by Nitro+](Only if the heroes go the Justice/Twisted route and go for the good ending.Also present at the True Ending.)

4)Joanna is an 18 year old girl,that was chosen among many contestants for the “Saviour project” held by many organisations from all over the world tied to the American government.She is the only success of the project :
a heroine of humanity.She is like the heroes that appear in comic books,and “protects humanity”.She is accidentally involved with the main characters and decides to travel with them.She is a curvacious ,tall and beautiful girl with extremely long light-brown hair and crimson eyes.
Theme Song : “Lady Fighter” by JAM Project [she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood,but she doesn’t]

5)Joanna[Elder God],the Elder God version of Joanna.She is like any other Elder God,but also a tsundere,much to the dismay of almost all the team and Sousuke’s fiance through pre-arranged marriage.She occasionally helps the heroes.Will she ever sort her feelings towards humans?
Theme Song : “Lady Fighter” by JAM Project although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood

6)Leon,the master of the underworld,the priest of destruction,the human carnage and many other names he calls himself,is an evil God hybrid that wishes only one thing : a rival worthy of his time.He appears to be a very handsome and pale young man,albeit well muscled with short,light green hair and dim golden eyes.Cold and sadistic,he trusts nobody and he always has a contemptuous and bored expression along with a terifying smile on his face.He is extremely powerful and skillful,standing above most Evil Gods easily.He is the son of Yog-Sototh and a human witch.While he appears like that his actual personality only emerges in the presence of his father.After everything is cleared he comes in terms with the rest of the warriros and decides to follow a strange route in life…
Theme Song : “Crest of Z” by JAM Project[In association with Banpresto,Super Robot Wars] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

7)Nyarlathotep the shapeless [or Nya for short] is a faithful servant of Cthulu.She is one the great Outer Gods,powerful and menacing…like any girl.She is a very powerful mage and her main trick is complete transformation,where she transforms into anything she wants,wether it exists or not.She is known to have no true and thus developed that kind of unique magic and got her nickname from,however she does have a true form.She appears as a short,thin young girl with big eyes,dark green hair and golden-scarlet eyes,long nails,fangs,blood-red lips and strange markings on her hands.She usualy assumes several forms to go by the worlds such as : as a human she appears as a very attarctive woman in her thirties,that puts supermodels to shame,with glasses,green,spiky hair,scarlet lips,crimson eyes and a very bold maid suit.As a demon she takes the form of a disgusting slug like monster with tentacles.As a god she either assumes the form of a young boy or a young man.Finally when she is with Evil and Outer Gods she assumes the form of a galaxy sized monster,truly shapeless yet terrifying at the same time.She decided to follow Cthulu and become his servant despite him objecting against it,giving freedom speeches until she just threw the term “helper”.He is the only being she has shown compassion and an interest.She uses Sho since he is an important factor in finding her master,however she nearly forgets about it since Sho reminds her so much of her master.
Theme Song : “Shunkan Sentimental” by Scandal although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood

8)Chtulu is the villain of this game,yet nearly nothing is known about him…Or that is supposed to be said.An entire section in the Library of the Gods is about him or as correctly known to the Gods as “Cthulhu”.In reality this Cthulu has nothing to do with the one written in the books.He once was a human long before the time all this started and out of curiosity he entered the realm of Evil Gods.He was saved by the then dominant elder gods and this only fuelled his desire to learn more about them,after that he was expelled by the academies of his country and some even forbade him of even speaking about it.He then took a turn in life and decided to stop persuing the matter.Shortly after that his life changed drastically due to some unknown events[he refuses to tell] and became an Evil God.Slowly he became the strongest of them but was beaten and sealed by the Cthulhu of that time.Now that the heroes freed him.He is actually a direct ancestor of the main character,Sho and his Elder God persona was the first Elder God to have a human counterpart[actually the first male one].His appearence is that of a pale young man with very long and brown hair,with pale blue eyes[although they can turn red too or one of them at time] and he is well muscled like Leon.His strong sense of justice and morality are what makes him so strong,along with his naturally good heart.He is at times goofy and often teased and it seems he had money problems when he was human.Nya has become his servant after he became an evil god,but she never explained her reasons.Unless the player goes the route that leads to the True Ending,neither the mains nor he will learn about their connection,but the player will know it despite the route he’ll take.
Theme Song : “Evil Shine” by Ikuzawa Yuichi[Kishin Houkou Demonbane by Nitro+] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood, but he seldomly changes his character] [The Musician was killed before he could tell him…what is Cthulu’s secret?]

9)Yog-Sototh,the one-in-all,the all-in-one.Or something as ludicrous as that.He isn’t actually what the rumors say,but a very skillful mage that has created his own magic spells that involve the birth and distraction of alternate dimensions.An evil god in nature and nature only.He is actually a very kind and fatherly man that has a slight obsession with everything beatiful,always commenting and praising it by simply saying : “Beautifull”.He deeply cares about his son,but in a very childish matter,usualy asking very seriously if he has eaten his lunch,tacking care of his girlfriend[which the answer is usually that he doesn’t] and many other things that parents ask their 10 year old sons.He appears as a tall man,with short blond hair and purple eyes and always with a smile on his face,despite his bored expression.Extremely polite to a fault,going as far to address everybody as gentlemen or ladies.Prior to the story he was sealed by Dagon because he was a potential danger to Cthulhu.This disappearence hurt Leon very much.His wife was a great “witch” from the same place and time Cthulu was.
Theme Song : “Gasshin!GOD GRAVION!” by JAM Project[In association with Masami Obari/Gravion series] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

10)Kengo Muramasa,real name unknown,but either way he claims he didn’t like it so he thought this one up.A former Elder God,persecuted and brought down due to his humane and noble nature to help every one in trouble,even demons.He was resurrected as an Evil God by his friends,but only his appearance changed.The resurrection wasn’t without flaws.Now ill and unable to fight again,he has all the time he wants to take on his favourite hobby : blacksmithing.He is also the one who raised Anemos[Kyo] and gave both Anemos’ the scroll of their ancient school style.A kind and compassionate man,he often exaggerates about his illness by faking his death or even asking for his last meal every time he feels slightly sleepy or weak.His appearance is that of a man in his thirties,medium height,completely white and extremely long hair tied in a ponytail,silver eyes and a scar on his chest.He usually wears a thick kimono to protect him from the cold.When he works he wears traditional western blacksmith clothes.
Theme Song : “For Those About To Rock[We Salute You]” by AC/DC [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

11)Skotos appears to be a young man in his early twneties with light brown hair and blue eyes.Rebelious and impulsive,he used to get in trouble and was often lead to avdentures due to his nature.He hates it when his friends follow him in dangerous acts,since he is worried about them.He is often called “ninja” by others,since they believe that is what he is.He is relatively young and that is more evident to his appearence,since he looks like he’s sixteen.He acted as a teacher to Keravnos,teaching him about the Ninja Battle Forms and such.He acts as the info broker of the group and is more than willing to help them and give them extra advise to ensure the group’s safety.
Theme Song : “Love Survivor” by HIT BOY [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

12)The teachers of the Carnage Fist School[ShuraKen Ryu] are two of the people that raised Drakos and the two that tought him everything about hand-to-hand combat by letting him learn the ultimate,aggressive,fighting style.They also played a big part in his tendency to yell hot-bloodedly at times.They both appear cold-hearted,but it is because they are dead serious with their ideals.They have a warm heart and a nice soul,but Teacher[TW] is a bit more emotional and prideful than Teacher[MY].They both are best friends and brothers in-law,each marrying each others little sister.Teacher[MY] is a tall,well built man,with short,crimson hair and light blue eyes.He usually wears red and white.Teacher[WT] has medium lenght,upward spiked,light blue-green hair and dark red eyes.He usually wears yellow and deep blue.
[Teacher[MY]]Theme Song : “Crimson Shura God” by [Super Robot Wars by Banpresto] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]
[Teacher[WT]]Theme Song : “Wild Dance Of The Machine God” by [Super Robot Wars by Banpresto] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

13)Keravnos’ mentors are the Seventh Successor of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman School and his wife,Sofia.
The Seventh Successor of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman School is a man with silver hair and silver eyes with blue shades.He apppears to be around thirty if not exactly thirty.Mature,stoic and maybe a little too stif but he has his relaxing moments.He is an extremely powerful fighter and has a habit of doing poses after his finishing attacks.He actually cares about Keravnos,more than he wouldever show.
His wife Sofia,is a researcher and some kind of scientist[it’s not clear what the Elder God’s have].A very smart and cool woman,she helps her husband during troubled times.She feels very motherly towards Keravnos.
[The Seventh Successor of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman School]Theme Song : “Soul Sword One Strike” by [Super Robot Wars by Banpresto] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]
[Sofia]Theme Song : “Wild Succession” by Misato Aki [she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but she seldomly changes her character]

14)Drakos’ mentors are two young couples.They are also part of his foster family.
Mentor[ST] is a young man,of medium to tall height with blonde spikey hair and light blue eyes.He apperas serious on the outside but he is very loyal an true to his friends and family and has an extreme drive to protect and help them,even when he doesn’t even show it.Selfless and kind in nature,his compassion has always made him capable of overcoming difficulties in his life and it’s that compassion that has made this family all these nine friends upheald a true one.He sometimes shows a lighter side,cracking jokes from here and there,but he has to work on them.He exibits the remarkable ability ability to tell them dead-pan,but laughs with other people’s jokes.
His wife,Mentor[IA] is a rather shy character,but is very kind and harbours a motherly streak[especially with children],compassionate and kind,always helping others.Apparently she and her husband had trouble settling their feelings with each other[or even talk about them],but everything worked more than ok in the end.In short a mother,a sweetheart and a hard-worker.She appears as a medium-tall character with red-brown eyes,straight long,dark brown to black hair and a slim body that greatly tones her three sizes[In other words,big brests,great waist and fine hips along with a slim body and an angel face -Anemos’ Guide for women,NOT yet published.] 😀 .
Mentor[IH] appears to be a modern looking,leather wearing teen-to-young-adolecence,with short brown hair and blue eyes.He has the same height as Mentor[TS] and also appears as a serious individual.While he appears as a cold and broody kind of man,he is quick to warm up and his care for others is immensenly great,something that scarred him gravely in th past.He posses a strong sense of responsibility,a clear mind and a natural ability to lead.While he was completely before meeting his wife,through their adventures he changed and became what he is today,keeping the strong pointsof his previous self[and the silent part too,for unknown reasons.] .He posses a very unique feature : when extremely weary[usually from a long and very tiring battle] a part of his face flashes red in the shape of a scar and is fleshed out when he reaches his limited.
His wife,Mentor[TM] is also a teen-to-adolecence woman,with long black hair that have yellow and orange streaks and brown eyes.She is the exaxt opposites of her husband : compassionate,warm,friendly[and cute].A very brave person despite having a liking[actually a little more,but not extreme or obsession] with angels.
These people cherise each other and all of them act as a team.
[Mentor[TS]]Theme Song : “” by [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]
[Mentor[IH]]Theme Song : “” by [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]
[Mentor[IA]]Theme Song : “” by [she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood,but she seldomly changes her character]
[Mentor[TM]]Theme Song : “” by [she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood,but she seldomly changes her character]

15)Hypnos is an Elder God that has sleep-themed spells.Also he is very lazy and surprisingly womanizing,always talking as if he is bored to death with an expression to match.He acts as the heroes connection to the dream world and head of the Library.He can also be a wonderfull sparring partner.
Theme Song : “You Gotta Move” by The Rolling Stones[he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

16)Zephyros is an elder god and the sword teacher of Atalanta.A very taleneted young man despite being hotheaded most of the time,he is wise beyond his years and is an expert on fast sword styles.He aapears to be a young man in his late teens/early adolecence with green hair and green eyes and when in combat he dons a strange armour with some kind of wings to go even faster.
Theme Song : “Neppu!Shippu!CYBUSTER!” by [Super Robot Wars by Banpresto] [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

17)The Pnakotic Manuscripts/Pnakotic Fragments is the grimoire owned by Leon taking the form of a young woman when complete,with an appearence that rivals that of Nya.Like all grimoire she never shows any signs of emotions.Extremely loyal to her master,she does as he commands.She is called Shanon by Nya.
Theme Song : “5 seconds of Love” by Matisse although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood

18)The Necronomicon,originally know as Al Azif,the “Daemon’s Roar”,is the most powerfull grimoire in existence created by Abdul Alhazrad/Azrad.He takes after his appearence but has a soul of his own.He is wild and rowdy often acting comicaly and hates being treated as a grimoire[Though he usualy “let’s it slide” when they treat him as the world’s greatest grimoire].In love with the Pnakotic Manuscripts/Shanon.
Theme Song :

– Elementals : Elementals are special Elder Gods,born with a natural talent to wield “elements” and create their own spells.Each one has a different play-style as well as weapon and transformation.

Okeanos Family : It’s the family of the Water Elemental Okeanos,his wife Thetis[a Nereid,a water fairy,like a Water Elemental] and their three daughters : Styx[or Styha],Afroditi[Aphrodite] and Kasumi[Mist in japanese].Okeanos is a “man of the sea” or a pirate if you prefer.A tall,muscular,rough,scared[scars,many of them all over his body] and somewhat old man.He has a beard,green eyes and medium length,slick black hair.He wears pirate clothes.Despite his looks,he’s actually a kind and caring father and man,noble and gentle.Though when the topic switches and goes about his daughters,he changes to an overly protective,childish and extremely comical kind of person.When this happens it’s either his daughters that set him straight or his wife by ALWAYS having finished making dinner for him at that exact time.As he is the only real Elemental of the family so he’s the only one to sport a true form.The others just have a colour change to blue for their hair and light blue for their eyes.In his true form his eye and hair colour change and his scars become black and extend all over his body becoming tribal markings/pirate tatoos.He wields the twin spears,which are one the five true forms of the Pole-Staff,called Gae Bolg and Gae Dearg.He has his own unique “pirate” laughter.
His wife Thetis is the perfect housewife.And still madly in love with her husband,as he is too.Her only flaw is that she usually smacks people when they talk about her age.Her response is usually : “Oh,come on,I’m only 17000 years old.”Should somebody talk back to her,she would usually smack him/her or glare at him and say : “Ara,did you say something my dear XX?”She has medium length,wavy brown hair and black eyes.Unlike her husband she only has water spells and the ability to breathe underwater.She wields the Pole-Staff with naginata blades on each end.
Styx is the older of the twin daughters and very tomboyish,reflected both in her beheviour and body.She has short black hair and yellow eyes.Tall,wild and athletic she admires her father very much and strives to be a pirate.She is exeptionally strong and fights like a brawler.She has a limited knowledge of spells,but she expands it by using them in many different ways.She uses the bladed nunchucks.She, like her father,has her own unique “pirate” laughter.
Afroditi,the youngest of the twins,is the most blessed of the daughters.She is the prefect woman.In everything.Behaviour,appearance,body,beauty etc.She’s tall,perfect body type,perfect measures,with long brown-blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.Despite all that “perfect woman” style,she has her own personality,even though it’s sometimes overshadowed by these “perfect reflexes”.She is caring,noble,gentle,optimistic,intelligent and modest.She is usually the up-lifter of the group’s mood.Despite that she is pretty bad at love due to being extremely shy and clumsy when it comes to it.Often she would go and confess and in the she would end up in the hospital due to saying comletely unrelated things concerning her health.She a very skilled fighter and excellent strategist,whilst being the most talented mage and healer.She has inherited most of her father’s powers along with having some of her own.She uses the tonfas.
Kasumi,the youngest of the sisters,is probably the most alienating element in the family.Quiet,always stating the truth and somewhat mysterious,she has trouble adjusting with others and that is reflected upon her nature.Medium to tall height,athletic,with orange-pink,long hair in a ponytail,a baby face and violet eyes.She is also very curvacious which,according to her,is a big problem since “her looks get in her way”.She is also very fond and skilled in ninja arts,adapting them in her own magic spells.She is usually seen in ninja gear.As a nod to her name,she uses mostly mist techniques.She wields the san-tesu-kon[tri-sectioned staff] with the naginata and spear blades.
[Okeanos]Theme Song : “Επιστροφή στη Φύση” by Ψόφιοι Κορίοι/”Λιωμένο Παγωτό” by Τα Ξύλινα Σπαθιά although later he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood
[Thetis]Theme Song : “Because the Night” by Patti Smith although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood
[Styx]Theme Song : “Rockstar” by Nickelback although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood
[Afroditi]Theme Song : “Unlimited Sky” by Tommy Heavenly6 / “Touch Too Much” by AC/DC / “Leila”(Rare Version) by Eric Clapton / Le quattro stagioni[The four Seasons] by Antonio Vivaldi {Hell i just can’t decide} although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood
[Kasumi]Theme Song : “Shoujo S” by ~Scandal~ although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood

Drakos : The fire Elemental,he is the most hot-blooded and hot-headed character of the lot,doing over-the-top stunts followed by over-the-top yells,usually of his attacks.Despite that he is a brave and noble warrior that never hesitates to protect the innocent or the weak.He believes in his own “hot-blooded” version of Justice and believes that if anything we have to live our lives to the fullest,with a hint of adventure every day.Apart from being a great friend[and extremely friendly] he is one the most intelligent characters and expert linguist when not fired up…which isn’t that often.Surprisingly his tactics are practiced so much that have reached reflex-level so that he doesn’t have to think when fighting.His appearance is that of a young lad,tall and slightly muscular with wavy crimson-red hair and eyes of the same colour.When he reveals his true form,he gets a fire armour and tribal markings appear under his eyes and chest and appear to be aflame[that’s an optical illusion] while his hair and eye colour changes to a red-orange flame colour.He wields the Laevatain,the Two-Handed Sword’s true form.His mentors were the great teachers of the Carnage Martial Arts school[ShuraKen Ryu] and two couples.
Theme Song : “Staring at the Sun” by The Offspring/Basically every hot-blooded song there is,instrumental or vocal [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

Keravnos : The Lightning and Thunder/Electric Natured Elemental,is one with the noblest personality.He dislikes hurting people and believes in life and appears to be an extremely good philosopher.Despite that he usually does jobs that men don’t do,like laundry,cooking etc and his extremely great at them.He is also extremely polite and handsome,never showing his age.[He has the weird habit of talking like an old man,although it is more evident in japanese speech,even using “washi” and sometimes “sessha” to refer to himself.He also uses “de gozaru”.]Despite that he’s an extremely good fighter with incredibly fast attacks that focus on Iado.His style is called “Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman”.He has long red hair and red eyes along with a slim body.When he hits his anger limit he quickly disregards all his feelings along with his good soul to transform into a bloodthirsty killer that destroys his opponent without second though.In his true form,his hair gains a lighting shape and waves constantly while tribal markings appear under his eyes and a scar appears on his left cheak.He wields a sword that is extremely light and since the blade is made of thunder,it can extend indefenetely.The sword’s called ZanBaTou.His mentors are the Seventh Successor of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman swordfighting scool and his wife,Sofia.
Theme Song : heart of sword ~(Rurouni Kenshin 2nd Ending ver.) by Takanori Nishikawa[T.M.Revolution] although later he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood

Anemos : The Wind Elemental,is a very unique one.He seemingly suffers from a double personality disorder.The second personality has the same name as him.He is a tall,slightly well-built young man with short,black-blue hair and black eyes.When Anemos is his self he is a clumsy,kind-hearted and very friendly kind of person that fights without aggressiveness and is generally calm.He practises the Yin style, a style that allows the user to keep the offensive even when cornerned.When he changes to his other self he becomes a rude,though cool individual who enjoys battles that is usually blatant about his feelings and shows it usually when he expresses his opinion about the others.He is also very bossy and always thinks he is the best,but this just his personality as he claims.Though he does all this he fights without second thoughts to protect and cares for the others and their honour deeply.When he takes over the body,his voice becomes deeper.In reality he is an entirely different person that was sealed in the same body as the “calm” Anemos by the elder gods,because they thought he was a threat since there was another wind Elemental.He was refered as Anemos[Evil] or by his birth name Anemos[Kyo] since the the other elder gods thought of the birth of a second Wind Elemental as an evil omen and an Evil God.He practises the Yang style,a style that focuses on swift and accurate,brutal attacks.His original body is like the calm Anemos but has long black hair,with some white and blue lines and red eyes.They both know the same sword style,called “Wind of the gods killer Sword”,since they learned from the same swordsman.Both are extremely strong alone and when teamed up they are one of the most fearsome teams.When they change in their true form,a red cross appears on their back and chest while tribal markings appear on their hands and under their eyes while their hair stands up a little.At that point they can enter a power-up state where their eyes become all red,even the sclera.Each one holds the Tachi’s true form,the O-Tachi,a Muaramasa blade said to be blessed or cursed called Ten no Garo(Tenro for short).Their mentor and foster family is Muramasa.To fight effectively,when they transform,they conjure a blade of air in their left hand to compansate for the lack of a second sword.
[Anemos]Theme Song : “It Doesn’t matter[Remix Sonic Battle Adventure 2]” by crush40 and Ted Polley / “Maka na Chikai[Red Oath]” by Fukuyama Yoshiki although later he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood
[Anemos Kyo]Theme Song : “JAP” by Abingdon Boys School [he is able to access every kind of music in the world according to his mood,but he seldomly changes his character]

Gaia : The Earth Elemental,Gaia has the appearance of a young woman,yet she acts as if she is a mother.She is of average height,athletic,with brown medium length,vine-like hair and eyes.She is quite skilled at hand to hand fighting,boasting exceptional strength and toughness among the Elementals though she has little knowledge of magic.She can only control her element and use one magic spell.Being the first Earth Elemental though,she developed her own elemental techniques to fight.Her real form makes her have a slight tan and has green vine and root like markings appear all over her body and face while her hair lengthen.Her weapon is the knuckles true form,a pair of iron fists[with scales of some kind] and shin-guards[with scales] called Fragarach.
Theme Song : “Ride on Shooting Star” by The Pillows although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood

Atalanta : The Metal Elemental,Atalanta is a true heroine.Noble,wild,kind,gentle and full of Justice.She appears as a tall,very athletic and beautiful woman with knightly armour.She has blonde,long hair and blue eyes.when in her true form,she becomes almost one with armour,making her skin extremely tough and she gains a pale-silver skin tone.To cover the nudity she wears a more revealing armour[the chainmail practically and some kind of dress] and her hair become platinum in colour.Her weapon is the true form of the sword,a longer and more refined sword resembling that of a knights called Kaladbolg.Her sword teacher was Zephyros,one of the twelve winds of ancient greek mythology.
Theme Song : “Kanjite Knight” by JAM Project and Ultimate LAZY although later she is able to access every kind of music in the world according to her mood


Name : Drakon Achileos
Alias : The Paladin
Occupation : Warrior of the angels,The Church’s holy mercenary
Location : Greece[Birthplace],and for this game Mallet Island

Weapons :

– Dynamis kai Sophia : A pair of two-handed sword,used separately or in a dual wield manner.Swords used by great heroes of the past,Dynamis was the sword Hephaistos made for Achileas[Achileus] and Sophia was Athena’s sword given to her brother Heracles[Hercules] to carry out the remaining 11 tasks[after the Nemean lion].That’s what Mythology tells[I just gave them names].They are like the Devil Arms,indestructable and able to damage devils and angels.

– Ascalon : A huge jet-black broadsword,that channels both Light and Darkness in it,is wielded only by those it chooses it’s wielder.It has no connection with the Holy city.It was made before Sparda’s earthly time from the bones and blood of a 100 great devils and 100 arch angels.It holds the meaning of unreachable.
SP : α[takes away the meaning,like un- etc.] + σκαλα[stairs,but it also means something used to reach a place] = Άσκαλον[so it is that without reach,unreachable].

– Claiomh Solais : A big two-handed sword that came from Findias and belonged to Nuada Airgeadlámh (Nuada of the Silver Hand), who was leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann and King of Ireland. In legend, the sword glowed with a bright light, hence it’s name. It was unresistible in battle and had the power to cut his enemies in half.Originally ade by the angels to aid the humans against the devils.It holds the power of Light.

Currently looking for the famous Balmung.

Backstory : A young man that decided to make his family rich by becoming a mercenary for the Church.A tall man,cheerful,kind and willing to do good things.He has golden-brown eyes and short brown hair.He usually wears casual clothes with athletic shoes,but when in combat with great devils,he uses a cross to enshroud himself in a thick armour that makes him more durable than normal humans.His abilities exceed that of a normal human due to his training.However he is as durable as they are.When not hunting devils he resumes his everyday life.Currently trying to finish university.

– Holy Trigger : Using his cross,that contains 100 angel spirits,he dons a holy knight like clad.

– Metal Knight Trigger : After absorbing the powered-up cross,along with 100 cleansed devil spirits in it and the Ascalon,he transforms into his true hero mode.In this mode his armour becomes bulkier and taller,with a glass visor and the armour becoming one with his body.This forms features flight capabilities.In this form he is able to match Outer Gods.
Theme Song : “Kemono no Yari[The Beast Spear]” by Iguchi Shinya[In association with Fujita Kazuhiro’s Ushio to Tora]

Name : [Real name : Diabolos]
is a character from another dimension.[A different “videogame” universe.]A tall,pale man with the rough and deep voice,long jet-black hair,seemingly black,empty eyes and no feelings,he always appears emotionless.People often misunderstand his nature…until they meet his eyes and see what lies in them.While not sadistic nor a killer for his own amusement,he is what one could call “the evil incarnate”.Always calm,never rushing things,never letting things get out of hand or disrupt his “plans”,he always gets his way without losing a battle,wether it is one of wits or strenght.An interesting fact is that he enjoys literature and videogames,something highly unusual for someone like him.[Despite not showing it at all.Just saying : “They are very enjoyable.”]Another peculiar trait he has is that he never swears,speaks ill or behind the back of anyone and doesn’t throw threats around.He has a habit of wearing a very bizare smile when he fights non-humans,the “rape-smile” as he calls it,that changes his whole facial expression.He also appears to kill earthly creatures rather mercifully at times,while at times he just leaves them.It seems the secrets of his dark past hold him back from senseless murder and carnage on earthly creatures.

A large cast of characters appears such as many famous demons,gods and heroes not only from the Chtulu Mythos but from other settings too.Also we have the main character’s family and friends.

Villains :

1)Yog-Sototh,the one-in-all,the all-in-one.Or something as ludicrous as that.Not much is known about him,except that he has some kind of connection with Cthulhu…
Theme Song : The Requiem by Wolgang Amadeus Mozart

2)The Musician
Theme Song : None

3)Chtulhu is the villain of this game,yet nearly nothing is known about him…Even if the books feature many facts about him,there are many mysteries surronding him.After the heroes stumble upon the young man with the same,they learn the true nature of “Cthulhu” :
Cthulhu isn’t a name,but a title to indicate who is the strongest of the Evil and Outer Gods.Every time the bearer of the title lost,the winner would absorb him to increase his strenght and reign as supreme ruler of the Outer Gods.The two first Cthulhu were highly notorious for being extremely ruthless and maniacal along with having absurd power that it would seem strange that they lost.The current Cthulhu is a desperate demon that aquired this title before the war.After the other Cthulhu personalities are weakend he takes over and assumes complete control.He is a stark contrast to most Gods as he cares for his brethren and their future and genuinely believes that things could have been better.His plan is to become Chaos and remake the world,so that the evil gods and the Elder Gods exist as one and in peace,alone in this vast world.While well-meaning this means that humans would never exist and nothing guarrantees that the Elder Gods that exist to this day would still exist after that.Even though the heroes oppose him,he doesn’t hold any grudges against them and tells them that if they ever manage to beat him in a battle he will stop.No matter how many battles it takes.However this is the least of their worries…
Theme Song : The Requiem by Wolgang Amadeus Mozart

4)Hathanga,a servant of Cthulhu.He is responsible for the disaster that took place on Earth and the revival of both evil gods.He is among the weakest as he claims,yet he is actually holding back to an insane level.He is fought two times throughout the story,escaping both times due to another servant saving him.He is encountered a third time,after Cthulhu awakens to reveal his plan : to use Cthulhu and become the strongest existence in this world and rule over everything.After he “kills” his master,he is in turn killed by him…or is he?He appears as an extremely feminine lad with scarlet hair and purple eyes.Despite his feminine face though,under his thick robes,he is actually very slender,yet masculine.
Theme Song : “With Me” by crash40 [Sonic and the Black Knight]

5)Dagon is one of the servants of Cthulhu along the ages.Being a servant of the first Cthulhu,he despises his later masters.Despite that he follows their orders and executes their commands.Despite that he is actually highly traitorous,sadistic and brutal.His monster form is a fairly disgusting demonic,tentacle kind of monster.His true form is far more gruesome and demonic but surprisingly more humanoid as well.His size in his true form is such that mere galaxies appear as if they were large shileds built for him.One of the most powerful gods in existence.

6)Azathoth is the strongest god in the universe alive,second only to Cthulhu.A vile and fierce god,it is said that he once did battle with Cthulhu and he lost due to his arogance.It is said that before Cthulhu challenged him he was the leader between of the wars between the Garden/the Realm of the Outer Gods and the realm of the Elder Gods.He is supposed to be trapped somewhere in the cosmos,but details are unknown.

7)Hastur the Unnameable



ALL STARS[MALE](All the males except for Cthulu and Leon) : “Frontlines” by Pillar

ALL STARS[FEMALE](All the females except for Nya/Nayrlathotep) : “Fight or Flight” by Kobayashi Yuu

ALL STARS : “Don’t Look Back Again” by WAG

Okeanos,Styx and Sho : “He is a pirate” from Pirates of the Carribean

Okeanos and Thetis : “Shinkon Gattai Goddanar[Animetal Cover]” from Decade of Bravehearts[Goddanar]

Okeanos family : “Shippu!Iron Leaguer[Animetal Cover]” from Decade of Bravehearts[Iron Leaguer]

Anemos Tag Force : “The Biggest Fight” by Hironobu Kageyama

Elemantals force : “Go Go Power Rangers” by Ron Wasserman[The Mighty RAW]

Cthulu and Nya/Nayrlathotep : “Magic Touch” by Aerosmith

Hot Blooded Heroes Team[The mains,Drakos,Cthulu and Styx] : “Kung Fu Master” by Amola Kaloyband

* Romantic Events :

During the story will have interactions with each other and depending on the attention and love[as in romantic love] they give,they may end with that character at the end of the and ensue some extra CG scenes that tell of their story.(Only if the heroes go the True route and finish it.)

Pairings :

The main characters : Joanna/Joanna Elder God,Joanna Elder God/Joanna,Styx,Afroditi,Kasumi,Atalanta

Ares : Joanna,Joanna Elder God,Afroditi,Kasumi,Atalanta

Joanna : the mains,Ares

Styx : the mainsDrakos,Keravnos,Anemos(Kyo),Cthulu,Leon

Afroditi : the mains,Ares,Drakos,Keravnos,Anemos,Anemos(Kyo),Cthulu,Leon

Kasumi : the mains,Ares,Drakos,Keravnos,Anemos,Anemos(Kyo),Cthulu

Drakos : Styx,Afroditi,Kasumi,Gaia,Atalanta,Joanna Elder God

Keravnos : Afroditi,Kasumi,Atalanta,Joanna Elder God

Anemos : Afroditi,Kasumi,Atalanta,Joanna Elder God

Anemos(Kyo) : Styx,Afroditi,Kasumi,Gaia,Atalanta,Joanna Elder God

Gaia : Drakos,Anemos(Kyo),Leon

Atalanta : the mains,Ares,Drakos,Keravnos,Anemos,Anemos(Kyo),Cthulu

Cthulu : Joanna Elder God,Afroditi,Styx,Kasumi,Gaia,Atalanta,Nya/Narlathotep

Leon : Styx,Gaia,Nya/Nyaralthotep

* Nya/Nyarlathotep : Cthulu,Leon

* Joanna Elder God : the mains,Ares,Keravnos,Anemos,Anemos(Kyo),Cthulu

* Only for the pairing sessions.

Pairing Endings :


Sho and Joanna :

Sho and Elder God Joanna :

Sho and Styx :

Sho and Afroditi :

Sho and Kasumi :

Sho and Atalanta :


Sousuke and Joanna :

Sousuke and Elder God Joanna :

Sousuke and Styx :

Sousuke and Afroditi :

Sousuke and Kasumi :

Sousuke and Atalanta :


Ares and Joanna :

Ares and Elder God Joanna :

Ares and Styx :

Ares and Afroditi :

Ares and Kasumi :

Ares and Atalanta :


Joanna and Sho :

Joanna and Sousuke :

Joanna and Ares :


Styx and Sho :

Styx and Sousuke :

Styx and Ares :

Styx and Drakos :

Styx and Keravnos :

Styx and Anemos[Kyo] :

Styx and Cthulu :

Styx and Leon :


Afroditi and Sho :

Afroditi and Sousuke :

Afroditi and Ares :

Afroditi and Drakos :

Afroditi and Keravnos :

Afroditi and Anemos :

Afroditi and Anemos[Kyo] :

Afroditi and Cthulu :

Afroditi and Leon :


Kasumi and Sho :

Kasumi and Sousuke :

Kasumi and Ares :

Kasumi and Drakos :

Kasumi and Keravnos :

Kasumi and Anemos :

Kasumi and Anemos[Kyo] :

Kasumi and Cthulu :


Drakos and Styx :

Drakos and Afroditi :

Drakos and Kasumi :

Drakos and Gaia :

Drakos and Atalanta :

Drakos and Elder God Joanna :


Keravnos and Styx :

Keravnos and Afroditi :

Keravnos and Kasumi :

Keravnos and Atalanta :

Keravnos and Elder God Joanna :


Anemos and Styx :

Anemos and Afroditi :

Anemos and Kasumi :

Anemos and Atalanta :

Anemos and Elder God Joanna :


Anemos[Kyo] and Styx :

Anemos[Kyo] and Afroditi :

Anemos[Kyo] and Kasumi :

Anemos[Kyo] and Gaia :

Anemos[Kyo] and Atalanta :

Anemos[Kyo] and Elder God Joanna :


Gaia and Drakos :

Gaia and Anemos[Kyo] :

Gaia and Leon :


Atalanta and Sho :

Atalanta and Sousuke :

Atalanta and Drakos :

Atalanta and Keravnos :

Atalanta and Anemos :

Atalanta and Anemos[Kyo] :

Atalanta and Cthulu :


Cthulu and Styx :

Cthulu and Afroditi :

Cthulu and Kasumi :

Cthulu and Gaia :

Cthulu and Atalanta :

Cthulu and Elder God Joanna :

Cthulu and Nya/Nyarlathotep :


Leon and Styx :

Leon and Gaia :

Leon and Nya/Nyarlathotep :

(Prefered)Character Voices[CV] :

The mains : the same voice but they will be “silent” in cutscenes and won’t have a voice.

Ares : Suwabe Junichi

Joanna/Elder God Joanna : Shindou Kei

Okeanos : Inada Tetsu

Thetis : Inoue Kikuko

Styx : Kobayashi Yuu

Afroditi : Kurokawa Nami

Kasumi : Kobayashi Sanae

Drakos : Hiyama Nobuyuki

Keravnos : Kusao Takeshi

Anemos,Anemos[Kyo] : Konishi Katsuyuki

Gaia : Orikasa Fumiko

Atalanta : Kawasumi Ayako

Necronomicon/Al Azif/Al and The Mad Arab (Abdul) Alhazred/Azrad: Okiayu Ryotaro

Cthulu : Itou Kentarou

Nya/Nyarlathotep : Orikasa Ai/Endou Aya[real form]

Leon and Zephyros[voices will differ] : Midorikawa Hikaru

Yog-Sottoth : Hayami Sho

Kengo Muramasa : Koyasu Takehito

Skotos : Inoue Kazuhiko

The Seventh Successor of the Lightning Dancer Thunder Swordsman School : Ono Kenichi

Sofia : Yukino Satsuki

The teachers of the Carnage Fist School[ShuraKen Ryu] : Matsumoto Yasunori and Takagi Wataru

Drakos’ mentors :

Couple #1 – Sakurai Takahiro and Itou Ayumi
Couple #2 – Ishikawa Hideo and Toyoguchi Megumi

Zephyros : Midorikawa Hikaru

Cthulhu : Wakamoto Norio[1rst form]/Utsumi Kenji[2nd form]/Nakata “George” Jouji[real,final form]/all of them[semi-final form]

Drakon Achilleos : Hatano Wataru

[Diabolos] : Okiayu Ryotaro

Hypnos : Ohtsuka Akio

The Pnakotic Manuscripts : Kanda Rie

Hathanga : Ishida Akira

Dagon : Sakurai Takahiro and Ishikawa Hideo[split,assimilated human disguise]

Script :

Narration : How would you feel if one day your favourite fiction books were true?This is the tale of a young man who experiences this.In this world,since time immemorial there have been many wars between “Gods”.In the last and most violent one,Cthulhu was cast in Tartarus,never to threaten anyone ever again and Yog-Sototh was supposedly destroyed.Truly a victory for the Elder Gods.But now the Great Old Ones seek to free Cthulhu for unknown reasons.Meanwhile,a mysterious figure is waiting to take the spotlight…But let us see how this story unfolds…

*Scene changes to an unknown place,with Leon and Nya appearing in the shadows and identified as xxxM and xxxF,respectively.A calm and soothing music plays,as if the setting is relaxing and everydayish.*

xxxM : So…it has laready started.The “game” will begin,once again.
xxxF : You seem to have fun.
xxxM : Shouldn’t I?After all this is my only entertainment.
xxxF : It is strange…the way we are all entangled,in this “fun” of yours.
xxxM : It cannot be helped.The gears of fate have started moving again.Once again I shall triumph,once again I shall crush everyone I desire,once again I shall have everything in the palm of my hand.Only to start over,yet again.
xxxF : It’s strange…yet so real.
xxxM : Indeed.Everything is mine to command.The fate of everything is predetermined and I,I am in complete control of it.
xxxF : Are you…unhappy about it.
xxxM : [A bitter smile is formed,but only for an instant.]
xxxF : I shall take my leave.
xxxM : Will you stay neutral this time too?
xxxF : You already know the answer…you always…it’s always like that…
xxxM : And it will always be like that.[The player gets to see a glimpse of the unknowns eyes,full of sadness and great despair.Those eyes quickly turn back to the eyes he had before.Those bored eyes,those arrogant eyes that look down upon everything and everyone.]It is time…I shall see it through the end…this cycle of fate that I have on my hands…

*Scene changes to the town,in the university*

Sho :[Great!Another boring lecture ‘s finished.]
Sho :Hm?(Blinking Eyes)[I thought I saw something…nah!]
???? : Hey wait!
Sho : Yes?
???? : Are the one they call “Sho”?
Sho : Yes.
???? : Are you S-
Sho : Please refer to me as Sho.
???? : ?!?OK,if that’s what you wish.

*Scene changes : Sho’s house,Sho’s room*

Sho : No one’s home,so they won’t hear us.What did you want to talk about in pivate?
???? : I believe you wanted to sort things out too?Right?
Sho : [Perceptive…but who is he-]
???? : You!
Sho : ?Excuse me?Iwas lost in thought-
???? : I know.And I answered your question.
Sho : Huh?
???? : Uh…how to put it…I’m an Elder God,specifically you.I don’t-
Sho : Obviously I’m dreaming.As if such an awesome thing as Lovecraft myths and De(cencored)bane exist.Damn!
EGSho : I don’t know about De(cencored)bane,but everything Lovecraft wrote is mostly true.[Truth is I wish De(cencored)bane excisted too…] You don’t seem that shocked.
Sho : If you really are me,then you should have my thought pattern.
EGSho : And the things I think are the things you think,meaning since we are-
Sho : OK,OK I believe you.
EGSho : Then I’ll tell you the reason why I appeared in front of you today,and my ourpose on the earthly plane.It’s kinda long.
Sho : I’ll be here in a second.

*5 seconds later…[screen rights 5 seconds later,while playing some kind of stupid music]*

*Sho enters the room with a tray full of sweets*

Sho : Sorry I’m late.You can start.

*EGSho tells the story the narrator said,but in further detail*

Sho : Interesting.Yet why us?
EGSho : Being the youngest of the gods,I haven’t done anything yet so it’s only natural to start with something small such as finding out who wants to free Cthulhu and try and resurrect the evil gods.And being on this plane,I doubt he is that strong.
Sho : You can’t stay with me all the time though.How will we communicate?
EGSho : For free and all the time,all around the world,telepathy.But you have to be really concentrated when you talk telepathetically and yell what you say.Also you must have a good amount of psychic powers.Or-
Sho : Or you can simply call 69something from my cellphone.
EGSho : …Yeah…that was the joke.My phone number is 69X.We have to draw the least attention.Ok?
Sho : What’s the first place we search?
EGSho : Me,the edge of the town and the suspicious alleys.You the rest.
Sho : …Huh…Sounds fair…if you can protect yourself.
EGSho : You should know better.Let’s go.
Sho : See you here at midnight.

*Screen changes to town.*

Sho : Nothing.Nothing.Nothingnothingnothingnothingnothing.AAAAAA.I give up.Seriously,we are just like sitting ducks.Not even a clue from his higher-ups.What the hell they think they are-no wait.They really are gods.*Sigh*
Sho : Hm…It came from there…a girl’s scream?

*Scene changes to a back alley*

Girl : *Scream*
Sho : Here I thought I found some clues,yet all I find is an angry bull trying to break a great work of glass.
Thug : Got some problem,punk?
Sho : I have a problem with those idiots who do things like this when I have shitty days.Also I hate seeing people get bullied or mistreated because of the whims of people like you.
Thug : You-
Girl[Different appearance,same voice] : Enough.Thanks for the assist,but I can handle thugs myself.As for you thug,you are going to face justice.

*Silence for a moment…then they both burst out laughing,while the girl looks annoyed*

Sho : *Almost having trouble to talk and breathe*Oh…brother…*snicker*…I’m calm…I’m calm.Oh god that made my day.No.My year.Oh god.Oooohoho…*serious tone*yeaah.

*Quickly beats up thug*

Sho : Like hell I’d forget ’bout you.[Though I feel kind of low,beating him like that…come to think of it,don’t I know her…]
Girl : Thanks,for the assist.[Slightly irritated tone.]
Girl : Ahem.Again thank you very much.I had some trouble with this thug.Please though,don’t get involved in fights with thugs in the future,since you might not be-
Sho : Joanna.
Girl : Eh?
Sho : Aren’t you the girl from the university of philosophy?Also weren’t you recently taking some kind of holiday to America?Man the world is small.Yet…*closer look*I really think that you were not wearing these when the thug assaulted you.Also…I thought you were a brunette before the thug assaulted you.The last time I saw you,you were wearing glasses and had your hair in a ponytail.
Joanna : No,you are certainly wrong.I’m the protector of justice,-
Sho : Oh,look.Isn’t that your boyfriend?
Joanna : I believe you are mistaken,I-
Sho : And isn’t that another girl?
Joanna : I don’t-
Sho : WOOOO!Now that’s what I call a kiss-
Joanna : LUUUCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA![Turns around.]Ah![Sees nothing.][Realizes she was tricked.]Aaaaa…I mean…he isn’t…It’s not like I care for this man…or anything…
Sho : Didn’t you called him by his name?Also you were extremely uneasy all the time I was saying those things.
Joanna : [Stupified.]…You are right…that’s who I am.
Sho : [Sooooooooo predictable.I wonder how people don’t notice things like that.Seriously at least change your voice.]
Joanna : Please,don’t tell anybody…
Sho : I doubt anyone would believe me anyway.However we seem to be able to exchange secrets,due to our strange fate.How about it?Wanna help me search for something that is vital for the moment?
Joanna : If that’s what I have to do in order to protect my secret,then I agree.
Sho : Good.While we wait for my…um…link,maybe you can tell me your story.
Joanna : OK.

*While flying over the city*

Sho : [I thought she was just a cosplayer,but it really seems she has something unusual too.What’s more surprising is that I find all this normal…wait scratch that.]Umm…Joanna…about the whole secrets exchanging business we were talking?Will you please tell me?
Joanna : I suppose.[After all he shared with me his crazy,unreal story,but I shouldn’t get on his nerves.Mad people are dangerous.]
Sho : [Somehow I don’t feel well.Does someone speak ill of me?]
Joanna : You probably know about my trip in America,my sudden return from it and my change in style from your friends at the U. right?If you read the papers,you should notice that not while I was away,but even after I returned,reports in the local papers about the most unbelievable thing happening : A super-heroine.Super-heroes existing.
Sho : [So the mass media were telling the truth.Who would have guessed-no scratch that.Everything they say is mostly untrue,unrelated facts,personal talks,star matters and other useless things…just cause they said the truth ones doesn’t mean anything.]
Joanna : The American government along with many other enterprises from all over the world are running a project called “Saviour Project”.The purpose of it is to create a hero/heroine to fight crime and have justice prevail.I was the tenth candidate and the only success.Isn’t it wonderful that finally people started thinking about the other and not their personal gains?
Sho : [My freakin’ass.I can easily guess who’re the ones behind it,along with those “innocent enterprizes”.I got to hand it to them though.Making money with publicity,by hurting all the criminals but themselves.It’s a win situation for most of the world.Crap.And I guess our government is supporting the project.]
Joanna : Also our go-
Sho : I know.Nice story.
Joanna : Is something the matter?
Sho : Nothing…Ah!We’re here.

*After landing*

EGSho : Oh you are late.Eh?
Sho : What?
Sho and Joanna : Eh…
EGSho : Excuse us for a while.

*Grabs Sho and takes him a little further.*

EGSho : What the hell,man?What did I do to you?Why that?
Sho : What?I brought such a cute girl-
EGSho : She is my fiance!
Sho : [Thunderstruck]
EGSho : Sorry for not telling you before that I already had-
Sho : [Crying]At least my EG persona isn’t as much a loser as I am.GOOD JOB!Such a cute,nice girl.And she is into cosplaying too.
EGSho : Eh?No!She is like other EG.Deceptive,adamant to the rules,customs etc and nice to their family only.And she hates “human” interactions.
Sho : But-

*Both look at her carefully*

EGSho : Incredible…we are a special case but she is an excellent one herself.
Sho : She is your fiance’s counterpart?
EGSho : I’m 99% sure.
Sho : What’s the 1% uncertainty for?
EGSho : Her behaviour.Though we have to see that for ourselves.
EGSho : Excuse our eralier freak-out.We just had something to discuss.[Damn.Great cover.]
Joanna : No…not at all.[Is it me,or are the really the same guy?]
Sho : This is the man-scuse me-God I told you about earlier.
EGSho : Wether,you believe it or not,by the way you don’t,but it’s all true.By the way I’m not a freak and stop thinking about justice.
Joanna : Wha-
Sho : He’s a God.Reading thoughts is the least he can do.
Joanna : -OKOK-I believe.So we just have to search for clues about
some “Clutsomething”.I’ll be off.

*Joanna flies away.*

Sho : I’m impressed.What was the inside of her mind like?
EGSho : I never was inside her mind.I’m not the best when it comes to magick but just seeing the memories of my link[you] and think something up was enough to make her believe.
Sho : Nice.
EGSho : You would do the same.
Sho : We should find nicks.I don’t think we need to give our real names to anyone right now.
EGSho : You keep the one you have,I guess and I’ll take Sousuke.
Sho : Right.

*Gameplay continues*

*After moving out of the alley and in another alley,the screen goes crimson red and a howl is heard*

Sho : Wha-
Sousuke : [A devil?Here?No,an Evil God!]Take cover!

*Scenery changes in an arena and an Evil God appears.It’s the first boss fight.*

Boss : Lesser Evil God

Sousuke : Surprised,monster?Now we can fight without involving innocents.Doesn’t that tick you off a bit?


Sousuke : I figured as much.

*After the fight.*

*Scenery changes back.*

Sho : Did anything happened?
Sousuke : I’ll explain later.For now,getting home and resting is a priority.

*Scenery changes to Sho’s room*

Sho : How come you’re tired?I thought he was supposed to be no match for you.
Sousuke : If he wasn’t the seventh I faced in a row.And they seemed more powerful than they should ever be.Let’s just call it a day.
Sho : True.Wanna eat-

*A loud noise is heard*

Sho and Sousuke : Ooh,FU-

*Both get outside*

??? : *Laughter*
Sousuke : [Another enemy?I won’t hold out much longer if this continues.Damn.If only I had my weapons and Al helping me.]Who are you?
??? : So you are the rookie who has a human counterpart.I didn’t expect you to be that weak.But I forgot to introduce myself.I am Hathanga.Just one of the numerous servants of my great lord,CTHULHU!
Sousuke : [Damn.He is going to be a much tougher match.Better call them now.]
Hathanga : Oh,you misunderstand my boy.I’m not here to fight.I’m here to bring ruin.
Sho : I thought classic comicbook villains only existed in comics.
Sousuke : Don’t worry Sho.Even if he kills everybody,we[the Elder Gods]can bring them back to life.
Hathanga : Not always my boy.And remember,I never said I’m here to kill.I said I’m here to bring ruin.

*A book falls from the sky,along with a large case*

Hathanga : Too late my boy.All the seals are broken.All over the world.
Sousuke : Keep rambling.I won.
Hathanga : That’s-NO!
Sousuke :
With righteous anger in my heart
And Justice with me
I plead that I will achieve victory
Lend me your power and protect those I love
Now is the time

Sho : [Isn’t that?]JOANNA COME HERE!
Joanna : What-
Sho : Crap.

*Sho takes her by the hand,but not before Hathanga hits him*

Hathanga : [Hm,missed.No matter.]

*The whole neighbourhood disappears,while images of the Earth being destroyed by ecological disasters,like tsunamis, 9 richter earthquackes,thunderstorms and volcanoes erupting,coupled with explosions from army storages and nuclear factories.*

*Sho wakes up.But the scenery has changed to a complete wasteland.The sky is red and thick black clouds are present,letting only some rays of light to pass through.Also thunderstorms are present.Sousuke moves Sho inside a crystal shrine.*

Sho : Wha-what happened-woah.(-*Sees his reflection in a crystal*-)[In a dazed,half asleep tone.]Heyy,hello sexy-no wait!!!!!!!Was I always that pale??And…[Looks closely]what the hell?!????
Souskue : Don’t remember what happened?
Sho : After getting Joanna with us,nothing.
Sousuke : …I see.To cut the long story short,you got burned nearly to death.I revived most of you,the Earth’s surface is destroyed by ecological disasters,a huge number of animals and people lost their lives,but I managed to save some.They are in another dimension,created by me,safe and sound,asleep until all this is over.I used the last ounce of my power to restore you and “upgrade” you.But you as you see yourself,you now are more like me.
Sho : Sooo…how bad is it for you?
Sousuke : Let’s say I went back to level 1.At least I can still create crystal shrines.
Sho : Wait.You said before that you can revive the dead.Why don’t you urge your higher-ups to do so and restore th Earth?
Sousuke : It’s not that simple.True,we can do as much,my higher-ups can do even more,but there is a law and everyone of them is a bitch when it comes to laws : Never interfere with nature.It means that if the Earth is destroyed by itself,don’t interfere.If life is terminated naturally,don’t interfere.
Sho : To put it simply,don’t mess with the damage mama nature does to herself like quackes and the like and don’t mess with a life that ended normally,like century old humans who die peacefully while sleeping.
Sousuke : Correct.There is however a “window” in these rules.
Sho : I can guess as much : we catch the one who gave the signal for these disasters to begin,beat him up and undo the damage,ourselves.
Sousuke : I’ll fill the young lady when she wakes up and call for[-*shivering sounds*-]back-up.In the meantime,you have to start looking for demons and Al.Once you find Al contact me.
Sho : Sure thing…
Sousuke : Is something wrong?
Sho : Actually yes : Now I look like a generic character of ambiguous sexuality…like you.
Sousuke : So that’s the problem…
Sho : Yeah!
Sousuke : I wouldn’t worry too much about it.Think that every non human up here is like that.And some women on earth do that…not to mention some…men…
Sho : But…
Sousuke : Oh come on,you are 20!It’s not your chest hair that makes you manly at this age,there are a plethora of other things that makes young men be manly.Besides you never had that much.
Sho : …Oh,what the hell.

*Prologue ends here and Gameplay starts from here on*

*After reaching level 2,tutorials end*

Sho : [Wow,seems like I really am getting stronger.Wonder if I can absorb demonic powers?]

*Gameplay continues*

*After finishing the first demon space,you will find a page of the Necronomicon*

Sho : [That’s…hm!Ancient greek,latin,arabic and…what kind of language is that?All spells.The Necronomicon…wait-“If you find Al,contact me”,huh.Guess I have to go back.]

*Gate is blocked and a demon appears.*

Sho : [Guess they can wait a bit.]

Boss : Demon-Speedfish

*After defeating the boss*

Sho : Huh?[The pain’s gone?What happened exactly?]

*You gain the DD ability Sonic Run and Sprint Run*

*Gameplay continues*

*After returning to the crystal shrine.*

Sho : Good news-
Joanna[different appearance and tone of voice] : YOU’RE LATE MORTAL.
Sho : What the-who died and made you queen,miss “immortal”?
Sousuke : Now,now.Both of you calm down.Love,please forgive him,he is still in training after all.
Sho : [“Love”…ah!!!Then she is-]
EGJoanna : These are just excuses.Just because I’m helping humans,doesn’t mean I have to put up with them.I still wonder why someone like you has to put up with them.
Sousuke : Come on.Why “put up with” them?They are like us aft-
Sousuke : Aaahhh…ok love.[-*turns towards Sho*-]So did you find Al?
Sho : I found one of his pages.
Sousuke : That means he’s still out there.
Sousuke : And it seems we are lucky.Two more and I’ll be able to join the fight!
Sho : Huh?
Sousuke : It’s not one his pages,it’s one of his blancs.In his blancs,my powers are sealed every time I use extremely strong spells,like the one I used before.Shall we?
Sho : With pleasure.
EGJoanna : I hope you take that girl too.
Sousuke : Don’t worry.And thanks for everything.
EGJoanna : [-*Blushes*-]S-s-s-stupid!I didn’t do it for you…anyway…I got the info only because you asked me…I’ll be going!
Sho : [A tsundere?!?!?!Seems even like that I don’t have much luck…oh well.At least she cares.]
Sousuke : We are going to the area you found the page.

*Joanna and Sousuke join the party.More tutorials ensue.*

*Gameplay continues.*

*After reaching the first demon area again,some dialogue and a boss fight occurs*

Sho : You never explained to me what I’m fighting.
Sousuke : Nothing much.They are lesser Evil Gods,Outer Gods and Devils.They are like biological weapons to the Evil Gods and the Great Old Ones.
Sho : Still…I’ve taken the life of many of them.
Sousuke : In that sense,you should feel guilty about all the meat,the vegetables you ate,all the flowers you walked on and many more.These guys aren’t even real.
Sho : Sorry…I don’t know what I’m saying.
Sousuke : Don’t worry.You’ll start thinking straight again.It’s just from the shock of all that’s happened.
Joanna : This place is pretty big.What are we searching for?
Sousuke : Clues.And our first is this page.Since I can’t track the mystic readings,we have to do it with the old fashioned way.Can you smell it out?And I mean it literately.
Joanna : I’ll try…nothing here.
Sho : What about that?Looks like blood…and from an earthly being.
Sousuke : Survivors?Because I can’t think Al bleeds.
Joanna : Why not?
Sousuke : Technically Al is a book.A grimoire.And to top it off,the most powerfull in existence.I don’t doubt he can protect himself,yet him bleeding?
Joanna : [What’s that sound?]…I believe we have company.
Sho and Sousuke : Huh?
Sousuke : I don’t sense any mystic energy nor anything living.Are you-

*Celling explodes and three demons appear*

Sousuke : First time for everything.Joanna get the guy that looks like a humanoid.Sho,take out the other two.
Sho : Wait,I’m inferior to her in terms of power.
Sousuke : Yes.but you can even up with Joanna if you beat them.
Sho : …Ok.Time to go rough.

Boss : DEMONIC DUO – Adamatus and Gunn

*After the fight*

Sho : I’m sooo not doing this again.
Sousuke : You sure?Lie down and try to sleep.
Sho : I don’t think we have time for that.
Sousuke : If you can withstand the pain of the merging it’s ok.
Sho : What-

*Adamatus’ muscles rip themselves of his body and Guun’s nervous system starts moving towards Sho.*

Sho : Oh,Sh-

*You gained the DD abilities Demonic God Muscles[DD] and Devilish Nerves[DD]*

Sho : Aaah…!Hey,I don’t feel any pain.At all.
Sousuke : From now on it just keeps getting better for you.Consider yourself a lesser Elder God.Or Evil God.Depends on you.
Sho : …
Joanna : I found something.Come over here.
Sousuke : Another blanc page.One more and I will be able to figt again.Next stop,Kyoto.
Joanna : Why?
Sousuke : An aquantance of mine lives there.
Sho : But how?It will take days-no.Weeks.
Sousuke : Crystal Shrines are the solution.
Sho : …right.
Joanna : [I hope we don’t run into her again.]May I ask who this aquantance of yours is?
Sousuke : Muramasa.His name is Muramasa Kengo(Kengo Muramasa in the west).
Joanna : Um…you know him?
Sho : Kengo Muramasa was a very famous japanese blacksmith during the warring states period and a little bit after that.His most famous swords were said to be cursed and the only way to find that out was to put them in the river along with a leaf and do a test.Should the leaf be sliced and go with the flow,it would be a plain katana(japanese sword).If the leaf should twirl around the blade,no matter what power the river had,the sword was a Muramasa original.Still why go to him?
Sousuke : I have to find my weapons and you have to get yours forged.It will be very difficult to fight enemies in the future with just your bare hands.
Joanna : What about me?
Sousuke : …I’ll think of something.This guy will probably help you too.So then…to Kyoto.

*After reaching the crystal shrine*

Sousuke : This way.

*You pass through a portal*

*After arriving to the crystal shrine of Kyoto*

Sho : The portal-
Sousuke : Don’t worry.I will open a new one once I restore my powers.
Sho : …Ok.Which way now?
Sousuke : It’s marked on the map.Let’s move.
Joanna : Before that happens,I wish to ask about our enemies.
Sousuke : ?I believe I explained back in the cave.Unless you want something more?
Joanna : I mean,are they going to be the same?
Sousuke : Ohhh.That.Short answer : no.They are going to look like monsters from japanese mythology(bakemono) and deamons from it(oni).They are going to be a little scarier.

*Gameplay continues*

*After arriving at Muramasa’s.They enter his bedroom.*

Sousuke : Old man.I’m back.
Joanna : So clean…and tidy.
Sho : For a sick old man he is pretty clean and tidy I guess.
Muramasa : Oooh,wonderfull.I won’t be alone in my final hours…[Bishounen images of him start flying around]

*Sousuke starts punching him*

Sousuke : Just stop it…
Muramasa : Ah…I thee.Tho thethe are your friendth.[Translation : Ah…I see.So these are your friends.]
Sho : [Am I really like that when I get angry?]
Joanna : [I guess neither of them are cute…anymore.]

*After this madness is over*

Muramasa : Welcome and pleased to meat you all.I’m Kengo Muramasa.You must have heard from-
Sousuke : Sousuke.
Muramasa : I see.It’s cuter that way.Right Sou-chan?
Sho and Sousuke : Who’s Sou/Sho -chan,you stupid old man?
Joanna : Excuse them,please.They aren’t usually like this.
Muramasa : No,it’s ok.Sousuke just doesn’t like to be teased.So then(-*looking at Sho*-),you must be Sousuke’s human counterpart,right?Do you want me to call you Sou-chan?
Sho : Sho’s just fine.[Glare]
Muramasa : Wonderfull.Now…what do you want me for?
Sousuke : For the most part,information and a request.For the least a visit and check upon you old man.And as usual you act like it’s your end.
Muramasa : It’s not???
Sousuke : How can a god die from some illness?
Sho : Anyway…I’d like to request something mister Muramasa.
Muramasa : Go ahead,my boy.
Sho : Can you make some exclusive weapons for me?
Muramasa : …[Serious tone,yet sad.]So you’ll fight too?
Sho : I have to.
Muramasa : Very well.What weapons?
Sousuke : The same as my weapons.Also I’d like Al’s third blanc page and the chest with my weapons.
Muramasa : Ok.Sho-kun,would you kindly come to the smithing room with me please?
Sho : I get the feeling it’s gonna hurt.
Muramasa : Not much,if you are asleep.
Sho : …

*While Muramasa makes the weapons*

Joanna : They said it was going to hurt…what did they mean?
Sousuke : Worried about him?
Joanna : …
Sousuke : Don’t be.It only hurts a bit.Wanna eat?
Joanna : Thank-what are those?
Sousuke : They are called “ramen”.Noodles in soup of some kind…try some.
Joanna : …[tasty…]Anyway,what did they mean?What are they going to do?
Sousuke : The same thing he did to me : make him exclusive weapons.By that,I mean he is going to take some of his bones and blood and make five different weapons.
Joanna : But,that’s-
Sousuke : He is on a different level from humans so he’ll be fine.After a day he’ll recover completely.
Joanna : Still…
Sousuke : It’s a bit harsh,but it’s no big deal for guys like us.Don’t worry about him.
Joanna : …

*The next day*

Muramasa : So,how do you feel now?
Sho : You have to ask?
Muramasa : You really are like Sousuke-kun.He said the same thing.
Muramasa : Here you go.These are your weapons.
Sousuke : !They are the same shape as my weapons.
Muramasa : Truly.You are even more alike than you thought you would be.
Sho : I am very gratefull mister Muramasa.
Muramasa : Oh please,stop with the formalities.Call what you like.
Sho : Oh!…Thanks old man.
Sousuke : Now,it’s time for our talk.
Muramasa : That’s why I brought these with me.

*Hands over a large chest and a Necronomicon page*

Sousuke : Thanks.I’d like to ask you two things too :
1)Can you tell me the whereabouts of Anemos?
And 2)Do you know of a way to help our young lady?
Muramasa : I’m afraid I don’t know about Anemos…but there is a way for the young lady to fight : dragons.
Sousuke : !…That’s not going to be easy…right?
Muramasa : Only the first dragon will be a problem.The rest will be easier,since she will posses more power.
Sousuke : Thank you,old man.We are all very grateful.
Muramasa : Don’t be.I should thank you for coming over here.
Sousuke : You don’t nedd to be so modest.Next time I’ll be here,I’ll bring “him” with me.I promise.
Muramasa : …I would be very grateful.
Sousuke : Bye,old man.

*Joanna and Sousuke join the party again,as playable characters.Also Sho and Sousuke have received their weapons*

*You learned Hell’s Uprising.Now you are able to learn more skills as you level up,unless they are story related,or have other criteria to meet.*

*Gameplay continues*

*Upon arriving at the old Kyoto temple…what remained of it*

Sho : I always wanted to take a tour to japan,but that’s ridiculous.At least stop being crytpic and enlighten us about the person we are searching.
Sousuke : I told you we are searching for Al-
Sho : Stop dodging the freaking question.Why do you do this to yourself?I can understand about our young lady,but me?
Joanna : P…please just calm down.I’m sure he has his own reasons.Yet truth to be told,you are very shaken since we left mister Muramasa’s house.
Sho : And is that enough to hide them from himself?
Sousuke : …I can’t-

*A quick flash*

Sho : We got company right?
Sousuke : …!!!You guys run.

*Flames sprout everywhere*

Sho : What the-
Joanna : Woah.
Sousuke : [It’s not him???We are so screwed.What does an Elemental want with us??]Hey!Sorry for butting in,but why do you pursue us?
??? : Huh?I don’t pursue anyone.I just want you to accept my youthful FLAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEES!

*More flames erupt*

Sousuke : [This is becoming more dangerous than I thought.The young lady won’t hold out.]
Sho : [Joanna is pretty much hurting from the heat,yet I feel nothing…is this what he meant by saying I’m in a different league from humans?]Huh?

*Joanna puts out the flames with a single breath*

Sho : Woah.Huh?

*Flames rise again*

??? : It’s pointless.My flames can only be extinguished by stronger flames.
Sho : You know that doesn’t make sense.
Sousuke : On the contrary,to him it does…guy’s an Elemental.A special kind of Elder God.
??? : I see someone knows about it.True,my name is Drakos.I control fire.
Sho : So if I show you my “flames”,you’ll stop?
Drakos : [So they are the famous duo…finally.]We’ll see.COME AND GET ME!

Boss : Drakos

*After the fight*

Sho : [Did I get him or…]

*flames go out*

Drakos : Very well.No,you two far exceed what I ever expected.
Sousuke : Meaning…!You were testing us?Am I right?
Drakos : Sorry I put you through such danger.I’m sorry,but I wanted to see how you would fare with my own eyes.
Sho : Are you kidding?I didn’t win,much less scratch you.
Drakos : Winning isn’t everything.You both did great.You both risked your lives for a woman and no matter how futile it was,you still persisted.As for you my friend,your flame certainly reached mine.And it was a good one.I’m coming with you.
Sousuke : !Thank you very much,uh…sir?
Drakos : Come on.No need for formalities.Those who are righteous need not to feel the way you do my friend.So LET’S GO.LET OUR BLOOD BURN AND PUNISH THOSE WHO DID THIS THIS BEAUTIFULL EARTH.LET OUR FLAMES BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN.
Sho/Sousuke : [So he is just hotblooded and hotheaded…still,not a bad guy at all.]Pleased to meet you to.
Sho : I’m Sho.
Sousuke : I’m Sousuke.
Joanna : I’m Joanna.
Drakos : Nice to meet you,my fair lady.And I heard about you two.Although I remeber your name was S-
Sho/Sousuke : Call me the way I introduced myself.
Drakos : !?Ok,if that’s your wish my friends.Despite that,your name was very good.
Sho/Sousuke : …Thanks.
Drakos : So then,let’s go my friends.

*Sho and Sousuke smilling along with him*

Sho/Sousuke : YEAH.
Joanna : [For some reason,I feel left out of this…]

*After arriving at the crystal shrine*

Drakos : Wait.Before heading back,I wish to talk about something with all of you.
Drakos : First I’d like to hear about your plans on finding the other Elementals.
Sousuke : …Very well.My aim was to find Anemos first and move to Keravnos.Then Gaia and Atalanta would be my best bet before taking you on and Okeanos.
Drakos : I see.Is Anemos an aquantance of yours?
Sousuke : Yes.And “he” as well.
Drakos : I’ll help you all the way.I too am aquanted with them.
Sousuke : I appreciate it.
Drakos : Second,I’d like to teach you some things you will find useful.Two of my skills,a spell and a secret.You shouldn’t rush with it though.You need the other four to fully understand mine and their secret too.
Sho : Got it.
Drakos : And last of all…young lady,no…Joanna,do you wish to help?
Joanna : Yes.
Drakos : Very well.Tomorrow we are going to the land of the fire dragon.
Sousuke : !?
Drakos : Don’t look like that my friend.It will be fine.
Sousuke : But,we can’t do this.We are-
Drakos : My friend,you seem to forget one thing : a brave heart can make everything work out.We can do the impossible if we put our mind to it.Look at Sho.He isn’t thinking twice about anything.He is already burning with the flame of courage.You should go back to yourself too.
Sousuke : …Thanks.
Sho : Come on you two.I can’t get more fired up.
Drakos : I agree!
Sho : Sousuke,don’t be like that man.It’s like we are having Gu* from G**G**G** with us,along with many others.As he said,let your fire burn.
Sousuke : YOU’RE RIGHT!

*Drakos joins the party.You learned magic spell Inferno Purge.*

Drakos : Let’s go.The land of dragons awaits us.

*Gameplay continues*

*After reaching the land of dragons*

Drakos : …It’s nice to meet an old friend isn’t it,Anemos?
Sousuke : !Where is he?
Anemos : And I was going to welcome you to the land.How are you doing Drakos?And you too S-
Sousuke : It’s Sousuke…for now.
Anemos : !?Very well.How’s it going?
Sousuke : We’re fine.You probably know about our quest,right?
Anemos : I will gladly help my friends.And I see there are new faces as well.(-*Looking at Joanna*-)Welcome aboard my lady.
Joanna : Ah…thanks…
Drakos : Still weak for beautiful ladies I see.
Anemos : Who isn’t,my friend?Ah,and sorry about negleting you my friend.
Sho : No,it’s ok.Old friends have to catch up.By the way I’m Sho.Nice to meet you.
Anemos : Very nice meeting you too.I heard from Sousuke about you.
Sho : Aren’t you going to test me?
Anemos : I don’t think there is any need.But if you’d like,i’ll gladly spar.
Sho : I appreciate it.

Boss : Anemos

*After the fight*

Anemos : You are very good.A little-
Sousuke : [This feeling.How?]
Anemos? : Ah…Finally awake.
Sousuke : Anemos?No,Kyo…it’s you isn’t it?
Drakos and Sho : ?!?
Anemos[Kyo] : Damn,took me a long time,to take over the coward’s body.
Sho : A split personality?
Anemos[Kyo] : So the coward was fighting with you?I hope you don’t mind defeat,kid.

Boss : Anemos[Kyo][Condition : Hold out for one minute.]

*After the fight*

Anemos[Kyo] : Worthless.Weaker than the dirt in my toenails.
Sho : I wouldn’t think so.

*Inferno Purge is triggered on Anemos’ hand*

Anemos[Kyo] : !?!
Sho : (Punches Anemos[Kyo])What about now?
Anemos : …(Laughter)Good,good.I like that kid.How about being my servant?You’ll be #1.
Sho : Since when?
Anemos[Kyo] : You’re right.The woman here is my #1.You’ll be #2.
Joanna : [Blushes abd in an angry tone.]What,I-
Sho : Since when did I become your servant?
Sousuke : Kyo,enough.He is still learning.No need to be mean.
Anemos[Kyo] : Whatever,he is weak.So are you,now.
Sousuke : Even if I am will you help us?
Anemos[Kyo] : …No.Only the coward,will.If you want an explanation,we will talk,privately at that place.
Sousuke : I was hoping for that.
Anemos[Kyo] : Time to return to my slumber then.

*Anemos changes back to normal.*

Anemos : Ughh…
Joanna : Are you…alright?
Anemos : I’m fine.Thanks for the concern miss Joanna.
Sho : What was that?What happened?
Anemos : Umm…split personality.Even gods aren’t perfect.
Sho : …
Drakos : Welcome to the team,Anemos.
Anemos : It’s nice to be with you guys.

*Anemos joins the party.You learned the magic spell Wind Blades.*

Anemos : I believe I should tell you this : It’s probably better if we just go and train with the teachers first.There is a high possibillity that Keravnos and Gaia will be there too.Maybe Okeanos too[since he stalks his daughters everywhere they go.]
Sousuke : But what about your teacher?
Anemos : True,I need to see him.So we will have to part ways.Drakos,I hope you will have a safe journey with the rest of them.
Drakos : Of course.
Sousuke : Then we shall be on our way.
Sho : Wait.What about me?Won’t I have to train under “him” too?
Sousuke : When we finish talking and you find the rest of them along with the teachers,then you can come at that house.I’ll open a portal at the nearest crystal shrine.
Sho : Ok.See you then.

*Anemos and Sousuke leave the party.*

*Gameplay Continues.*

*Anemos and Sousuke gameplay part.*

Anemos : To Muramasa’s.

*When arriving at Muramasa’s*

Sousuke : Old man.I’m back…with a surprise.
Anemos : I’m back teacher.And I’m not the only one.
Muramasa : Oh Sou-kun.And Anemos too…where is the third person?
Anemos : You are looking at him teacher.
Muramasa : !!!!…I see…we’ll talk inside.

*Inside Muaramasa’s house*

Anemos : I suppose I have to start about how things came to be like that.

You see,lately the wind elders were very troubled because of our abilities,so the king decided to move out.Instead I offered to move out and destroy him.I had to fool everybody and take him to safety.My plan worked but at a price.I had to give up his body and seal him inside me.Worse,the body was sealed by the king himself.And now…

Muramasa : …Most unfortunate.It won’t be easy at all,this retrieval mission.
Anemos[Kyo] : No,old man,it won’t be.
Sousuke : Well,that was fast.
Muramasa : So he was telling the truth…
Anemos[Kyo] : No time to look unhappy,old man.We don’t have that much time in our hands.It’s a good opportunity to teach us three the final secrets.
Muramasa : Very well.The training will start this evening.But keep in mind that Anemos has already completed the training.
Anemos [Kyo] : [That’s how he beat me,huh…no other explanation since I’m the strongest.]
Sousuke : Just like old times,eh?All four of us.
Anemos[Kyo] : I still consider him a bastard for what he did.
Sousuke : That doesn’t mean he isn’t your friend.
Anemos[Kyo] : Perhaps.[Slight smile.]
Sousuke : After that are you ready for some major cutting down?
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm.I don’t approve violence.However those who stand in my way are cut down.With style.That’s why I’m the best.
Sousuke : I never had any doubts.
Anemos[Kyo] : Be careful not to stand in my way.
Sousuke : Those precious to you aren’t in the way right?Same goes for me.
Anemos[Kyo] : Let’s go.

*Sho and Joanna Gameplay part*

Sho : So…where to now?
Drakos : The training grounds.I believe we will have access to them if we enter our the nearest crystal shrine.

*As they begin moving.*

Joanna : …
Sho : Something the matter?
Joanna : I just feel…left out.
Sho : Don’t worry.You heard Drakos.Once we find Gaia and that family,girls will probably join in too.It’s just a little bit more,OK?

*Sho walks away and Joanna starts walking too.*

Joanna : That’s not what I meant…

*Gameplay continues*

*After arriving at the crystal shrine,The Training Grounds are accessible*

*Training Grounds*

Joanna : Woooaaahhh.It’s like an endless garden![Sparkling eyes.]
Sho : It sure is spacy enough.So where to now?
Drakos : The grand training hall.It’s a long shot,but I hope to find them all there.
Joanna : But this place is sooo nice.Can-
Drakos : Of course this place is nice.The strongest gather here and compete.And there are many I have yet to surpass.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!I’M GETTING FIRED UUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!

*Flames erupt everywhere*

Joanna : As always,this person is too hot-blooded for his own good.Yet you-

*Missing Silhoutte*

Joanna : …[looks to her left.]

*A volcano is formed and even more flames erupt.*

Joanna : …[Better not say anything.]

*Gameplay continues*

*Grand Training Hall*

Drakos : HEY,I’M BACK.
Sho : I don’t think they are is anybody there-
????#1 and ????#2 : *Hotblooded screaming*
Drakos : I’m not so easy ANYMOOOOOOOOOOORE!

*Several clashings and then the battle finishes.*

Teacher[MY] : You really have improved.
Teacher[TW] : Good to see you haven’t forgoten to practise this style.
Sho : Uuuuhhh…hi.
Drakos : Oh,allow me to introduce you.This a dear friend of mine,Sho.He is the famous human that currently has occupied every elder gods thoughts.If possible,I’d like to teach him more about hand-to-hand combat.I hope we can all enjoy each other’s company.
Teacher[TW] : It will be a pleasure.
Drakos : True,I’m also looking forward to polishing my skills too-
Sho : !
Mentor[ST] : Again…
Mentor[IH] : No choice.Huh.
Mentor[IA] : Oh,stop.
Mentor[TM] : She’s right.Why do you have to do these stunts all the time?
Drakos : All of you.SO NICE TO SEE YOU!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
Joanna : Is it me or is he truly insanely happy?
Sho : I get that feeling too.
Drakos : Allow me to introduce you.These two couples are my mentors and these two men are my teachers.They are also the Great Teachers of the Carnage Fist School[ShuraKen Ryu].They are all like my family.
Sho : You mean you don’t have?
Drakos : No,my parents died at the last war.So they raised me.
Sho : The last war-!Man you are old.
Drakos : I’m not an old man,I’m only 20(millenias).
Sho : Huuhh…In any case,pleased to meet you all.
Teacher[MY] : Likewise.
Teacher[TW] : The pleasure is ours.
Mentor[ST] : Greetings.
Mentor[IH] : Same here.
Mentor[IA] : Please to meet you too.
Mentor[TM] : The pleasure is truly ours.
Teacher[TW] : So then time to start the training.
Joanna : Already????
Teacher[MY] : Of course.We will teach you the ShuraKen Ryu.
Mentor[ST] : I will overlook your Broadsword and twin sword training.
Mentor[IH] : I will overlook your single sword and longsword training.
Mentor[IA] : I believe I can be of some help in the gauntlets training.
Mentor[TM] : I can teach you about the Elder God history.
Sho : That’s great.Let’s start.

*Gameplay Continues.*

*Now you can start the training.Whenever you feel like it,talk to the people to teach you.*

*You learned an extension of the bare-handed moves.You can also customize your Two-handed Sword,Gauntlets,Bare Handed and Sword attacks and find or even gain new attacks now.*

Sho : Thanks for the training.
All of them : No problem.
Drakos : We’ll come again.Soon.
Joanna : So now what?
Drakos : The next Elemental is probably Atalanta.If we are lucky she will be training with her teacher.

*Gameplay continues*

Voices : [Screaming and battle cries]
Joanna : What the-
Sho : That means we are near them-

*An object comes flying and takes Sho with it.*

Joanna : Seriously what the-
Young woman : Teacher!I hope you were holding back!
Joanna : Wha-
Drakos : This is Atalanta.The one we are searching for.And it seems she was sparring with?
Sho : Oooooowwwww~~~~~~~
Young Man’s voice : Oh,sorry about that.I’ll get of.
Sho : [Finally…air.]Oh,no trouble at all.
Young man’s voice : I’m sorry about the fuss,but it seems we overdid it with out sparring.
Joanna : Th-the-the-THE ARMOUR TAAAAAAAAAAAAALKS?????????
Sho : Eh?[Looks carefully.]Seriously the armour talks by itself.0_o
Atalanta : That’s because my teacher is there.This is his battle armour.
Drakos : Yo!Long time no see,my fair lady.
Atalanta : Unrefined as always.Not to mention troublemaking,Fire Elemental.
Drakos : Aw,don’t be like that.Besides-
Atalanta : Admit your mistakes as a proud warrior and all will be well.
Young Man : Atalanta,that’s enough.
Atalanta : …
Zephyros : I’m sorry for that.My student can be rough,but she doesn’t mean it.I’m Zephyros,her teacher.
Sho : Glad to meet you.I’m Sho,the human that’s causing an uproar here.
Zephyros : Interesting.And you young lady?
Joanna : I’m Joanna.Just a girl.
Sho : We came here to…take Atalanta with us on our journey.
Atalanta : I refuse.As a knight,I yield to none but my lord.If you wish to recruit me,you have to be worthy.
Sho : Fine by me.
Atalanta : Learn the sword arts from my master and then fight me with what you learned.
Joanna : Eh?
Sho : Suits…me?
Drakos : Can I train too,can I?
Zephyros : I don’t see why not.While Sho practises his sword skills we can have sparring sessions.
Joanna : Not again.
Atalanta : I’ll agree with you…lady.

*You learned the rest of the Sword attacks.*

Atalanta : Whenever you are ready,talk to me.

Boss : Atalanta[Special condition : You have to hit her only with sword attacks.No skills and no other weapons.]

*After the fight*

Atalanta : You pass.
Sho : Glad…to hear it…oh boy![Faints.]
Drakos : Well,that was mean.
Joanna : I have to agree.
Atalanta : Hm.
Zephyros : It’s decided then.
Atalanta : I’ll be leaving then,teacher.
Zephyros : Whenever you need me,you can come and visit me.
Sho : S…sure…
Drakos : You can go to my family’s place.The more allies stick together,the stronger their friendship develops.Like us.
Zephyros : I’ll take that advise my friend.

*Atalanta joins the party.You learned the magic spell Metallic Fury.*

*Gameplay continues*

Sho : Can’t we rest a bit?
Drakos : Why do you say that?
Sho : Oh come on you guys,I’m not like you.
Atalanta : I see that you are still in need of training.You aren’t even worthy to be a squire.
Joanna : Oh,that’s just harsh.Besides we all need to rest and eat something.
Drakos : I guess you are right.BUT,if we continue that way we’ll reach Keravnos’ place.And he can cook us a great meal.
Sho : I thought he was a fighter,not a cook.
Atalanta : You will be surprised by this little man.He can put to shame most women when it comes to house chores.
Sho : [I wonder how the rest of the people we are going to meet will be like?Up until now I’m getting aquinted with “familiar faces”…and that’s not a bad thing AT ALL.]Very well.Onwards.
Atalanta : Spirited fool.

*Gameplay continues*

Sho : Finally here…[colapses…]…FOOD.[rises up.]
Joanna : [He really likes food,huh?]
??? : Oh,welcome.I see we have new faces,I daresay.
Drakos : Yo,what’s up?Brought you two new friends,Sho and Joanna.Guys,this man is Keravnos.
Joanna : Whaaaaaaat?[Looks at him.]How?How old are you?You look younger than me.
Keravnos : Oh…I wonder myself…28,30(millenias)…
Atalanta : It’s true.Everybody still wonders what his secret is.
Joanna : [She is pissed of.I can tell she is pissed off like me.]
Drakos : Come now,these things don’t matter at all.Let’s dig in.
Sho : MHFUMFUUFU.(Agreed.)
Drakos : See,he agrees.
Keravnos : Glad to see my cooking’s appreciated.
Joanna : [Just…just what kind of situation is this…]

*After everybody eats their share.*

Sho and Drakos : Excellent.My regards to the chef.
Keravnos : Glad you liked it.
Joanna : …
Keravnos : Is something the matter miss Joanna?
Joanna : N…no!It’s a nice house.
Keravnos : It’s not mine.It’s my teacher’s and his wife’s.
Atalanta : Despite his looks and skills,this man is homeless and likes to wonder.
Sho : If you like it that much,why don’t you join us?
Keravnos : To help in your quest,correct?
Sho : Correct.
Keravnos : With pleasure.Let us go.
Sho : 0_o!Seriously?We won’t fight?
Keravnos : There is no need to fight.
Drakos : Welcome to the party,man.
Joanna : Glad to have you with us.
Atalanta : It’s good to have a fine knight with us.
Keravnos : Ahaha…you are exaggerating.

*Keravnos joins the party.You learned the magic spell Thunder Clash.*

Keravnos : My teacher will be here soon so you may learn something from him.
Sho : We’ll see.
Keravnos : Oh,teacher.
SSotLDTSS : I see we have visitors.
Sho : Please to meet to.
SSotLDTSS : Glad as well.So you are the one.Oh,this is my wife,Sofia.
Sofia : Pleased to meet you all.
SSotLDTSS : If you want to train you can ask me.
Sho : I will.

*You can now train with the SSotLDTSS.You can now customise your Katana moves.*

*After training.*

Sho : Thank you for everything.
SSotLDTSS : No problem.We will start heading towards the place Drakos suggested too.
Keravnos : We’ll come and see you when we have time teacher.
SSotLDTSS : Be sure too.

*Gameplay continues*

Joanna : So it has come to the last two,huh…
Sho : Yup,it seems only Gaia and Okeanos remain.
Sho : You heard something?
Drakos : That’s him.
Keravnos : Along with one of his daughters.
Sho : Daughters?[Looks towards the direction the voices are coming.][Exessive nosebleeds and more…]
Joanna : What’s with him?(A little pissed of.)
Keravnos : Perhaps he saw his daughters.
Atalanta : I won’t blame you if you get ticked of.

*The CG shows Okeanos’ daughters.*

Keravnos : Ah,beatiful and refreshing as ever.
Drakos : Yup,not to mention cuter and more beautiful than you.
Joanna : Was that supposed to be sarcastic?
Drakos : No,why-
Joanna : (Extremely pissed off.)Was that supposed to be sarcastic?
Drakos : No,why?
Atalanta : It’s no use.

*The players go towards their place.*

???[Female voice #2] : Oh look dear,visitors.
Okeanos : HARHARHAR,welcome aboard travelers…ohho!I didn’t think I’d see you walgy rats again so soon.[Looks at sho and Joanna.]And those two are?
Sho : You must have heard about the human that plans to oppose all those Evil Gods,no?
Okeanos : Never ‘eard of ‘im.
Thetis : Oh,don’t be so harsh on young people.Forgive him.I’m his wife,Thetis.
Styx : I’m the eldest,Styx.
Afroditi : Welcome.I am Afroditi.Pleased to make your aquintance.[Hand-shakes everyone.]
Kasumi : …
Thetis : Is something wrong,my dear?
Kasumi : …I’m…going…
Thetis : Forgive her.Kasumi isn’t good with people.She is a bit shy,my baby.
Sho : Yeah…such beaty.Aha.

*Okeanos steps in.*

Sho : Su…such beautiful daughters…ahha?
Okeanos : WHY,YOU-
Thetis : Go easy on him honey.
Okeanos : Aye,dear.
Sho : Wait,what did I do?
Afroditi : Forgive him.Father is a little sensitive when the topic changes to us.
Sho : Ahh,I see,no worries…(mellow expression.)
Styx : Get’im dad.Waste his remains cap’n.
Sho : Eh?Wait I-
Styx : Let him walk the plank.WOOOOOOO!
Sho : Guys…help!

*Keravnos and Drakos are having drinks offered by Thetis and Afroditi.*

Drakos : Go man,go.
Sho : YOU…Joanna some-
Joanna : Screw you!
Sho : Wha-…I beg you Ata-
Atalanta : A worthy hero must overcome all the challenges along his way.
Sho : I agree bu-

Boss : Okeanos

Sho : No…no more…
Okeanos : YARHARHAR.Whatta loser.Just like all landsters.
Sho : [Hehe.Just wait,you freak pirate.]
Okeanos : YARHARHAR…what’s that?

*Inferno Purge is triggered on Okeanos’ hands and coat.As he heads towards the water,Sho triggers Thunder Clash and hits Okeanos the moment he is in the water.*

Sho : Victory.Woohoo.
Styx : Wahoo.Yaren’t bad attall,land rat.How about you become me first mate when I become cap’n?Ya’ll have that rare priviledge ta be in ma crew.
Sho : Wi…with pleasure.

*A huge explosion ensues.*

Sho : Wha…
Thetis : Go,darling.
Afroditi : Oh,dear.It seems father is uncontrolable now.
Styx : Enough dad.This man’s mine.I won’t let you.
Okeanos : whawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawhawhaWHAAAAAAAAT?Oh my baby,my girlie,don’t say such things.He is just-
Styx : ENOUGH,capn’.This man does have what it takes to be with me.And stop treating me like a child.Imma first mate now.
Okeanos : [Tears flowing.]My baby…’as grown up.Allright ya mangy land dog.You can be part of ma girlie’s crew.
Sho : Aaaahhh…thanks…
Joanna : Hm!
Atalanta : Well done.It seems you are improving.Steadilly.
Sho : Ahh,thanks.
Atalanta : You still have a lot of ways to go,squire.
Sho : [Just you wait.I’ll make you accept me.]
Drakos : Congrats man.
Keravnos : I have to say,I’m very impressed.Very good.I’m glad we didn’t fight.
Sho : Come on,now.
Thetis : Dinner’s ready.
All : WHOO,coming.

*After dinner,a lenghty explanation is given about the current situation.*

Okeanos : I see…
Afroditi : That is…rather unfortunate.I’m sorry to hear it.
Thetis : Oh,poor child.
Kasumi : …
Styx : uhh…oh,come on now,first mate.[“Hugging” Sho.]With me and our crew,nobody will stand on our way.We’ll beat them landsters in a spiffy and rescue them all.Come on.
Drakos : Styx’s right.BURN,MY SPIRIT.
Keravnos : Drakos is right.We can’t let that hinder us.
Okeanos : Ya sure are a lively crew.We’ll join ya.
Sho : Glad to have you all with us.

*Okeanos,Thetis,Styx,Afroditi and Kasumi join the party.You learned the magic spells Aura and Ocean’s Relentlesness.*

*Gameplay continues*

Sho : How long ’till we find Gaia?
Keravnos : Not long I believe.She should be around here.
Sho : Is that her?
Okeanos : Yup,that’s ‘er,’right!
Gaia : Welcome.What bussiness would you have with me.
Styx : We’d like ya ta join our crew.
Gaia : Eh?
Afroditi : My elder sister wishes that you offer us your help by assisting us,if it doesn’t bother you.
Gaia : No,it doesn’t,but what kind of quest is that?
Sho : Maybe we should talk about it properly.

*After a long talk*

Gaia : I see.If that’s the case I will gladly join.
Sho : Thank you.Glad to have you with us.
Drakos : More members.YAHOOOO.[Slips and falls down.]Hmmm???
Gaia : Oh,you poor thing.Wait.[Goes and brings bandages and herbs.]There!All that and get-well kiss will do the trick.Alright.
Drakos : It’s that bad.I mean worse has happened.
Gaia : Don’t worry,mama will take care of you.
Joanna : Did I miss something?
Sho : That’s what I wonder too?Unless she realy is the one I’m thinking of…[And she is not the only one…that guy back there…Zephyros,huh..not to mention Atalanta…]
Keravnos : Miss Gaia has a strong motherly streak you see.She acts like this.
Styx : Pah.A weak addition.
Sho : Don’t say that-
Styx : C’mon mate,set sail.
Kasumi : …
Atalanta : With this we can really start.
Sho : Not exactly.We have to go back to Earth and pick our two missing members.
Okeanos : What are ye wait’n’fo?Set sail.

*Gaia joins the party.You learned Earthly Prison.*

*Gameplay continues*

*After you reach Muramasa’s house.*

Sousuke : Hm?Oh,welcome.It’s nice to see you guys again.
Sho : Yo.
Sousuke : So everyone’s here.Just like a family reunion.
Drakos : You don’t say.The last time this happened was 10 years ago.
Afroditi : Truly;very much.
Joanna : So you know each other?
Sousuke : Apart from Drakos,I knew everyone else.But,unlike Keravnos and Anemos,I’ve met them only once in a meeting ten years ago.If they are here,I assume you are all as I remember you.
Okeanos : We wouldn’t change fo anythin’ land prawler.
Styx : Aye.Ya grown finely,brat.Ain’t it right,first mate?
Sousuke : First mate?
Sho : I’ll explain later.
Anemos : !Oh,you came Sho.How was the journey?!I see you are here too my friend.
Keravnos : Same here.It’s been ten long years.
Muramasa : Oh,what a happy gathering.It seesm you have succeeded,Sho-kun.
Sho : Heh.
Muramasa : Then we can start your training.
Sho : Right of the bat,huh?
Anemos : It won’t be that bad.

*You can now customize your Tachi moves.*

Muramasa : Before leaving for your quest,we have to do two things first.
Joanna : We have more to do?
Atalanta : What could that be?
Muramasa : The first one is the awakening of your weapons true forms.I didn’t forge your weapons on a whim.
Anemos : And the second actually is something personal.I’d like your assistance on the matter though.
Gaia : Very well.
Drakos : I’m ok with that.
Muramasa : Then Sho-kun has to head out alone and destroy a certain devil.And when he returns he will face a test to prove if he can wield the weapons.
Sho : …I’ll do it.
Sousuke : Then I’ll stay here.
Sho : I’ll be of then.
Joanna : …
Sousuke : Worried?
Joanna : No…
Kasumi : …
Sousuke : Come on.We all have work to do.

*Gameplay continues*

*The player will face three bosses and will have to find five pages of the Necronomicon too.These bosses are in different locations,marked on the map.After that the player will gain Teleportation Arts[DD],Lightning Speed[DD] and Body and Soul[DD].The Necronomicon pages you found contain : Teleportation Arts[NSPR],Lightning Speed[NSPR],Body and Soul[NSPR],Wind’s Blessings[NSPR] and ???.After you complete all your tasks a scene triggers.*

Sho : [So that is everything needed-]Hm?[A passage?Was it there when I first entered this place?Oh well.]

*You enter the passage only to find yourself in a foggy city of the early 20th century that resembles a mix of an american city and an brittish city.The gameplay continues[no enemy encounter] until you enter an old bookstore.*

Sho : Hello.Is anybody here?Hello?[What’s with this city?And this bookstore…something’s way off.]
Rough Male : May I help you?
Sho : Oh,hello.I was just looking around and-
Rough Male : Please wait.I’ll get the manager.
Sho : Oh…thank you.[What is this-]
??? : Welcome.May I be of any help?
Sho : Uh.[What…what a babe…and that outfit…is she provoking me?No,it’s not time for that.]Hello.
Nya : I’m sorry if I startled you.I’m the owner of this bookstore…I’m…Nya.
Sho : I’m Sho…not that it will mean anything.It’s not a proper name.
Nya : Maybe because the proper name is…[Nya leans near his ear and whispers his name and then blowing in his ear,erotically.]
Sho : [Eehh*Shivering sounds*.How e-]Wait,how did you now my name?
Nya : Such a great name,it is written all over you.And that’s not the only thing that’s great about you…such stuborness,yet such a good soul…so beautiful…so very beautiful.So much potential in everything a human can and can’t do…if only you weren’t underestimating yourself.
Sho : [What the…am I like that?No,this is what mum,dad and all of them say…I’m really nothing special,but how did she know about it?]Uh…I’ve been meaning to ask…why is the city so empty?And what kind of books do you sell?
Nya : Oh,it seems that now is the siesta,so everyone is resting.And about my bookstore…I sell grimoires.
Sho : …
Nya : For example do you know what this is?[Takes a book from the self.]
Sho : No idea…no idea at all.
Nya : It’s called the Book of Eibon.A powerful grimoire.And the original that is.Not an immitation or another version of it.The moment on holds it,one can understand it’s originality.Here.
Sho : [Can it be?]Thanks.[Touches the grimoire and suddenly he kneels while seeing various images that are inside the book and hearing voices that are the text of the book.]Ah…
Nya : So?[Takes the book and puts it back.]Did you see it too?
Sho : It’s incredible…the book…what was that?A vision?
Nya : A warning.Powerful grimoires have a concience of their own and are able to choose their masters.There are even more powerful grimoires that even have a soul of their own.
Sho : I see.Thank you for showing me.Can I buy any of them,or even the one you showed me?
Nya : I’m afraid I can’t do that.You already have a grimoire.A more powerful and more fitting grimoire.
Sho : I do?
Nya : Yes.Al Azif,the Necronomicon itself.
Sho : [She means Al?But he is not mine.]Maybe you mistake me for someone else.I don’t posses it.
Nya : But you do.Maybe you aren’t aware of it’s great power calling out to you,it’s master.
Sho : [Maybe…just maybe because we are the same…that must be it…]Thank you very much miss Nya.I hope we can meet again.
Nya : Leaving so soon?
Sho : I have to…I must finish the jobs I’m assigned.
Nya : Won’t you at least join my for tea?Just for company.
Sho : [It’s not like I’ve been getting much rest lately.]…Of course.Allow me.

*They both sit down and have lenghty conversations,enjoying themselves.When it is time for Sho to leave…*

Sho : Thank you for everything.
Nya : No,I should be thanking you.It was very nice.
Sho : Truly,it was very nice.I hope I can come here more often.
Nya : Can’t you?
Sho : Currently,I have something I must do.A quest perhaps is the most appropriate and fitting naming for it.I don’t know how much longer it will continue,but when I finish,I promise to come often here.
Nya : I wish for it too.
Sho : I wouldn’t miss your great company miss Nya.
Nya : Good luck with your quest.
Sho : Thank you-

*At that moment Nya kisses Sho.When the kiss ends both are flustered and somewhat red.For an instant,in Nya’s eyes,love is reflected.Nya leans once more and the both embrace and kiss once more.*

Nya : See?Once you have some self-confidence you truly shine.Brighter that you or anyone can imagine.
Sho : I…guess.
Nya : Take care.
Sho : You too.Goodbye.

*As Sho opens the door,a gushing light is shed over him.He then awakens at a crystal shrine.*

Sho : [Where-huh?The crystal shrine?I must have fallen asleep when I finished.Then…all this was…a dream…(Manly tears flow down)I really am…so pathetic…Ahou…I’ve got to get back.]

*As he leaves the crystal shrine Nya appears from the crystals and watches Sho as he leaves.Then the scenery changes in a dark throne room where Leon is sitting,still covered in darkness.*

xxxM : It seems you are getting extremely attached to your pawn,”miss” Nya…no…Nyarlathotep.
Nya : …For what purpose am I summoned here?
xxxM : Just for a talk.
Nya : You are really enjoying all this.
xxxM : Alas,it is true.His efforts,his battles his fight with me are my entertainment.And no matter how many aeons pass,I never get tired.Not even[sad tone]…one bit.
Nya : …

*Gameplay continues*

*When Sho is near Muramasa’s house a cutscene is triggered.*

Sho : [I really am…soooo…uh…at least I may have a chance with the other girls…*random flashbacks*…what am I saying…]Huh?

*Weird noises start coming from all over the place.*

Sho : Ooooooooook…weird…

*Suddenly Byakhees appear and encircle him in the center of a hurricane.*

Sho : Wha…are those…Byakhees?Oh not good.

Boss fight : 100 Byakhees

*After the fight is over*

Sho : [That was…easy…was I really that strong when the journey started or…no use finding out now.Gotta go back.]

*Gameplay continues.*

*After reaching Muaramasa’s house.*

Sho : I’m back.
Sousuke : And right on-

*EGJoanna makes a slapping motion but is stopped by Sousuke,Styx and Joanna.*

Sousuke : Enough.That’s going too far.
Styx : When ya hurt ma first mate,ya have ta answer at me,the cap’n.Got that,whale chick?
Joanna : Can’t you understand the situation?
EGJoanna : …
Muramsa : Did something happen-Oh you returned safely Sho-kun!Welcome back.
Sho : Yo,old man.
Drakos : Welcome back man.
Atalanta : I see you returned successfully.[slight smile.]
Okeanos : YARHARHAHAR.WELL DONE!Touch my daughters and yar dead.
Sho : Eh?No,it’s-
Gaia : Here,don’t move.
Sho : [This isn’t too bad…I had forgotten about it…]
Kervanos : Good to see you are back and in time for dinner.
Sho : Dinner?
Keravnos : Yup.Madam Thetis and miss Afroditi are helping me.
Anemos[Kyo] : Laid back as always.Yet you did well.As expected of my #2.
Sho : What do you mean by #2?[Irritated.]
Sousuke : It seems you have some catching up to do.
Sho : I’ll do it when we are eating.You have some catching up to do too.
Kasumi : [Grabs his arm.]…
Sho : Oh,hi….Is something the matter?
Kasumi : …Welcome back.
Sho : …T-thank you.
Keravnos : It seems you are very lucky Sho.She hasn’t opened herself that much but she was concerned about you.
Sho : Really?
Keravnos : For all of us.
Sho : Wow…I…but I don’t even got to know you guys,nor you did…I mean-
Keravnos : You do.It’s just that we know you better.
Sho : Huh?
Keravnos : After all you and him are like twins.
Sho : [Slight smile.]So what’s for dinner?
Keravnos : [Slight smile.]Well are you familiar with…

*They all sit down and have dinner and Sho tells them,nearly,everything that happened.*

Drakos : Byakhees?Does that mean that Hastur’s advent is coming?
Anemos[Kyo] : What a pain.
Afroditi : This can be troublesome fo us.And painful…
Styx : RAHAHAHAHA!C’m’on sis.Don’t act like the land losers.It’l be over before ya know it.
Atalanta : True.It will be troublesome.But heroes have to face what’s in front of them.The squire is proof of my words.
Gaia : Hastur?The wind lord?The Unnameable?
Keravnos : Correct.He will be a troublesome opponent like his Byakhees,however we cannot back down.
Anemos[Kyo] : Unless you are like the coward.And you resemble him most.
Keravnos : …
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm.
Sousuke : Kyo.
Anemos[Kyo] : What?
Muaramsa : This is not the time.Right now we all have to concentrateon our last task,before we move to the dragonlands.
Anemos[Kyo] : That is to find my body.
Sho : And where would that be?
Anemos[Kyo] : No idea.
Sho : Then how do you expect us to-Oh let me guess.That’s what bossy lady is here for.
Sousuke : Bossy lady…it’s not like that…
EGJoanna : Why should you care?After all he is my fiance.Be happy that I shared this info with the rest of you.
Sousuke : Oh come on.What you did was life-saving.
EGJoanna : [Blushing and steam gushing from her ears..]Y-yes,I know.I…I’ll be going now.
Joanna : [How disgracefull.]
EGJoanna : [Like you should talk,human copy.]
Joanna : [Somehow I get the feeling that someone’s mean with me.]
Drakos : So the location is…the wind temples complex?
Keravnos : It is your home I presume?[Looking at Anemos.]
Anemos[Kyo] : [Glaring back.]…
Kasumi : …T-then…let’s go get it…right?

*Everyone looks at Kasumi,stupified.*

Thetis : …My baby.Oh,my baby.Mama is so proud.
Okeanos : YARHARHAHAR,That’s ma girl.She’s got ma spunk.
Sho and Sousuke : [Get real,blackbeard.]
Drakos : She is right,LET’S GOOOOOOO!
Keravnos : Let’s move out.
Gaia : It is going to be difficult,but we’ll make it.
Afroditi : I hope we will succeed.
Atalanta : Let us go forth.We are heroes after all.[Looks at Sho.]Except for you.
Styx : Let’s go first mate.Set sail.
Anemos[Kyo] : [A smile is formed.]Hm…
Anemos : [Just like old times huh…Kyo?]
Anemos[Kyo] : [No comment.]
Sousuke : Will your answer be the same,if I ask you the same thing?
Anemos[Kyo] : No comment.
Sousuke : You never change.
Anemos[Kyo] : That’s one of my good points.
Sousuke : No comment.

*As they all depart,Sho is shown with Drakos,Joanna,Gaia,the whole family and Atalanta clinging on him like friends and we are also shown with Sousuke,Anemos[Kyo] and Keravnos walking together along with an afterimage of Anemos,all together.Then both groups join and they depart together,all in arms.*

Muramasa : Good luck.And…I hope you return…Anemos,Kyo,my sons…Skotos.
Skotos : Yes?
Muramasa : Can I depend on you for their safety?
Skotos : You don’t have to ask.I too am concerned about the future of these kids.
Muramasa : When they return,a celebration will be needed.
Skotos : Should I bring Hypnos too?
Muramasa : Why not?I’m sure he is eager to meet them to.
Skotos : Next time,I’ll meet them in person.
Muramasa : [Smile.]
Skotos : I’m off.
Muramasa : Be careful.

*Sousuke,Joanna,Drakos,Anemos[Kyo],Atalanta,Keravnos,Okeanos,Thetis,Styx,Afroditi,Kasumi and Gaia join the party as playable characters.Sousuke obtains Teleportation Arts[NSPR],Lightning Speed[NSPR],Body and Soul[NSPR] and Wind’s Blessings[NSPR].A tutorial is ensued explaining the abilities you gained along with the powers of the new players.*

*Gameplay continues.*

*When you reach the first boss in the wind temple a cutscene ensues.*

??? : Heh!
Atalanta : !Get back!

*Several daggers fall*

Arachni : Excellent!The way you dodged it was excellent.Not something trash can do.Oh,by the way,I’m Arachni.When I erase you,one by one,remember who send you to oblivion.
Atalanta : I think not.It is more fitting for the heroine to fight scum like you.Go.
Gaia : But…
Atalanta : You’ve got the heroine’s word : I’ll catch up.
Sho : Damn!
Arachni : A foolish move…or not…I actually enjoy playing “chase”.However…I hate girls like you!
Atalanta : I don’t need to be liked by evil anyway.

Boss : Arachni

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Atalanta’s Extreme Style Attack to finish her off.After Arachni dies,Atalanta resumes her normal form again and takes of to catch up with the others.*

*Gameplay continues*

*After you reach the second boss,a cutscene ensues.*

??? : Web,SPREAD.

*Keravnos intercepts and slashes the web.*

Keravnos : Go.I’ll get rid of the pursuers and follow you later.
Anemos[Kyo] : …
Afroditi : Please be careful.
Keravnos : [Looking everywhere]…Show yourself.
Atlach-Nacha : So,you are the loser who stayed behind huh?What hope can you have against me,Atlach-Nacha?
Keravnos : Atlach-Nacha?What bussiness does a Great Old One like you has with us?
Atlach-Nacha : You killed my poor little sister…it’s enough for me to come and extract revenge from her killers.
Keravnos : You mean Arachni?I’m sorry lady,but I can’t let you kill any of my friends.[However…I can’t excactly hurt a lady….]
Atlach-Nacha : Come if you dare.

Boss : Atlach-Nacha[Condition : don’t attack her for one min.]

*After the fight she hits Keravnos*

Atlach-Nacha : *Laughter*What’s this?They think that this kind of vermin is even enough to slow me down?You trash,I’ll kill you and then kill your friends.
Keravnos : No…you won’t…
Atlach-Nacha : And what are you going to do?Just die you idiot!

*Keravnos intercepts the death blow and counters.As he raises his head,he changes to his murder persona.*

Keravnos : No mercy…I’ll kill you.
Atlach-Nacha : This is how you should be from the start.
Keravnos : Enough talking.You talk too much for someone that is going to die.

*Atlach-Nacha then changes to her true form : a lavender haired woman with six arms,web-like tatoos covering her “private areas” and the spider’s belly hanging like a tail while her teeth become sharp and she grows big enough to destroy the room and make the place more open.*

Boss : Atlach-Nacha – True form

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Keravnos’ Extreme Style Attack to finish her off.After Atlach-Nacha dies,Keravnos resumes his normal form again and sits down to rest before catching up with the others.*

Keravnos : I’ll…catch up…later…be careful…*sleeps*

*Gameplay continues*

*When you reach further inside the temple,another boss fight will be triggered.*

Sousuke : A branch?
Anemos[Kyo] : Ch!Troublesome.Which way?
Joanna : There is something ahead in both tunnels.However,the smell is stronger from the left.
Anemos[Kyo] : …Woman,what about someone that smells like me?
Joanna : …The right one,but it’s very faint.
Anemos[Kyo] : Then the left one is a trap.
Sho : Worse thing,is if we don’t get “caught” we’ll have more pursuers on our way.
Okeanos : We’ll go.
Drakos : Why not me?
Kasumi : Further…further ahead the left tunnel…branches in five different ways…
Styx : Five enemies for five opponents,huh?
Thetis : Oh,my.That is exiting.Like when I was young.
Styx,Sho and Sousuke : You mean you aren’t now?
Thetis : Ara,did you say something my dear children?
Afroditi : Mother.
Thetis : Oh,well…
Gaia : So we part ways again.
Sho : Be careful.
Styx : What?’Tis nothin’.

*The group parts ways and the first boss fight is against Okeanos.*

Okeanos : Water?The sea?
??? : [Growl]
Okeanos : What?

*A strange creature surfaces.*

Okeanos : Kraken?So they managed to capture it.However for a true pirate,killing you would be the ultimate chalenge.Prepare yourself!

*Okeanos jumps at the sea,walking on the surface of water.*

Boss : Kraken

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Okeanos’ Extreme Style Attack to finish Kraken off.After Kraken dies,Okeanos resumes his normal form again.*

Okeanos : That was a fair challenge.YARHARHARHAR!…Now ta get otta ‘ere.

*Scene changes to Thetis heading up the tunnel.*

Thetis : Oh,my.Such a wide area.Shouldn’t the boss character be here?

*Buzzing is heard.*

Thetis : Ara?

*Byakhees appear.*

Thetis : Ara,what ugly birds.Well then,can you swim?

Boss fight : 50 Byakhees

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Thetis’ Extreme Style Attack to finish her off.After all the Byakhees die,Thetis resumes her normal form again.*

Thetis : So exciting!I really feel 17(millenias) again.It’s so good to feel young.

*Scene changes to Styx.*

Styx : …Come out,come out whenever ya ‘re!

Styx : Ch.A dud?

*Footsteps are then heard.*

Styx : Eh?
Shoryu : [Panting.]…I’m sorry.I’m late for our death match.Allow me to introduce myself : I’m Shoryu,a disciple of the wind style and master of the nunchucks.
Styx : Confident aren’t’cha?Very well.

Boss : Shoryu

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Styx’s Extreme Style Attack to finish him off.After Shoryu is defeated,Styx resumes her normal form again and sits down to rest before catching up with the others.*

Shoryu : Why…why didn’t you finish me of?I lost.
Styx : Ahh,c’mon now.Yar not bad.The others were Evil Gods,weren’t they?
Shoryu : …[sigh]It’s true.I don’t know why,but after the war master changed…he started getting evil gods and other creatures in this temple as mercenaries or animals.
Styx : What?Is that true?
Shoryu : Absolutely.He even gave the order of sealing the second Anemos.Instead of receiving the blessing,he named it a curse!
Styx : So that’s it…Thank you.[I have to catch up with the others.]

*Scene changes to Afroditi.*

Afroditi : It really is very quiet and tranquil around here…perhaps I am the only who is lucky?Is this really a dead end or a trap?
??? : …
Afroditi : Is someone there?
??? : …
Afroditi : Please show yourself…it’s not very nice.
Hakoryu : I am Hakoryu…
Afroditi : Oh,how nice.Pleased to meet you,I’m Afroditi.
Hakoryu : Is it over?
Afroditi : Pardon?
Hakoryu : I was hired as a merc here to exterminate the intruders not young girls.I’ll spare your life…perhaps…
Afroditi : Oh,how very nice.I too,detest fighting and violence.What is your condition?
Hakoryu : The condition is…TO SCREW YOUR GUTS OUT!

*Hakoryu starts laughing hysterically and sheds his clothing and skin revealing his true form : a strange humanoid,hammer head shark like monster with snake skin and tentacles.*

Afroditi : [Scream]
Afroditi : This is going to be unpleasant but…[readies stance]it seems I don’t have much choice when it comes to facing devils and evil gods.

Boss : Hakoryu

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Afroditi’s Extreme Style Attack to finish him off.After Hakoryu is killed,Afroditi resumes her normal form again and sits down to rest before catching up with the others.*

Afroditi : Father,mother,sister,Kasumi…I did it.I have to catch up with!

*Scene changes to Kasumi*

??? : Wohooo.Hello pretty.Didn’t know you were into costume playing.
Kasumi : I am…not.Who…are you?
[Lord]/High Byakhee : I have no name.But if you are wondering I am a High Byakhee.A lord among Byakhees.Maybe you could call me Lord Byakhee.
Kasumi : Get…ready…if I don’t beat you…the others…I have to catch up to the others!

Boss : High Byakhee

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Kasumi’s Extreme Style Attack to finish him off.After the High Byakhee is killed,Kasumi resumes her normal form again and sits down to rest before catching up with the others.*

Kasumi : I’m on my way!

*Gameplay continues*

*Further inside the shrine two new enemies wait*

Sho : Seems like we have to separate this time too.
Anemos[Kyo] : Woman,quickly,which way?
Joanna : Straight ahead.
Drakos : I’m going left.See you guys soon.
Gaia : I’ll take the right.
Sousuke : Good luck!

*Scene switches to Gaia*

Gaia : Come out low-lifes.We don’t have much time.
??? : Oh,dn’t be hasty,missy.We have plenty of time…especialy when it comes to man-woman interaction.
Gaia : Hm.Another deep one?No you must be a devil.
Kimeryu : Correct.I’m the devil Kimeryu.Now,how about you prostrate yourself to me and let me have a good time?I’ll probably have a second thought about keeping you alive longer.
Gaia : How come you guys find the courage to spew so much crap.
Kimeryu : You’ll regret~ this~!

Boss : Kimeryu

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Gaia’s Extreme Style Attack to finish him off.After Kimeryu is killed,Gaia resumes her normal form again and sits down to rest before catching up with the others.*

Gaia : Phew…it took too much effort for his kind…I wonder how the others fare…

*Scene switches to Drakos*

??? : You must be a complete idiot…
Drakos : There you are.Let’s not waste any more time.
??? : Why?Is someone chasing you?Or are you late for a date?
Drakos : Enough.Let’s fight.
??? : Would you fight if I said I knew something about your family?
Drakos : [Mom and dad?]What would you know?
??? : I know enough.Like that you lost them when you were very small and witnessed their deaths first hand.Want to know how they were killed?
Drakos : STOP IT!
??? : “Why should I stop enjoying myself,you shitty brat?” is what I said I believe.

*A flashback ensues with Drakos witnessing his parents cruel deaths by the hands of enemy,saying excactly what he said now.*

Drakos : …mom…dad…
??? : I never introduced myself properly that time…
Drakos : …up…
Nergal : I’m Nergal.And I hope you provide me with some entertainment.
Drakos : …shut up…
Nergal : Did you said something?
Drakos : I said…SHUT UP!You scum…how dare you…you won’t leave this place alive!
Nergal : [Laughter]You think you can take on,ME,THE GREAT NERGAL.My name is carved in legend boy.You are just dirt in front of me.
Drakos : We’ll see about that!
Nergal : We’ll see about that.
Drakos : Mom…dad…my family…my friends…give me power…and my soul…BURN!

Boss : Nergal

*After the battle,a cutscene starts and shows Drakos executing his Mars Inferno and his Golden Sun skills and then he uses his Extreme Style Attack to finish him off,destroying everything in the process.After Nergal is killed,Drakos resumes her normal form again.*

Drakos : [Mom…dad…everyone…I did it…my friends…hurry up.]

*Gameplay continues*

Anemos[Kyo] : !It’s close.
Sho : Finally!
Joanna : !
Sousuke : Is something the matter?
Joanna : I smell…books…and pretty old ones.
Sho : Books?
Sousuke : …Al?Maybe it’s Al.
Anemos[Kyo] : Seems like we have to scatter again.
Sousuke : Why-

*The group avoids a blast aimed at the them.*

Anemos[Kyo] : Ch!Great.

*A group of people appears*

Sousuke : Al!
Al : …
Sho : That’s the Necronomicon?
Sousuke : He is.
Joanna : But…isn’t the Necronomicon a book?
Sho and Sousuke : Yeah,so?
Joanna : [And you find it normal???]
??? : Finish them of,my sweet.
??? : As you wish,master.
Sousuke : More trouble is brewing.Go,Kyo!
Anemos[Kyo] : Ch!I’ll get my body back and then I’ll come back.
Sho : Shouldn’t we worry about saving our buts?The middle guy seems the most troublesome of them all…especially if “he” is who I think…
Sousuke : What do you mean?
Sho : Think about it : who has the appearnence of a humanoid,three-eyed bat thingie?
Sousuke : …!!!You don’t mean…”that”?
Sho : A confirmation,would be either confronting or disasterous to our moral right now.
??? : Care to share your thoughts with me?
Sousuke : …You…what did you do to Al?
??? : Me?I did nothing.
Sousuke : Sure…it’s so believable…
Nyarlathotep : I am Nyarlathotep…I don’t see any reason for lying.
Sho : We were saying?
Sousuke : Well…crap.
Nyarlathotep : And this little lady is the Pnakotic Manuscripts.
Sho and Sousuke : !!!
Joanna : Uhh…anybody care to explain?
Sho : In many words : were in deep shit!In one word : fuck!
Joanna : That bad,huh?
Sousuke : No use,crying over spilt milk.
Nyarlathotep : I appriciate the fact you wish a fair fight,but-[snaps fingers]

*Sho and Joanna are transported*

Sousuke : What?Trying to separate us?Or aren’t you confident enough to take us on?
Nyarlathotep : I though that humans usually want to spent their last hours with someone they like and engage in sexual activities.Ami I wrong?
Sousuke : Just where do you guys get those ideas,anyway?
Nyarlathotep : Sweetheart,go.
Pnakotic Manuscripts : As you wish,master.

Boss Fight : Nyarlathotep,Pnakotic Manuscripts,Al Azif

*After the fight,Nyarlathotep dies screaming and the Pnakotic Manuscripts returns to book form.*

Sousuke : I’m…alive?Yeah?They were so weak?Or was I too strong?
Al : Uuh…
Sousuke : Al!
Al : Uh…!Master?Master what happened?

*Smacks Al on the head.*

Sousuke : Don’t call me that.I’m not some kind of slave trader or something.
Al : Sorry So-

*Smacks Al,again*

Al : WHY?
Sousuke : Don’t call me that!”Sousuke” will be fine from now on.
Al : [Suspicious look]…Why?Are you ashamed of your own name?
Sousuke : My reasons are-…uh…ok,yeah.I am.So is the other “me”.
Al : You really are strange.
Sousuke : I don’t need to hear it from you too.[Smile starts forming.]So I was so late.
Al : What do you mean by late?I am fine on my own.I’m not some 10 year old.
Sousuke : I guess you never change either.
Al : I wouldn’t want to anyway.
Sousuke : How about we go and meet up with the others?
Al : Others?
Sousuke : You will be surprised.
Al : …
Sousuke : Is something…Oooooooohhh,you little…I understand.It’s not manly at all to leave a lady exposed like that.
Al : Eh?
Sousuke : Go on,take her.
Al : You mean…the Pnakotic Manuscripts?But a grimmoire can’t own a grimmoire.
Sousuke : I never said that.As a man,don’t you feel bad that a lady was mistreated?
Al : …Very well…
Sousuke : See,it wasn’t difficult admiting it.
Al : But,grimmoires can’t do those kind of things-
Sousuke : You have a human form,you can talk,you can make decisions on your own.How the hell can you be a book?Or is it that you prefer-
Al : [Disgusted look]You are worse than Ahzrad himself.
Sousuke : …This will take a while…
Al : So?We’ve got all the time we want,in our hands.Isn’t that so?
Sousuke : […little bastard :)]Let’s move.

*Scene changes to Sho and Joanna.*

Joanna : Uh…That was a nasty fall…where is-
Sho : [Muffling sounds that would normaly be heard as : “If you are wondering,I’m over here.”]
Joanna : Huh?[Looks everywhere.]Where?
Sho : [Muffling sounds that would normaly be heard as : “Over here,the human pillar.”]
Joanna : What is he saying-A…A-a-a-a–a-a-a hu-human-A HUMAN PILAR![Screams]
Sho : [Muffling sounds that would normaly be heard as : “Yes.You found me.”]
Joanna : [Screams as she pulls him out.]
Sho : Wooo,thanks…is something wrong?
Joanna : [Horrified faces.]
Sho : ?[Looks at his body.]Ugh…now I know what the kid from that Exo***** film felt![Turns head to normal.]
Joanna : [Faints.]
Sho : Nice.Just plain nice.Oh god.

*Clapping sounds*

Sho : What’s so amusing?Come out.
Hathanga : Long time no see boy.
Sho : Ah!You are-
Hathanga : Yes?
Sho : …Who are you again?
Hathanga : …Huh?
Sho : …Wait.I know.You are that famous bikini model that had the worst body ever.
Hathanga : I…am not…A WOMAN!
Sho : Oh!Now I remember!
Hathanga : Yes?[Irritated]
Sho : You are thug No 175667548.
Hathanga : NO!And what’s with that absurd number in the first place?
Sho : Oh,sowy,did I scwew up with the big bad bully who depwived me of evewyhing?
Hathanga : Say my name…
Sho : Only if you lean next to me.
Hathanga : WHAT?
Sho : Pwetty pwease!Look at how helpless,wittle bunny is.
Hathanga : Very-[Stabbing sound]!You-[Vomits blood.]
Sho : I…what?
Hathanga : That’s…low…
Sho : You are right.I stabbed you in the lower abdomen.It would be better if you died on your own,but since you are incapable of doing that,I thought that I should help you.Unfortunately,I got stains on my sword now.
Hathanga : You[more blood]…you low-life!
Sho : Coming from another low-life?I guess we are even then!
Hathanga : That’s one thing…I never expected-[blood]…good think I plan ahead!
Sho : What?

*Hathanga dissolves into some kind of dark mist and goes into Joanna’s body.*

Sho : Wha-
Hathanga’s voice : Time for my entertainment.
Sho : You…just come out you slimy,feminine coward.
Hathanga’s voice : Or what?Will the poor wittle bunny wabby hurt me?[Maniacal laughter.]
Sho : You are so dead!
Joanna? : No.YOU are!

*Joanna? punches Sho throught the walls and out in the open fields.*

Sho : Ow…
Joanna? : Stand up!
Sho : You punch the living daylights out of me and you expect me to stand up?Not gonna happen.
Joanna? : Then die.
Sho : Yo,yo!I’m standing!
Joanna? : Small difference.

*Sho avoids the hit*

Sho : Did I do something?
Hathanga’s voice : I wouldn’t know myself,boy,but it seems that pure evil doesn’t like you.
Sho : [So that’s what the mist was earlier.Crafty bastard.]Hm?Wait! There are two of you running around?
Joanna[Pure Evil] : Just because I got out of her mind,doesn’t mean I’m like her.
Sho : Somehow,I feel that this is a huge rip-off.
Joanna[Pure Evil] : Prepare yourself.
Sho : Oh well.

Boss : Joanna[Pure Evil]

*After the fight…*

Sho : Uh…crap…
Joanna : Did you have enough?
Sho : …Damn…
Nya’s Voice[altered a bit] : I can’t have you dying here…my precious pawn…my master sleeps within you after all…
Sho : …Miss…Nya…?

*A flash engulfs everything.The scenery becomes white.*

Sho : [Where?]
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : …
Sho : Who…who are you?
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : …
Sho : Wait!Where is this?Where is miss Nya?
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : …[(Turns around)He recognised me?Or…]
Sho : Please,answer me.Where is this?And how come I can’t move?
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : [He didn’t…he just recognised the voice…]It’s nothing.Soon you will be able to move.After the ritual is over.
Sho : What ritual?
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : The one needed to unlock your powers.However you can’t be defenceless like that.
Sho : But-
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : Sleep.

*After the light fades*

Joanna[Pure Evil] : Uh…Huh?Nothing happened?
Sho : …
Joanna[Pure Evil] : Time for a one way trip.To hell.
Sho : …

*As Joanna[Pure Evil] is ready to strike Sho down,he unconsiously intercepts the lethal hit.*

Joanna[Pure Evil] : So,he isn’t unconsious.

*Sho throws her away and stands up.*

Joanna[Pure Evil] : What the-
Sho : [Bestial roar,echoing everywhere.]
Joanna[Pure Evil] : Wha-
Sho : [Bestial Roar]

Boss : Joanna[Pure Evil]{Condition : During the fight the Bestiality skill will be active until the battle is over.}

*After the fight,Sho is shown mercilessly killing the evil apparition by ripping the heart and slashing her to pieces,resulting in her dissolvement to mist and returning back to her original body.As this finishes Sho roars one last time exhibiting his full power.*

Joanna : Ow…my head…what happened-…Sho?
Sho : [Bestial sounds.Looks around.]…[Bestial sounds of relief and hapiness before fainting.]
Joanna : Wha-Hey?

*As he falls down he dissolves and is transported elsewhere.*

Joanna : What?What’s going on?

*Scene changes an unknown place with Sho lying down.*

Sho : Uuhh…

*Sho gets up*

Sho : …Hello?…Is anyone here?

Sho : …

*Gameplay continues*

*After you pass through the first door,you will reach the dark throne room that Leon is shown to be.The room is still dark.{No enemies are encountered.}*

xxxM : Welcome.I was hoping we could meet.
Sho : Who…
Leon : I am Leon,the master of the underworld,the priest of destruction,the human carnage.In ancient times,I was called “Mega Therion”,in your country.
Sho : Leon…
Leon : Please remember me,hope of humanity.
Sho : …[This man…]
Leon : How about we start?I want to see what your abilities are,since you are “her” chosen.
Sho : …[“Her”?Does he mean that girl?]

Boss : Leon[Condition : You cannot damage Leon and you cannot come closer than a 1 metre radius.Hold out for one minute.]

Leon : …A dissapointment…why don’t you take me seriously?
Sho : [He must be joking…I just unleashed all my power and he is hasn’t even stood up from his throne…what a monster…]
Leon : …Maybe you haven’t unlocked all your power?
Sho : What do you mean by that?
Leon : I see…I’ll wait then,until the ritual is over.Then we can have our fun.
Sho : [Seems to me like you want to torture me mentaly!…Does he mean that white background?It would be better if I was just back there-]
???[Nyarlathotep/Nya] : If that is your wish.
Sho : [Opens eyes,but closes them again as he faints.]
Leon : It has begun…

*A flash of light is emmited from Sho’s body and he is transfered somewhere.Scene changes back to the white background.*

Sho : [I’m here,again.]

Sho : [It’s awfully quiet.As if no one is here.]

Sho : [(Sigh…)!Was there was always a door here?]

*Sho opens the door and a blinding light is emmited.He is at the outskirts of a town.*

Sho : Ugh…[This is…this is the same town!How am I here again?So it wasn’t a dream.]

*Gameplay Continues[no enemy encounters].When you reach the bookstore…*

Sho : Hello.Miss Nya.
Nya : Sho!Oh,you are back.
Sho : Sorry I couldn’t drop by earlier.
Nya : Is something the matter?
Sho : Nothing,nothing!So…would like some help?
Nya : I’d be glad to.

*Several scenes are shown with Sho helping Nya at the bookshop and when they close he helps her with various jobs such as mopping and cooking.During dinner they have many conversations about several things,enjoying themselves,almost like a couple.When they finish eating dinner,the cutscene continues.*

Nya : That was very good.You are a very good cook.
Sho : Glad you like it.I only wish I would wear something more appropriate when I arrived at this town.
Nya : You are fine,like that.
Sho : I guess…I never got to ask what the name of this town is.
Nya : It’s Arkham City.
Sho : [!!!What?How can this bepossible?]I think I heard of this town before…but wasn’t it fictional?
Nya : It was.Here in Rhode Island we constructed this town as a tourist attraction but it slowly became the home of many people.After the earthquake we had a hard time rebuilding the city but we managed to do it.Imagine our surprise when we learned that magic was real and that mages existed,when this bookstore was discovered years ago by my parents.
Sho : Wow!Too bad I didn’t visit this town earlier.Wa it always thhis misty?
Nya : No it’s been like that ever after the earthquake.We don’t have any radio or tv here,since the locals don’t like them but it is worrisome that we haven’t had news for a month.
Sho : […]It’s nothing,people just have it hard from the earthquake as of lately,since many cities were leveled.It’s a miracle that we didn’t have that many casualties.
Nya : Is that so?That’s good news.
Sho : Yeah…[I can’t tell her the truth…I can’t tell the truth to the locals either.]I was wondering,how come you changed so much since we first met.
Nya : Due the nature of my bussines,I need to keep this kind of “stunt”.It’s not usual at all for poeple like you to come here.But you are very nice and kind…like the locals.
Sho : So.I’m one of a kind,huh?Good to hear.
Nya : Yes…especially for me…
Sho : [Just like the locals said…such a woman…too bad,I can’t…no time to think about that!]So,I’ll be on my-

*The sound of thunder.And then a storm started.*

Sho : …[THANK YOU GOD!ONE NIGHT WITH SUCH A WOMAN IS THE DREAM OF EVERY MAN.No matter how we spend the night.]May I stay here for the night?
Nya : Since it’s raining so much,isn’t that it?
Sho : Yes!Exactly!
Nya : Nothing more?
Sho : Li-like…?[Crap!Clear thoughts,clear thoughts.Come on!]
Nya : Isn’t it for some other reason?
Sho : …
Nya : …[Sad face.]
Sho : …Yes…I…like your company.I know I’m troubling you here,but I-
Nya : [Snickering.]
Sho : [Blushing.]…
Nya : Don’t be like that.I like your company too.Besides…[Blushes.]

*They both share another kiss.*

Sho : So…
Nya : …Yes…

*He takes her into his arms and they both go to the bedroom.As soon as they reach it…*

Nya : …Is something the matter?
Sho : I…I just never imagined I would be so lucky…
Nya : [Smile.]Neither did I.

*As they fall to the bed,the scene changes back to Al and Sousuke running at the hallways,trying to catch up to Anemos.*

Al : How long-!Are you ok?
Sousuke : [Tears running.]Why are asking that?
Al : For some reason you are just crying.Are you hurt,or…[snicker]are you simply scared you scaredy cat?
Sousuke : [Still crying.]No,these are…MANLY tears.
Al : Sure…men cry when they are scared to death-WOAH,now it’s getting worse.
Sousuke : [Still crying.]For some reason,I can’t stop.It’s like the best thing that has ever happened to a man,is happening to me.It’s that kind of MANLY tears that I’m crying.
Al : [Disgusted face.]I hope I’m not the one-
Sousuke : [Still crying.]Stop being stupid.I like girls!…Women!…Females,what else do I need to say?
Sousuke : [Still crying.]I AM NOT A PEDO!
Sousuke : [Still crying.]WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME?
Sousuke : [Still crying.]Wait up!I’m sorry…
Al : No!
Sousuke : [Still crying.]Come on.
Al : Then stop crying!
Sousuke : [Still crying.]I can’t!
Al : Why you…
Sousuke : [Still crying.]Wait!

*Scene changes to Anemos[Kyo] and the gameplay continues.*

*After you reach the end of the shrine…*

Anemos[Kyo] : Finally…my body!
??? : So,you returned!
Anemos[Kyo] : Don’t worry,I don’t plan to stay.
??? : Why’s that?Still mad at me?Just because I did the right thing for everyone?
Anemos[Kyo] : Is that so?
??? : Now…prepare yourself!

Boss Fight : ??? and Iced Body[Objective : Deplete all the HP bars of the Iced Body.]

*After the fight*

Anemos[Kyo] : Got it!
??? : Damn!

*A bright flash blinds them both*

??? : Ah,my eyes!
Anemos : Ugh!
Anemos[Kyo] : …Finally…finally.I’m back.
??? : Damn you!
Anemos : Kyo!
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm.It seems that your turn has arrived as well,shrine elder.
??? : I don’t think so…
Anemos : …!Kyo,be careful!
Anemos[Kyo] : !

*A foul aura starts to engulf the elders body and then his flesh starts melting revealing a new form,the true form of the creature.*

??? : [Bestial roar,very distorted.]
Anemos : What is he?
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm.Freaking monster.
Hastur : Ahhh…I missed my own body.To think I had to discard my cover just to fight you two.I,HASTUR THE UNNAMEABLE!
Anemos : Hastur?
Anemos[Kyo] : So you weren’t killed in the war.Tough bastard.
Anemos : It was the elder that was killed and you took his body.
Hastur : Correct.However no matter how good my plans were,I never thought that you would ever rebel against me.
Anemos : Shouldn’t I?You were suspicious from the start,but your orders to kill Kyo were enough for me to cut any ties I had with this shrine.
Anemos[Kyo] : …[Slight smile.]Hm.
Hastur : So that’s why you volunteered and brought his frozen body here.
Anemos : The plan consisted of finding a very suitable opportunity to take it with me but your mercs found me.
Hastur : That’s why you escaped to the dragonlands.
Anemos : Correct.
Hastur : Such wasted effort.
Anemos[Kyo] : Isn’t it time you shut up?
Hastur : What?
Anemos[Kyo] : I’m tired of hearing your blabber.And the worst thing is that I have to dirty my hands by killing a grunt like you.
Hastur : Me…a grunt?You value me to low.
Anemos[Kyo] : Not at all.I believe I’m even insulting all the grunts in this world.
Hastur : You…
Anemos[Kyo] : Enough talking.Let’s go…brother.
Anemos : Eh?
Anemos[Kyo] : [Smiling]Is something wrong?
Anemos : Nothing.[Smiling.]
Hastur : It’s amusing that you two think you can beat me,the supreme ruler of the Byakhees,the master of the wind,me,Hastur the Unnameable.
Anemos : What makes you think we can’t?
Hastur : Give me proof.
Anemos : I can give you more than enough : Unwavering courage,unabated fighting spirit and unseen bonds.
Hastur : And these are?

*Behind Anemos are shown all of the members of the gang,along with Al and Muaramasa and besides him,Anemos[Kyo],smiling.*

Anemos : These are the signs of friendship!

Boss : Hastur the Unnameable

*After the fight*

Hastur : [Scream]Why…why…how?
Anemos[Kyo] : What’s the point in explaining?
Anemos : You would never understand.
Anemos : It seems you don not understand!

*They both unleash their Extreme Style Attack on Hastur,destroying everything in the process.After that Hastur dies screaming in pain as he dissolves from the might of the attack.*

Anemos[Kyo] : Hm…That took a lot of effort for trash like him.I must be getting soft and idealistic!
Anemos : Time to go and find the rest,don’t you think?
Anemos[Kyo] : …Yeah!Let’s go!

*As the two set of to find the others,the scene changes back to Sho and Nya…with Sho making breakfast and Nya waking up.*

Sho : Oh!Good morning!
Nya : Good morning.[The sunset as a background.]

*After a while*

Nya : Good morning![Sparkles.]
Sho : [Wow!How refreshing and beautiful!]Good morning.

*After they eat and clean Sho is ready to go…*

Sho : Time for me to go.
Nya : [Sad look]…
Sho : …I’ll be coming back.
Nya : I hope so…
Sho : Wha-why are you saying that?
Nya : Something is bothering you.Something grave.
Sho : …
Nya : Is it that bad?
Sho : You are right!It is grave,but only for me.I’m sorry it got in our way.It’s just that…I am not good with dealing with sad stuff,so I don’t get over them easily.Next time there won’t be a speck of sadness in me.I promise!
Nya : [Smile.]It already started dissapearing.
Sho : Yes.

*Another kiss.Sho opens the door and leaves as they wave at each other.*

Sho : Time to get back…![Scream!]

*Suddenly light flashes from Sho and at an instant the light becomes darkness and engulfs everything.The rest is shown from Sho’s view.*

Leon : Oh!Excellent.This is trull excellent!It is far better than I ever expected!
Sho : You!
Leon : Welcome back,Sho!
Sho : How did I get here?Is this your doing?
Leon : Mine?You are mistaken.I did nothing.The ritual is just over and your desire brought you here.
Sho : What are you talking about?What desire and what ritual-
Leon : You understand it right?
Sho : Back then…when I fought that evil clone…that’s when that ritual of which you speak begun.And that berserk rage was the defence mechanism to preserve my life and to protect the one inside me to finsh the ritual.
Leon : Almost correct.The one doing the ritual wasn’t inside you.And this ritual is merely an accelaration of what would happen in the following years.
Sho : So this ritual just sped up a process.But what kind of process?
Leon : Can’t you tell?It’s like the process humans,mammals,bugs,fish,every living being in this universe undergoes.
Sho : Evolution?
Leon : Not exactly.Growing up.
Sho : Growing up?[!Wait…did I always had nails that long?And for some reason something’s…weird with my teeth.]Light this room.
Leon : So you wish to see it?I will show it to you with pleasure.Behold,YOUR TRUE FORM!

*The room lights and Sho’s gaze wonders around for a mirror of some kind.Ultimately he finds one and sees his reflection.The view changes from first preson to third and his form is revealed.His Devil Within/Evil God Form is now awake.*

Sho : Wha-
Leon : How does it feel?
Sho : What am I?
Leon : ?It is weird that you ask such a question.
Sho : An Evil God?But…
Leon : As you grow stronger you will slowly shed your “shell” to reveal your true form.Ever since the world was destroyed,this process begun.If this ritual didn’t take place now,you would have to wait for years to awaken effectively and truly.Or you could absorb many devils and Evil gods to speed up the process.
Sho : …
Leon : So,are you ready now?
Sho : …
Leon : That is excellent.This ferocity,this evil,these eyes.Trully it will be interesting.
Sho : [Scream.]

Boss : Leon

*After the fight.*

Leon : Truly excellent.You truly are very amuzing.It will be worthy fighting you.
Sho : I’m not fighting for your amusment.
Leon : Of course not!You are the hope of humanity.The one who will restore humanity.And the gran finale is the entertaining climax of this chapter.
Sho : You still make it sound as if you enjoy this.
Leon : It is because…this is the only thing that is even worthy any more.
Sho : ?
Leon : Before I leave,take this.

*Throws a set of pages towards his direction.*

Sho : What are these?
Leon : Something that will help you realise the full extend of your power.
Sho : What are these pages?Spells?Or missing pages from some grimoire?
Leon : Quite close.They are made from the Necronomicon’s blank pages,written with my blood.It’s something I made.
Sho : …
Leon : I bid you-
Sousuke : HOLD IT!

*Sousuke and the others enter the scene.*

Al : Seems like the enemies won’t stop.
Gaia : It is troublesome.
Anemos[Kyo] : More trash after all!Figures.
Anemos and Keravnos : Prepare yourself.
Drakos : YEAH!
Atalanta : You will now face justice.
Afroditi : Shouldn’t that be “judgement”?
Kasumi : I think…she refers to herself.
Styx : Makes sense.
Okeanos : Yar!
Thetis : Oh!More adventures!
Joanna : !Hold it!
Al : What is it…breasts monster?
All : [Harsh!]
Joanna : Wha-I’m not!You are just a pimp for not loving them!
Al : I’m a book.What’s there to love in your fat?
All : [Harsh!!]
Joanna : Why you…

*Claps.Everyone turns to Leon’s direction.*

Leon : Your party is really funny.I applaud you for making it here.And I see you saved me the trouble of searching for what I lost.
Al : And that would be?
Leon : That would be my grimoire,the Pnakotic Manuscripts,Necronomicon “Al Azif”!
All : !!!
Sousuke : …If that’s the case…then you have a very weak grimoire.
Leon : Not at all!I had to rip many pages to bring it to a level that can entertain you,Master of Necronomicon!
Sousuke : So you know about me…bet you know about al of us.
Leon : Indeed.I have no wish to fight you or even to get aquented to you.Only to Sho.
Atalanta : Speaking of which,where is the squire?
Joanna : !Ah!That is what I wanted to tell you.
Styx : Wha?
Joanna : Sho was in this room,but it seems he left a while ago.
Sho : …[What now?]
Leon : How cruel.Are you really his companions?
Drakos : Of course we are!Someone like you wouldn’t understand it at all!
Leon : I don’t need to.Isn’t that right[Turns towards Sho]…Sho?
All : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sho : …
Leon : I understand your surprise,but my time is running short here.I will now take my leave with my book.
Al : Oh no you-
Leon : Awaken and return to your master,my grimoire,Pnakotic Manuscripts!

*A light surrounds the grimoire and it turns in it’s human form,the little girl.Then the missing pages fly from Leon’s hands and start combining with the grimoire.The scene shows the pages circle around the profound points of her body as she “grows up”.The girl then finishes her transformation : she has become a young woman with lavender hair and purple eyes and with a body that rivals Afroditi’s.During that time,Al gets exessive nosebleeds without fainting!*

Pnakotic Manuscripts : Yes,master!
Leon : So then,farewell everyone.
Al : Don’t think you can get away.Especialy after all this!
Sousuke : Says the guy who was nosebleeding during her transformation.And still has his blood all over him.
Al : I can’t help it.I’m in love!
All : …
Gaia : Despite all that…
Sho : …
Keravnos : Seems that some explanations will be necessery.
Sho : …

*After the explanations of everything…even THOSE little details.[Except for Al[He already explained,he is attracted to books],Anemos[Kyo],Keravnos,Okeanos and Thetis everyone else was either completely red from blushing or had exessive nosebleeds.]*

Sho : And that’s about it![Whacky sweat drops!]You guys sure listened to me?
Sousuke : I don’t know about you guys,but after that amazing scene with the t-
Sho : YEEEEESSSS???[Dark aura etc]
Sousuke,Drakos and Anemos : I’m kidding,I’M KIDDING!
Sho : Et tu,Brutus’?
Drakos : What’s with the latin?
Afroditi : [Stuffed nose sounds!]I don’t believe that’s the case here,sir Drakos.
Sho : Um…maybe you wipe the blood of and clean your clothes,miss Afroditi…
Styx : Seriously sis!How can you have nosebleeds?Only men have those.
Sho : Like you’re one to talk…cap’n…
Styx : As I said,only men get nosebleeds.
Keravnos : Without being rude,I believe your very actions contradict your logic.
Sho : Can you get over this and concentrate on my problem?
Al : For the first time,I have to admit,it was rather interesting and I’d like to-
Sho : [Death Glare etc]
Al : Nothing.
Sousuke : …Maybe if you are tired enough,you will turn back to normal?Or if you try to control the demons inside you?
Sho : …Seems worth a shot.[Closes eyes.]
Sousuke : As long as he tries,we have to narrow down our info.I suggest we start from intel that concerns this place and then move to this “Arkham City”.
Drakos : May I?
Styx : Yup!
Drakos : Apart from the true identity of this place’s leader,nothing else.
Anemos : We alreadey told them.
Drakos : Other than that…
Sousuke : I guess that practically everyone gathered the same info right?
Keravnos : Not exactly!I didn’t get any info.
Sousuke : Better list what we fought up until now.
Atalanta : Then we should do it in order.
Gaia : Agreed!
Atalanta : I fought a villain named Arachni.No special note.
Keravnos : I faced off with Atlach-Nacha.And I came out victorious…
Anemos : It’s ok.You couldn’t do otherwise either way.
Keravnos : …She said that Arachni was her little sister.And I’ve got these pages.I believe they belong to the Necronomicon.
Al : Indeed,they are mine!
Okeanos : Then it’s us!Yar…I faced off with kraken.And it was fun!YARHARHARHAR!Also got these pages!
Al : They aren;t mine though…perhaps the Cthaat Aquadingen.
Gaia : But…how will they helo us if we don’t that grimoire in our possesion?
Al : No worries!There is a reason I’m called the ultimate grimoire.I can assimilate these pages…the power won’t be as good as the original,but at least I’ll have new powers.
Thetis : Oh!Oh!My turn!
Styx : Oh,god…
Thetis : I suppose was the most boring…only 50 Byakhees.
Styx : [Only?]
Okeanos : YARHARHAR!That’s ma woman!Give this sea dog your love!
Thetis : Oh,darling!

*As they hug,the setting changes to one with pirates and Thetis is dressed like a princess,while pirate music is heard.*

All : …
Styx : Moving on-I faced off with a spork named Shoryu.Nothing special,but he told me that their leader was strange,ever after tha war!
Afroditi : I…I…it was very awfull…a…a very dreadfull creature attempted to take advantage of me…and my body…I don’t want to remember it…
Okeanos : Ohhh,com’ere ma girlie.There,there!Daddy’s here now!
Thetis : Mama,too.


Styx : Ch!Crybaby…
Kasumi : I…I defeated a High-Byakhee…easily…that’s it.

All of the family : GOOD JOB!
Gaia : I fought against a creature named Kimeryu!Seemed like one of those manufactured creatures.
Al : It wouldn’t be a surprise if most what we faced,were something like that.
Drakos : I…I fought and killed Nergal.
Joanna : Nergal?What is that?
Kasumi : Nergal is…an ancient god also appearing in the Babylonian mythology and a high ranking,original Great Old One.
Anemos : That is…really impressive!
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm!Not bad.I wouldn’t even be damaged!
Sho : And you know about me.
Joanna : After we got separated,I found Sousuke and the book.
Sousuke : As for me,I faced off with Al,the little girl and Nyarlathotep…or something…
Anemos[Kyo] : And you won?Impressive!”It” isn’t killed though.
Sousuke : I didn’t?
Anemos[Kyo] : You should know by know the two things that can effectively kill an Elder God and those of it’s class.
Sousuke : And if I don’t?
Anemos[Kyo] : [Sigh while smilling.]
Anemos : Complete death comes from either envoking the strenght of an elemental destroying the body and the soul’s ability to regenerate the physical body or inhabit any other.The other method is by using the forbidden magic that is lost many eons ago.
Sho : [Opens eyes]…That guy…he gave me these pages a while ago.
Al : Right.I should be able to process these pages-!!!!
Sho : ?
Sousuke : Is something the matter?
Al : We need to go to the old man,immediately.[That guy…not only he created a new way of killing gods,he perfected my arts and found the original “God-Slaying Blade” and it’s writtings.Things are bound to get very interesting now.]

*Gameplay continues.*

*Sho is stuck in this form.He can only use his bare-hands and no magic or skills.Also the player has unlocked the Extreme Style Attacks of the Elementals along with their transformations.*

*As soon as you reach the house.*

Muramasa : Oh,welcome back-
Sho : Yeah.Hi…
Muramasa : I see that you really changed since the last we met…did you get a suntan?


Muramasa : Oh,sorry.I get it.You need help.
Sho : Much better.
Muramasa : What do you need?I’ll try my best to provide you with anything I can.
Sho : If you can,please make me these weapons inscribed here.[Hands over the pages.]
Muramasa : …Very well.Leave me your weapons and I’ll do my best.Sousuke,you too.
Sousuke : Me?Why?
Muramasa : Think of it as an upgrade.
Sousuke : …Ok.But you better have them ready when we return.
Muramasa : I will.
Joanna : So?Where to now?
Sho : The land of Dragons.More accurately,the LANDS of Dragons.You have to learn some magic too.
Joanna : [Horrified face]…
Sho : You will come.
Joanna : [Defeat]…Fine…

*Gameplay continues.*

*The team moves on and fights several Dragon Bosses namely Fire Dragon,Ice Dragon,Wind Dragon,Earth Dragon,Metal Dragon,Thunder Dragon and Queen Dragonness.After that Joanna gets her full set of moves and skills.When this quest is finished the party must return to Muramasa’s.Outside his hut a cutscene starts.*

Sho : …Wait!Before we go in,I have a request.
Sousuke : What is it?
Sho : Can you,Al and Joanna go inside the hut?I wish to talk in private with the rest.
Sousuke : …Is everything ok?
Sho : Depends…

*They go inside and the rest of the crew stays out.*

Sho : …
All : …
Sho : …So…
Sho : What I wnat to say is…as of lately,things have gotten pretty much,out of control and we barely had any time for actual interaction…from what I saw though…how come you are all…one-side characters?
Gaia : What do you mean?
Sho : I don’t mean to offend you guys,but you seem like actors that play one certain minor or some comicbook,manga,whatever character that is just that : his character.He never grows up,he is never human…why?
All : …
Sho : …I’m sorry if I offended you-
Drakos : You didn’t.
Keravnos : It’s just that…that’s how we’ve been brought up.
Anemos[Kyo] : [Serious face]…
Anemos : …
Sho : I thought…never-mind…
Atalanta : Is something the matter?
Sho : I just…I don’t know…maybe I’m too human…I know that I have something very big to do,a very big responsibility on my shoulders…and I’ve thought that maybe someone can handle the weight,but…
Anemos[Kyo] : But what?
Sho : I-
Anemos[Kyo] : Come one,say it : you think we are freaks.We don’t fit in.We aren’t human as you hoped.
Sho : …
All : …
Anemos[Kyo] : The truth sucks right?
Sho : ….
Anemos[Kyo] : Come on say something.Unless you want me to continue.
Sho : And what excactly can I say?
Anemos[Kyo] : …That’s your comeback?
Sho : What?What do you want me to say?
Anemos[Kyo] : Better give it up.
Sho : What?
Anemos[Kyo] : Whatever you are trying to do,because as you say you are too “human”.Proper translation : you are far too stupid.
Sho : What?
Anemos[Kyo] : At first you go all around doing random things before we got my body back,dragging everyone along,you keep your feelings bottled up,putting on a brave face like nothing happened and when you reach your limit you patheticaly give up.
Sho : Even if that is true,what of it?
Anemos[Kyo] : What?Got a problem?

*From here on the two start yelling.*

Sho : Yeah,I have!My family and friends are in danger,my life currently sucks because of an effeminate motherfucker laughing his ass of at us and what can I do?Nothing.All I do is go around,trying to averse an irreversable situation with a book,my crush,a stuck-up version of myself and a bunch of human looking creatures.How the hell do you think I feel?
Anemos[Kyo] : How the fuck should I know?You never tell anybody,you don’t trust anybody and you haven’t befriended anybody and you always do your goddamn thing.Did you even try to think what the others feel?
Sho : Oh?And how excactly do they feel,huh?You hypocritical montser?The only thing you do is spew foul words and laugh every time we fight.You are worst than them.You are a demon.
Anemos[Kyo] : At least I’m not the asshole you are.

*From here on things quiet down.*

Keravnos : It seems hat all of us are stressed beyond their limits.Let’s go inside and rest,shall we?
All : …

*Inside the hut.*

Joanna : Hey everyone….what happened out there?You are all very shaken.
All : …/Anemos[Kyo] : Who cares?
Sho : …I’ll explain later…
Skotos : EVERYONE!
Sho : Whoah?
Drakos : Who are you?
Skotos : I’m Skotos.But there is no time for that.The garden is under attack.
All : !!!!!!
Skotos : I’ll be coming with you.
Sousuke : I guess we really can’t sit and dailly-dally.Let’s go.

*Gameplay continues*

*After arriving at the garden of the Elder Gods*

Sho : Shit!This is worse than I thought.
Skotos : Fuck…they demolished everything.
Sho : Ok,everyone,we need to-

*Only Sho and Joanna remain on the spot*

Sho : …
Joanna : I guess I don’t need to say where each one went and what they said…right?
Sho : I think I too know all too well.GODDAMN!WHY CAN’T THEY ACT LIKE HUMANS?
Joanna : ??
Sho : Nothing!Let’s go!

*Gameplay continues*

*When they arrive at the destined position,pinned down at the map.*

Sho : Looks like we found the main villain-
Joanna : What?
Sho : …Who is that guy?
Joanna : What?
Sho : Look at him,it’s not the asshole we fought back at the shrine…Leon!That guy.
Joanna : So?
Sho : Well…I couldn’t think of anyone that could do this and now this random guy shows up…
Villain : Ahem.May I-
Villain : Excuse me,then.I didn’t know mr almighty was at work,throwing chicks down.
Sho : …[Extremelly pissed and angry]…Just wait a bit Joanna…once I finish with mr “Dio” here,I’ll get on with what we were doing before.
Villain : Just try it-wait,how did you know my name?
Sho and Joanna : !!!!

*Akward silence*

Sho : …Because you are an asshole…like him.
Dio? : I know not who this Dio is,but it’s ok.Though my name is translated that way in Italian,it’s not my original.
Sho : Oh,fuck of pall.
Dio? : Not before you beat me.
Sho : Yeah,right.As soon as you say that,your goons will come after me.
Dio? : I am amazed with your quick wits.Guards.

*Ten really tough monsters appear.*

Sho : …Oh…snap.

Boss Fight : Guards

*After the fight*

Sho : And now for the finale.
Sousuke : Right.

*Sho looks back.*

Sho : About damn time.
Dio? : Ganging up on someone?That’s hardly fair or heroic.
Sho : Yeah,keep-

*Screenshot of Dio being behind the group*

Dio? : Doing what,pray tell?

*Screenshot of everyone getting slashed,mangled and sliced in a flash,as if it had happened before they even started.*

Dio? : I’d like to “stick” with you ladies and gentlemen,but we don’t “fit” together.Tata.

*Dio? vanishes.*

*The scene changes back to Muramasa’s house.*

Sho : …
Skotos : …How long are you going to stare the wall?
Sho : …
Skotos : …
Anemos[Kyo] : Just leave him be!He just experienced his first loss.Nothing important.
Anemos[Kyo] : Shut the fuck up!You will wake them up.
Sho : Don’t tell me what to do,you heartless one sided fake human.
Anemos[Kyo] : Big words from a crybaby who trusts nobody!
Sho : It’s because I trusted everybody that this happened!
Anemos[Kyo] : Oh yeah?How about going solo then?Then you won’t have to argue about it.
Sho : yeah,I might just do that.
Skotos : Wait-…he’s gone.
Anemos[Kyo] : Hm!
Drakos : Don’t you think you were too harsh on him?
Anemos[Kyo] : Hell,if I care.I’m not his mother.
Drakos : …Maybe not.We are all friends though and we stand together in difficult times…at least that’s what my teachers said.
Anemos[Kyo] : …They weren’t wrong…however this not a manga nor a game.It won’t be so easy.
Drakos : Don’t you think he is jsut troubled?
Anemos[Kyo] : …I guess…
Drakos : Don’t you think we all misunderstood each other?
Anemos[Kyo] : …Perhaps…
Drakos : !Where are you going?
Anemos[Kyo] : Where else?After him of course!
Drakos : But,that’s totally reckless!
Anemos[Kyo] : And what he is doing is absollutelly safe,right?Come on.
Drakos : At least take me with you.
Anemos[Kyo] : No chance.He wants to see humans,he will.I’ll just go smack some sense back to him.
Drakos : What makes you think we are not?
Anemos[Kyo] : I don’t mean to be rude,but none of you have escaped the “role model” you are “assigned”.You don’t question yourselves or others and you don’t even enjoy what you do.He is right in a sense.
Drakos : And you think you are different?
Anemos[Kyo] : Aren’t I?I have lived my life up until now,the way I wanted doing things I really want,questioning,searching and doubting and in the end I found myself,the one I want to be.I am not different from him,the old man,your teachers or even you.Maybe girly man[Keravnos] is the same,but I ain’t putting my hand in the fire.
Drakos : …Fine.
Anemos[Kyo] : Glad you agree.
Drakos : …
Anemos[Kyo] : One more thing!
Drakos : What is it?
Anemos[Kyo] : You don’t have to act the way you do if you don’t feel comfortable with it.
Drakos : !
Anemos[Kyo] : Well,tell the old man,I’m off.
Drakos : …He’s no different from them…just like a parent.

*Gameplay continues*

*After reaching a certain village*

Sho : *So there you are…Let’s see how you like a pre-emptive strike.[Evil smile!]Let’s see how you like it when you are caught by surprise.*
Dio? : I find it amusing,but only when it is I who attempt it.
Sho : *Sweat drops.*[Behind me…he,when?I didn’t take my eyes of him…not even for a second and I didn’t blink…how?]
Dio? : Come on,you can do better than that…how about a hint that I owe you?
Sho : What hint?
Dio? : I told you that Dio is italian for god.Who am I?
Sho : Hell,if I know!
Dio? : Now,now…

Boss : Dio?

*After the fight*

Sho : [The bastard…he is playing with me…he hasn’t used his speed since the match started.]
Dio? : The end!
Sho : Wh-
*Millions of knives are suddenly stabbed in Sho’s body.*
Sho : !!!
Dio? : I believe this is called “Game Over”…correct?
Sho : You f-
*Another knife appears and is stabbed on Sho’s heart.*
Dio? : Please don’t be vulgar.Now-
*A sandstorm rises and after it subdues Sho is gone but the four beasts from the Four Beasts technique remain.*

*Far,far away from there.*

Sho : *Heavy breathing.*
Anemos[Kyo] : Feeling better?
Sho : …
Anemos[Kyo] : Did you say something?
Sho : *writes on the sand*.
Anemos[Kyo] : …I’ll wait then.

*Several minutes later*

Sho : Aaaaaaa.
Anemos[Kyo] : Seems you can talk now.
Sho : Yeah.Thanks for the rescue.
Anemos[Kyo] : Don’t mention it…*eyes sparkle*although a favour wouldn’t be bad.
Sho : You…could you stop acting like that?
Anemos[Kyo] : Why?
Sho : It pisses me off.I mean,I like manga,anime,games and movies among other things but I hate people acting like the heroes from them.Stop it.
Anemos[Kyo] : What makes you think I’m acting?
Sho : What makes you think you don’t?
Anemos[Kyo] : …You mentioned the word “human” many times up until now.Yet you don’t seem to put us in the group.Maybe we are different but that doesn’t make us any less human than you.To be human…to be human you have to have lived the life you want,do things you really want,question,doubt,search,struggle not only with your life and the problems you face in your everyday life,but with yourself too and in the end,you always find yourself,the one you want to be.I am not saying that love and care take second place or that friendship is worthless,but the above traits appear in other forms in other animals of the world.However the very nature of human is that : the doubt,the question,the search for answers,the shaping of one’s self.To suppress these feelings,makes one unhuman.Am I not correct?
Sho : …You read too much greek philosophy.
Anemos[Kyo] : *Anger mark.*Just answer.
Sho : Even if you say that,there is no way you can prove you are human…
Anemos[Kyo] : …Do I seem to force myself?
Sho : !
Anemos[Kyo] : I have lived longer than you,so you might not believe it,but I too had and still have questions,doubts,but you know what?I search for the answers.I have already shaped my whole being into the man I want be.I am me.Just like your father and mother.If I was acting human,I would never have come here without doubts.
Sho : …Such as?
Anemos[Kyo] : Like this one : “Are the rest trully just role-models?Was he right?”
Sho : !
Anemos[Kyo] : This questions were pounding in my head,but I have found my answers.I doubted myself,but you were right.Most of them are…however!Flame boy,girly man and Sousuke are human.As human as you and I are.
Sho : …I guess I owe you an apology…no.I owe all of you an apology.
Anemos[Kyo] : “To er is human”,right?Don’t worry about it,I was wrong back there too.

*Both shake hands and then hug with the hadshake.*

Anemos[Kyo] : One more thing : if you tell anybody about this,I’ll beat the crap out of you.
Sho : Why’s that?
Anemos[Kyo] : I have a reputation to keep.I maybe a good person but I want my badass image to shine more than that.
Sho : *Sweat drop*…You must be doing a good job since I must have screwed up the moment I had this idea…
Anemos[Kyo] : Enough with that.Now we have to take care of the pest there.
Sho : …There is not much I can say.He appaers to be able to materialize objects out of thin air,move extremely quick and still hasn’t given us his name.
Anemos[Kyo] :Materialize objects out of thin air?
Sho : Remember the knives that were stuck on me?
Anemos[Kyo] : It wasn’t just knives…there were swords too and forks.
Sho : Are you sure?
Anemos[Kyo] : Seems that the knives were for a frontal assault,while the rest for the blind spots.
Sho : If so,why so much variation for such an attack?
What’s the-!
Anemos[Kyo] : !
Sho : He isn’t materializing them,he took them from the village…but…
Anemos[Kyo] : The problem lies on his speed right.He obviously moved faster than anyhting we can perceive,but at such speed the objects would have melted because of the friction.
Sho : Excactly…how…he didn’t slow me down that’s for sure.
Anemos[Kyo] : A strange technique…
Sho : …!Could it be…!!!!F-
Anemos[Kyo] : What?
Sho : Think.He said Dio is god in italian,however most demons have either greek or some strange “demonish” names.If anything,this is a “hint”!Rome is in Italy and once Rome had the same gods as the greeks.He must be a greek god.
Anemos[Kyo] : If that’s the case who is he then?I don’t think there is any god that has power over speed.Or time.
Sho : Time?That’s it.I know his powers.
Anemos[Kyo] : !I get it.He said that but the “hint” isn’t just that,it lies in the world’s common language,english.English is also a language that had latin as it’s base and there is one word in english that it’s difficult to pronounce and seperate as a word unless it’s written down.
Sho and Anemos[Kyo] : That’s Chronos because it sounds like Kronos.The titan that started the “time[chronos] of the gods”.
Sho : So,he has power over time?
Anemos[Kyo] : That’s gonna be troublesome…imagine what would happen if we didn’t solve this “riddle”.
Sho : Even now…we don’t know the extend of his powers…only then will our theories be correct.
Anemos[Kyo] : …What about this then?

*Back at the village*

Dio? : …It seems they are going to be here soon.
Sho : Yo,asshole,I’m back.
Dio? : I see.And your mouth is foul as ever.
Sho : Well excuse me mr whatever-your-name-is.
Dio? : You seem confident.Did you solve my riddle?
Sho : If a nickname is considered a riddle,then no.Make a better one next time.
Dio? : I don’t think there will be a “next time”.
Sho : Truer words couldn’t come out of your mouth.*Scream*

Boss : Dio? Round 2[Hold out for one minute.]

*After the fight*

Sho : You…
Dio? : It’s time I suppose.Now-
Sho : NOW!!!!

*Anemos[Kyo] appears below him,coming out of the sandhill he is standing stabbing him through.*

Anemos[Kyo] : *Scream*
Sho : *Scream*

*Sho proceeds and starts slashing Dio?*

Dio? : *Gurgling sounds.*

*The player sees that time stopped and Dio? escaping.*

Dio? : *Heavy breathing*.
Sho : Your secret is out.Using your time stop against us is futile now,Kronos.
Kronos? : *Heavy breathing.*
Anemos[Kyo] : You can stop time completely for 1 minute but after that you have to wait about another 30 seconds to use that,without performing any magic at all.If I had to guess you must use all your magic for that trick and hope to kill everyone in one shot.Also those 30 seconds must be the time needed for you to recover your magic energy.
Chronos : *Distorted sound due to healing*Excellent…however,I am a master of time and I’m not limited at stopping time.I have a lot more tricks.And the name,is Chronos.
Sho : Ready?
Anemos[Kyo] : What about you?
Sho : You know full well.

Boss : Chronos

*After the fight,Chronos attempts to stop time again but this time his is pelted and stopped by Sho’s weapons and held by Anemos'[Kyo] sword during the duration of his time stop unable to get free.When time resumes it’s normal flow he is dead.*

Sho : Oh,good.
Anemos[Kyo] : We did it…
Sho : It seems that his remains have started to disengrate in thin air…
Anemos[Kyo] : Probably he was created,that’s why…!
Sho : !

*Both go and pick up a red orb that is wrapped in Necronomicon pages*

Sho : Just look at that…seems our luck is getting better.
Anemos[Kyo] : That red orb…what is it?
Sho : Don’t know.Maybe the old man knows.
Anemos[Kyo] : I don’t expect us to be there any time soon.With those wounds-!

*Anemos[Kyo] dodges at the last moment a sword slash from behind*

Anemos[Kyo] : What the-
Sho : Still alive?
Chronos : As long as I’m blessed,as long as “he” gives me power to fullfil his purposes,I WILL LIVE!
Sho : “He”?That soft-spoken idiot,Leon?
Chronos : Huh?Who is that worm?Don’t compare the “King” with some lowly peasant.
Anemos[Kyo] : !!!!It can’t be…Cthulhu?
Chronos : Excactly!Too bad you won’t meet him-

*A sword comes from behind and stabs Chronos in the face,splitting his head in two.While that happens,Chronos lets outs a hideous scream of agony.*

Sho : Oh,goody…no more of that.
Anemos[Kyo] : It’s not like we could take any more damage.
Sho : Time to go back…for real.

*Later at Muramsa’s hat.*

Muramasa : *Tea sipping sounds.*Oh,welcome.Had fun?
Sho and Anemos[Kyo] : What the f*ck suggests that we even remotely had fun?What excactly?
Muramasa : Oh dear.My mistake!*Sips a bit of tea.*
Sho : It don’t know about the world,but we would appreciate some medical assistance.

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