The [Games to remember] series of posts

What’re these posts about?

They’re mostly about oneshot games that were either famous during their time, had a particular style or were just plain crazy and managed to pull off an idea the developers had. Needless to say, it’s mostly nostalgia that factors in selecting the games yet I’ll try to approach the subject of these games’ (possible and mostly wishful) remakes or re-releases with a more open mind and contrast to the “We need a Sequel” posts, I won’t have to make elaborate explanations and sections listing the improvements and gameplay function, instead giving out examples like I do in my Serial “Killer” posts.

Of course, licensed games aren’t part of these posts.

So, how many of these posts exist?

Here are the posts I’ve made and I plan to make :

Vol.01 : Chojin Gakuen Gokaiza / Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Vol.02 : Over Zenith / OZ : The Sword of Etheria
Vol.03 : Fūjin Ryōiki Eretzvaju / Evil Zone
Vol.05 : Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo : Blood Will Tell
Vol.06 : Shinsengumi Gunrou-den / Code of the Samurai
Vol.07 : Ikusagami / Demon Chaos
Vol.08 : Bujingai

One thought on “The [Games to remember] series of posts

  1. IczerZeus says:

    Can’t wait for Vol 4. 🙂

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