The [Serial “Killer”] series of posts

What’re these posts about?

Among the years many video game series had either run their natural course or just ended prematurely for a number of reasons that were either never brought up or simply time forgot. Some of them though have come back from the dead and made some great, if not amazing games, when they returned, like the Shinobi PS2 game, Ninja Gaiden for XBOX, Metroid Prime and Kid Icarus to name a few of those that returned and rocked the house. In these blog entries I’ll provide info about the series that are ”dead” in fair detail, reminescence about them and oftentimes I’ll offer my piece of hopefull thinking for them. Hope you enjoy reading about them.

It should be noted that games based on a liscensed property, like anime based games or superhero games or movie based games, you get the idea, don’t count for this series of entries, as it would be a bit unfair due to the implications with the liscences and I’d have to write at least 80 more posts. They will have they own entries, in due time.

How did the name occur?

Just a stupid pun / wordplay, though it may be a bit offensive…then again, the english language has a knack of twisting words for multiple meanings, not unlike others. So, please excuse my limited or perverted imagination on naming and hope you like it.

Wait a minute, some of these game series have received some games recently!

Indeed they have. Thing is, by the time I wrote them, I didn’t know they were going to be revived at all, much less have any clue or leaks that may have hinted at that. I’d like to think I have a funny sense of timing, more than anything. 😀

So, how many of these posts exist?

Here are the posts I’ve made and I plan to make :

Vol.01 : Drag-On Dragoon / Drakengard
Vol.02 : Dragon Slayer
Vol.03 : Strider
Vol.04 : Gungrave
Vol.05 : Breath of Fire
Vol.06 : Seiken Densetsu / Mana
Vol.07 : Cyberbots
Vol.08 : Bokura no Taiyou / Boktai
Vol.09 : Crimson Sea
Vol.10 : Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix
Vol.11 : Makaimura Gaiden / Gargoyle’s Quest

Are you gonna make more? It’s been years since your last one.

Very true. Unfortunately, these last few years have not been kind to the industry and they have taken a toll on my optimism regarding the future of videogames. It’s why I’ve been posting about things I wish could have happened. The posts I originally planned to make were for these :

Vol.12 : Virtual-On
Vol.13 : Juouki / Altered Beast
Vol.14 : Streets of Rage
Vol.15 : Golden Axe
Vol.16 : Shinobi
Vol.17 : Final Fight
Vol.18 : Shenmue

At least Virtua-On, Shenmue and Streets of Rage are receiving new games, so there’s that.

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