Tokusatsu Eiyuden – VIII.Sound Section



The music style of the game boils down to being thematic.Like rpgs,action-rpgs and generally games with an emphasis of musical presentation of the atmosphere of the scene,this game offers a fairly wide variety of musical genres placed appropriately during the story and gameplay sections to match the situation present.The themes of the characters aren’t always the same musical genre and neither are the boss and mini boss themes.

An important addition to the musical part of the gameplay is the music is synced up with the different parts of a fight with either a mini boss or a boss,splitting the theme appropriately into sections along with the gameplay,equal in portions,usually three or four,always having the lyrics part of the themes kicking in during the final phase of the fight,when the boss goes all out,no holds barred and dirty tricks are a common sight for victory is a must.An excellent example of this type of music mixing and syncing up to the phases is provided by Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

The sound effects have a gravity not unlike those of the Devil May Cry series,especially 3 and 4,where each and every enemy,each and every character and weapon,have their own sound effects,not just for a rich sound collection,but for the player to be able to tell which enemies are sneaking up on him or her,which enemies are on the battlefield and which enemies are willing to approach stealthily off camera.

The voice acting is a necessity in the game,as it’s required to move the plot.While a good part of the plot will move through visual novel or RPG-styled dialogue boxes with voice acting,the villains development,the progression of most of the story and the revelations of motives will be done through voice-overs during gameplay,not unlike battle banter.In a way,it’s mirroring the dialogue system of the Dynasty Warriors series,thus minimising the need of cutscenes during gameplay,thus keeping the flow intact for a majority of the time,until a cutscene is really needed.

02.Musical Style

Describe the general style of the music, with some references to other well-known music for the reader’s edification. Tell how music will be used in the game.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance like sound and sound / music style.

Sounds and Music — Describe at least the general manner in which sound effects will be used in the game.

03.Sound Effects

Every action in the game should be accompanied by a sound, and the sounds should be prioritized so that the important sounds don’t get “stepped on” by less important sounds.

Describe how the sounds will be created. If sampled digitized sound effects or voices are to be used in the game, tell about that in some detail.

04.Voice Acting


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