The [Genre “Spin-off”] series of posts

What’re these posts about?

Among the years many video game series had run their course focusing on a single genre. However, many of them fit in many more genres than anticipated. These series of posts are about these kind of series or games from a series, games that can work in not just one other genre, but perhaps many other genres. The most notable example of these; the Another Century Episode series of Banpresto and From Software, being a spin-off of the Super Robot Wars / Super Robot Taisen series and changing the genre from a Strategy-RPG to a mix of Action + Mecha Simulation. Many series will be covered, priority will be given to video game series first, especially ones that I’ve recently covered in other posts and then I’ll move on to other series and games or series based upon license, like the Dragon Ball series or games starring Henshin Heroes / Tokusatsu Heroes and Superheroes.

So, how many of these posts exist?

Here are the posts I’ve made and I plan to make :

Vol.01 : Breath of Fire
Vol.02 : Dragon Slayer
Vol.03 : Cyberbots
Vol.04 : Strider
Vol.05 : Gargoyle’s Quest
Vol.06 : Mega Man
Vol.07 : Shin Megami Tensei

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