What’s that about “A Certain Gaming Haven”?

Hello and welcome to this blog called “A Certain Gaming Haven“. I am the writter of all the articles and posts here, White Archer.

Who are you, good sir?

Just a guy hopping to have more fun today than yesterday.

What are your favourite games and consoles?

I don’t so much have a favourite console or game, since I follow my own kind of favouritism and that is that whatever I like is my favourite thing in the world. Doesn’t mean that what I don’t like, I automatically hate, it doesn’t have that effect.

I currently own the following : Sega Mega Drive II, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Playstation 3 and two Playstation Portables[Models 1004 and 3004 / 3000]. “Honourable mentions”, consoles that are put down because they are outdated and perhaps not practical anymore but are kept for nostalgia’s sake, go to the following : Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Playstation.

I’m not planning on updating anytime soon, though if Nintendo and SONY stop making bad hardware decisions, I’ll be buying a Nintendo 3DS and a PSVita…though with the announcement of the Nintendo NEW 3DS, I doubt I’ll do it in the near future. <_<

As for favourite genres…as long as they are not MMOs, Puzzle, Sports or Real-time Strategy games, I have favourites from all others.

What about this blog?

I started this blog just to post the games I have come to write down, but as time went by, I started posting all sorts of things related to gaming that I encounter, not just game documents.

I don’t remember this post being like that / Did something change?

Sometimes you’ll notice that posts change, either by having errors fixed or by having an additional paragraph or even better wording. Changes will be happening in this blog for whatever reasons. 😀

Do you have any final words, before moving to the main attraction?

As I grow older, I feel a lot more cynical towards newer attitudes to games…could be because I’ve had enough of the net anyways. Whatever the case though, I won’t stop in any way, I like keeping tracks of things that have potential or things I just like to happen. I expect longer breaks than previous years though.

Finally, I hope that, one day, at least one of my designs makes it in proper game format, whether it it’s official and exactly as envisioned at best or fan-made by me at worst. Either way, I’m pretty happy with venting out my creativity that usually comes in the forms of games.

One thought on “What’s that about “A Certain Gaming Haven”?

  1. tatsuyahiroki94 says:

    Nice blog, looking forward to see more

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