The [Random Ramblings] series of posts

What’re these posts about?

These are posts that either tie loosely to either videogames and some of my interests or just ideas for gaming that have spurred on the moment…or just talking points about videogames / a videogame series. Whatever the case, they are raw thought in written form, even if it is about game design, it will not be structured like that.

I name them like that because they are random thoughts and since I’m writting them on a blog, it looks like I’m rambling on. Hope things turn out differently if people start reading it and geniunely enjoy these posts. 🙂

If you want to read about my ramblings, here’s what I’ve rambled about so far :

Vol.01 : The “dark and realistic” schtick
Vol.02 : For greater Justice!
Vol.03 : Celebrating 40 years of Nagai Go Goodness
Vol.04 : Remakes and whatnot!
Vol.05 : Visual Novels for Portable systems and ports to them!
Vol.06 : Confession Time???
Vol.07 : Extreme repetition is bad!
Vol.08 : Dissidia Madness!!
Vol.09 : Dragon Balls fixing their games!
Vol.10 : Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z, the missed opportunity and the squandered potential!
Vol.11 : Castlevania…Back to Metroidvania or go to a new direction?
Vol.12 : How to fix and enrich the gameplay of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series!
Vol.13 : So…when’s Drakengard Warriors?
Vol.14 : Warriors Orochi. How can we make them more interesting?
Vol.15 : J-Stars Victory VS (The Dissonance Between Publishers And Developers)
Vol.16 : The wasted potential of Shining Blade
Vol.17 : SHADE – A very underused game developer / studio
Vol.18 : God Eater, the worst nulification of potential in a series!
Vol.19 : Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave – Elaborations and Additions
Vol.20 : Fire Emblem Musou

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