Tokusatsu Eiyuden – V. Story Description


01.Story Overview

The story revolves around 18 people and the events that transpired during a certain period of their life,that affected it in the most amazing ways,namely them getting across the chances of saving or destroying the world with their newly received powers that let them transform into these super powered beings.

As mentioned,each and every character will deal with different aspects of the lore and universe,as well as their own lives,whether they’re filled with misery,joy or are just…plain normal.The tone as well as the basic narrative will be switching throughout the storylines,as each character with their narrative will set the tone,even thought the player will be able to see for themselves,beyond the narrative through the use of illustrations and backgrounds during the storytelling portions of the game.However,due to it being a fighting game,the story will tend to be mostly linear,but it get’s around that with alternate story paths and segments about the character’s more personal aspects or the closer environment like family,friends and the sort.

The heart of the story is about an organization that is currently at war with an international gang that specializes on mutant and cyborg fighters to run their crime spree.The main story focuses on the war that takes place over the years,always from the point of view of the characters,helping the player learn along with the characters but also building up a tone of mystery around the events that gets thinner as the player proceeds in the story.It’s due to branching and alternate paths that the player will unveil some of the plot,often times crucial parts of it,that the story won’t be completely linear.The stories are categorized not by continuity,as all of the stories pretty much happen at the same exact time period,apart from some flashbacks,but by the difficulty the player would face learning the character,the ones with the characters that have an easy learning curve will have more difficult enemies and more challenges than the ones that have characters with a long learning curve,which usually consist of simple enemies but tough bosses to put the player to the test.

02.Background Story

The main events take place on Earth,the year 2014.The story starts with the prologue part,4 years before the main story,in 2010 and is one of the 18 different parts of the story.The prologue mainly deals with the introduction of some already active heroes and the antagonists of the game along with the introduction of the place most of the game will take place at,an imaginary floating city,a human made island if you will,in the middle of the Aegean sea.The prologue,as well as the epilogue will not have any narration,as they are not character focused story parts.

The main story then starts focusing on each of the individual characters the player has access to.While many of them are starting with a small origin story,all of them are focusing on their personal stories that happen before the final chapter of the story and how they are lead up there.A lot of stories are inter wined and it is often seen as an opportunity of seeing how each character reacts at that situation,whether he or she chooses to express it or not.

03.Prologue and the first meeting

The prologue starts with the introduction of Sho Arma,his family and a friend of his,Adol Krycener and future hero along with a brief moment to see his lifestyle.During that time,the game will introduce another character that is also active during that time,Leo Cristin,through the morning news.This marks the introduction of another character and the player learns a bit of his background through that report in the morning news.Along with that,the news also announce that the first human-made island has finished and it’s located in the middle of the Aegean sea,with the name Miracle Island[Νήσος των θαυμάτων].After that,the story fast forwards a bit towards the end of the day where the story really starts moving.Sho discovers a mysterious package the antagonists are after,not yet known to the player or the characters and he is pursued by them on his way home.During the pursuit,he activates the packages ad transforms for the first time and fights back.

After some drama and some tutorial fights,he starts trying to find clues about the pursuers and their connections to the package.During that time period,roughly a week,he gets attacked one more time,but he gets to spare one of the pursuers,that turns out to be an android,uncapable of speech that self destructs,frying all the circuitry and the others as well,realising how his pursuers almost always leave no trails behind them.

Luck would be on his side,as he gets to meet Leo Cristin,a known hero by then,during a conference for geologists,explaining his situation to him,with him being a bit hesitant,but ultimately agreeing to help.Upon searching for clues on the pursuers,they ”stumble” upon Maya Bright,who was watching both of them for quite some time,to make sure they are not connected to the pursuers so that she won’t have to exterminate them.Despite her lack of subtlety,the two require her help and agree to let her help them,learning about the organisation behind the pursuers and about her,preparing a team to fight them.

The three of them,comparing notes,mostly Maya’s finally get a very likely position of an enemy base,located at an industrial area in Miyagi,Japan.Upon arriving there,as normal people travelling,they rush over to the place,only to be ambushed.After a long and arduous battle,the three of them are triumphant but their victory is bittersweet.They learn that the antagonists belong to a great organization named Destructron and that,no matter how big their victory was that day,they will return,no matter how much time passes.

With that in mind,the three of them return home,but bearing in mind that the threat as well the fight is not over yet,they start making preparations for the future.

And that’s how the prologue ends and the general backstory of the game.It basically serves as a tutorial of some kind as most of the times,that’s what it’s purpose.

04.Sho Arma’s Storyline

The story takes place two years before the main story,two years after Sho got his powers,he raided another enemy base,this time in Canada,where the antagonists separated his suit from him,leaving powerless and defenceless,hunting him down in the base.During his hiding he locates the container of his suit and attempts to take it back.However,the villains exposit that his suit is just part of the greater weapon they have in mind,with the other part being brought in for an attempt of merging the two.Sho steals the other part of the weapon,another suit,in the form of a crystal that bonds with the user a similar manner to his previous suit,even affecting his physiology with an addition of more nanomachines that call upon the suit.Using his new power he attempts to destroy the rest of the base,but an enemy commander finds him and after a long battle,Sho ”cheats” to stay alive but before he can secure his original suit,a minion escapes with it during the previous battle and without much time left,Sho flees lamenting his loss.

After some exposition about Sho’s family and ties with them and the rest of the heroes,with some minor fights in between the interactions,Sho discovers that his body has been failing him lately,suffering from almost constant fatigue,sensory deprivation at times,sometimes complete loss of a sense,agnosia and disorientation issues.After some medical exams,he is informed that he is slowly being destroyed from the inside,muscle tissues degrading,nerve tissues wearing down an the like.At the headquarters of the Zeo Rangers,Maya deduces that,unlike his previous suit,this one puts an enormous strain on the human body,destroying it,without some sort of catalyst that stops the side effects of the use,coming to the conclusion that this is where the previous suits extraordinary healing factor comes in handy,preventing issue degradation and the rest,while perhaps providing some some fest healing,while in the suit.

During the next days,Sho gets to sit down with his family and tell them everything,before heading out,to reclaim his old suit and get the full armour.After reaching the enemy base,the team splits up to secure Sho’s path towards the room where it’s kept.

Upon his arrival there,he gets to fight another commander,resorting to ”cheating”,to obtain his suit,finally merging them and obtaining the full power of both suits,before challenging the commander again in a ”fair” fight.

After their victory,the team destroys the base and each one of them head out for a different base in a different country each,spread around the globe.Sho heads to Ireland,where he storms the base,defeating the grunts and the commanders and interrogates the high-ranking officials of the base,for information.

After that,the team regroups,with several people missing,but nevertheless have enough info about the final enemy base,being the entire Miracle Island.

The story progresses a bit before reaching the final boss of this chapter,him being Axel.

05.Ky Medio’s Storyline

06.Adol Krycener’s Storyline

07.Yuna Tendo’s Storyline

08.Folka Kiske’s Storyline

09.Ryuna Elwyn’s Storyline

10.Leo Cristin’s Storyline

11.Lily Malheur’s Storyline

12.John Morris’ Storyline

13.Reika Hono’s Storyline

14.Jin’s Storyline

15.Maya Bright’s Storyline

16.Axel Zombolt’s Storyline

17.Stephanie Renard’s Storyline

18.Ayane Ayame’s Storyline

19.Aya Dizzy’s Storyline

20.Final Story and Epilogue


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