Tokusatsu Eiyuden

Tokusatsu Eiyuden
A game for the Playstation Portable [and the Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 via PSN]
Copyright 2012 – 2013 by 1821 Revolution Games


Table of Contents

I. General Information
01. Introduction
02. Overview

II. Detailed Game Description
01. Concept
02. Interactive Structure during Gameplay
03. Single Player Game
04. Multi Player Game

III. Gameplay Description
01. Gameplay Overview
02. Planned Perspective
03. Controls and User Interface
04. Gameplay Mechanisms,Tricks and Acrobatics
II.)Guarding Tactics
III.)Dodging Tactics
V.)Jumping Tactics
VI.)Offensive Mechanisms
VII.)Acrobatics and Tricks
VIII.)Other Game Mechanisms
05. On Screen System Explanations
06. Game Speed and In-game Graphics

IV. Characters Section
01. Overview
02. Characters,Combos and Character Gameplay
01.)Sho Arma / DanGuyver
02.)Sho Arma / Blade
03.)Ky Medio
04.)Adol Krycener / Zeo Red
05.)Yuna Tendo / Zeo Blue
06.)Folka Kiske / Wild Wing
07.)Ryuna Elwyn / Zeo Pink
08.)Leo Cristin / Space Rider-1
09.)Lily Malheur / Zeo White
10.)John Morris / Makaizer
11.)Reika Hono / Zeo Yellow
13.)Maya Bright / Zeo Black
14.)Axel Zombolt / ArGain
15.)Stephanie Renard / Palada
17.)Ayane Ayame / Mera
18.)Aya Dizzy / Karin
EX.)Blazing Combination Mega Zeo-Oh

V. Story Description
01. Story Overview
02. Background Story
03. Prologue and the first meeting
04. Sho Arma’s Storyline
05. Ky Medio’s Storyline
06. Adol Krycener’s Storyline
07. Yuna Tendo’s Storyline
08. Folka Kiske’s Storyline
09. Ryuna Elwyn’s Storyline
10. Leo Cristin’s Storyline
11. Lily Malheur’s Storyline
12. John Morris’ Storyline
13. Reika Hono’s Storyline
14. Jin’s Storyline
15. Maya Bright’s Storyline
16. Axel Zombolt’s Storyline
17. Stephanie Renard’s Storyline
18. Ayane Ayame’s Storyline
19. Aya Dizzy’s Storyline
20. Final Story and Epilogue

VI. Game’s A.I. Description and Difficulty
01. Overview
02. Difficulty
03. Enemies and Enemy Types
c.)Shockers with guns
d.)Shockers with tonfas
f.)GioTroopers with double firearms
04. A.I. Opponents

VII. Graphics Section
01. Overview and Recap
02. Gaphic Style and Processing Speed
03. Character’s Graphics and the Visual Effects
04. Stages

VIII.Sound Section
01. Overview
02. Musical Style
03. Sound Effects
04. Voice Acting

IX. Extras Section
01. Overview
02. Detailed Analysis

X. Interactive Structure Section
01. Overview



Over the course of the game,as in during the progression of the story mode,there will be some very special sections for certain characters.These segments exist for variety in the story mode,but at the same time they are there to enhance the tokusatsu’s heroes experience and are integral to some characters.These segments are played in the same vein as mini games,rather than an actual part of the game.They have their own control schemes and only the characters allowed play these segments.As such they are a fun experience,but not always an original one.Those segments always count as one stage.

02.Detailed Analysis

The characters that have detailed,special segments during their own storylines are Leo Cristin who has 4 motorcycle driving stages in the style of Jet Moto and the team,who have 4 stages,each one of them,against a boss battle and a giant boss battle that requires a giant robot.

Leo’s segments are designed to be like chase scenes,but on motorcycles,with a system that focuses on high speed action solely,with simplified controls and focus on reflexes more than anything else.

The team’s specials sections on the other hand focus one bosses that is segmented into three parts.The first part involves a normal boss battle against the enemy.The second part involves the other members of the team joining the fight,making it a five against one battle with the boss recovering health and powering up slightly to justify the scale of the battle while requiring the player to finish it with a special attack.The third and final part involves the player using the team’s giant transforming,combining super robot to beat the giant version of the boss with a special attack.

While the first part plays out like a normal fight,the second part plays almost identical to the first,but the A.I. Partners are helping the player to win the fight but the player has to finish the fight himself or herself with a special attack.If the player dies,the game is over,while if a character dies he or she will be revived in a bit,but all characters have to be alive for the boss to be truly defeated.If the boss is not defeated by a special attack,then the boss will revive through a cutscene.The final part with the robot is simply a normal boss fight in a new stage and with a new character,only available in these segments,but doesn’t have some actions present in the main game.The robot,while being able to combine in different ways,the moveset and moves are almost the same.Here as well,the player must defeat the boss with a special attack,otherwise,the boss will be revived through a cutscene.



Describe the way the game works, from beginning to end.

After powering up (or booting), is there a title screen, what does it look like, is there an options screen, what are the choices, is there an animated sequence, can it be bypassed and how…

Then, when the game begins, we see our hero appear in a scene. Describe the scene and what happens next. If nothing happens until the user does something, describe what the user’s options are and what happens as a result of all possible actions. Keep in mind that most games to some extent are controlled by the user. The hero doesn’t automatically do anything; the user, when playing the game optimally, might cause the hero to do such-and-such an act, which would cause the computer-controlled enemy to do this, and the user’s options are to do X and Y…

Describe all menus in detail, and chart out the “shell” structure.

Onscreen text messages are also part of the interface — if not detailing all onscreen messages in this document, describe in general terms what they will be like.

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